Cool Off with Kungaloosh Tea: A Giveaway

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Summertime is the perfect occasion for a glass of iced tea. We don’t drink a lot of tea during winter months at our house. We’re coffee and cocoa people when the weather outside is frightful. But, summer? Well, this time of year calls for tea.

Kungaloosh Tea Company recently sent me some samples to taste. What fun it was to browse their selection of tea! It took me back to my years in France when my friend Sarah and I would have afternoon tea and cookies. I know that doesn’t seem “French,” but that was our habit, in part because we didn’t know there were so many different kinds of tea in the world. I am partial to vanilla and black currant. Loved tasting those offerings from Kungaloosh!

Not only do they sell single-serving bags and loose tea leaves, but they also sell large iced tea bags to make a gallon iced tea. Perfect for a hot summer day! Plus, they also sell some very cute tea pots and cups.

Try out Kungaloosh

Currently you can sign up for the Kungaloosh news and get a $5 Coupon Code for your next online order.

This week three winners will each receive a Tea-for-Me set as well as a package of tea (Satemwa estate tea, “Ruby” Rooibos herbal infusion, or Vanilla Cream).

To enter, simply tell us your favorite way to serve tea.

Contest will be open until 8pm PST on Sunday, June 27, 2010. Winners to be chosen at random and notified via email. You have 48 hours after email is sent to respond, otherwise you forfeit your prize.

Disclosure: Kungaloosh provided me with product samples to review. I was not compensated in any way for reviewing this product or offering this giveaway, nor was I required to do so. My opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

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  1. Iced Rooibos and hot too! I fell in love with Rooibos when I visited South Africa.

  2. I love to serve tea in china teacups. It’s fun to be fancy sometimes in our casual society.

  3. Better make it fast as my kids are running about and they will notice I am not running after them. As for me Tea having it just the way I love it actually right now.. In a Pitcher ice cold w/a mint leaf.. Ahhhhhhh Life is good 🙂

  4. When we lived in England, I found a great Earl Grey Vanilla tea that is fabulous hot with a little cream & sugar.

    During the winter I like to brew a gallon of tea with your basic black tea and 1 or 2 Earl Grey tossed in. I like my tea STRONG. 🙂

  5. I make a Red Raspberry iced tea. I make it by the gallon, and it usually gets drunk up in a day! We drink it between meals, and with meals.

  6. My favorite is iced tea ~ lots of ice!!!

  7. We do sweet tea here…Texan’s love their sweet tea!!!

  8. My husband is originally from Louisiana and has perfected Southern Sweet Iced Tea. Not too sweet and just sweet enough, I love it! 😉 We use Luzianne to make our Iced Tea.

  9. Summer: iced mint tea with a little suger
    winter: double bergamont earl grey with a bit of cream
    We LOVE tea…

  10. I love homemade sweet tea and during the summer it is most likely you’d find a jug in my fridge. I love hot olong tea also!

  11. I’m in Texas and we prefer our tea over ice. Okay, I am sure someone drinks hot tea, but no one I know. LOL! And I drink iced tea year round.

  12. Allison I. says:

    Being pregnant, I CRAVE homemade sweet tea made in the big pitcher with the spout that you take out and set on the front porch in the sun, just like my mom always did/does.

  13. Well my husband and kids love “sweet tea”, but I personally like hot tea – especially peppermint with some french vanilla coffee creamer! MMMMM. Or if it’s really hot out, I will make it but leave out a little water and add ice cubes instead!

  14. I love a cup of hot tea in the morning (or any time of day for that matter)!

  15. we love tea of all kinds, but our norm is a mixture of chamomile and mint – tasty and refreshing, either hot or cold!

  16. Ronalee Duncan says:

    My favorite way to serve tea is in a tall glass with ice.

  17. I make cup after cup of hot tea with my coffee maker. Yes, you heard right, Coffee Maker! Fresh mint leaves added with the tea bag and a squeeze of lemon over ice is Sublime!

