Complete Giveaway #1: Winners

Congratulations to the winners of my first of six weeks of giveaways sponsored by 8th Continent Soy Milk. Each of the following winners will receive two coupons each, each good for a half-gallon of 8th Continent Complete.

Complete is the first soymilk to include Omega-3 DHA for increased brain & eye development, fiber for better digestion, and calcium for optimum bone health.

This week’s winners are

Louise of Largo
Emelie of LV
TRichardson of Nashua
Angie of Glassboro

Come back tomorrow for another chance to win!

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  1. Mrs. Querido says:

    I just have to say thank you for the giveaways! I am enjoying organic milk with our Banana Nut Cheerios that I was able to purchase for FREE!! The milk is really good, but really out of my price range for now 🙂 So thanks to you I can have a taste of the organic good life 🙂

  2. Ooooh! I am so excited! Thank you so much! Do the coupons come via email or postal mail?


  3. FishMama says:

    Emelie, your coupons will be mailed to you via snail mail.

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