  18. Oh my gosh, we love tea in this house. My mom first started me out on “Russian Tea” she would make it herself and everyday at 4pm we would have ourselves an English Tea time. I do the same thing with my 6yr old daughter. About once a week I’ll make us a pot of tea in her special Tinkerbell Coffee (tea)cup and we’ll just sit there and drink tea together at 4pm.

    Hubby and I like to have Peppermint Tea late at night before bed. If there isn’t any chocolate milk in the house for him, then it’s late night tea time for us 🙂

  19. Adell Lukes says:

    I love to mix earl grey with vanilla almond tea and serve with real cream and sugar!

  20. After living in the south for awhile – sweet tea, hands down!

  21. It is 102 degrees here today – sweet tea with LOTS of ice!

  22. Here in Texas it’s all about the sweet tea in the summer (diabetes in a glass as I like to call it)…so we usually brew some up about every other day…a family sized bag of black tea, a pinch of baking soda to cut acidity, and a CUP of sugar to 2 quarts of water!!

    However, because of having lived in Romania for several years I developed a love for hot tea as well. A favorite of mine that I bought in Romania once and never was able to find again was a fruity one that was simply called Exotic…and I loved making up pots of it to drink with cream and sugar when it was snowy outside. A fave that I’ve discovered since moving back to the US and getting married is a minty chocolate rooibos…YUM!!

  23. We drink iced mint tea during the summer!!! Makes your mouth feel really cold!!

  24. We love tea! My daughter & I have a cup of chamomile tea almost every night before bed in our matching rosebud tea cups, and we drink plenty of iced tea throughout the day. I’m pretty obsessed with sweet tea, too. 🙂

  25. There is nothing like sweet iced tea with lots of lemon!!!!!

  26. Adrienne Larkin says:

    We do a lot of sweet tea in the summer and Turkish tea in the winter (although we are not Turkish)

  27. Oh I love tea. I love good ol’ Lipton Ice Tea in the Summer and Chocolate Mint tea in the winter months. In fact I feel like some Ice Tea right now.

  28. I will drink about 2 pitchers of tea a day. I mix 2 bags of peach tea with 4 bags of Lipton and let it sit for about an hr. THen i put it in a big pitcher and put it in the fridge. I also LOVE to make sun tea, and since I live in Arizona it’s great all the time.

    Chamomile is what I drink at night to wind me down as well.

  29. In Georgia, there is no other way except iced, sweet and maybe a lemon slice! LOL

  30. I prefer iced tea, I drink some every day, winter and summer! My mom used to make me drink hot tea when I was sick when I was a kid and I think that is why I don’t care for hot tea now.

  31. Leslie Price says:

    My favorite way to serve tea is with biscuits and marmalade.

  32. I like to serve tea with lemon! And i like to let it steep in a mug with a little glass bowl on top of it. then when it’s finished steeping you can discard the tea bag in the bowl!

  33. I just ordered the old-school aluminum cups for my iced-tea enthusiast husband. I can’t think of anything better than ice cold tea on a hot Texas afternoon served in icy cups!

  34. Catherine says:

    Hot peppermint tea with almonette cookies on the side. 🙂

  35. Rachel K says:

    I love sweat tea! About anytime is a great time for sweet iced tea! For hot tea, I choose Black Tea and I love using my kettle! 🙂 I would love to have a tea pot to serve my tea in! Teapots are so cute!

  36. Tea is our winter time delight, although thanks for the reminder for sun tea, also a favorite for summer days! ~C

  37. I truly enjoy Constant Comment – Black Tea with Orange OR Oolong with a stir fry.

  38. A favorite mug and a pot of boiling water are all the formality I go with! I’ve enjoyed Rooibos in the past though right now have been on a green tea kick for quite a while. I enjoy trying new flavors of tea! Thank you for the giveaway!

  39. I love to serve and drink tea! Hot, cold, plain or sweet! This tea set would save me a trip to sonic for happy hour!

  40. My favorite is sweet, iced tea especially on a hot day.

  41. Depending on the kind of tea… I am NOT a sweet tea person but I like Ice Tea w/ lemonade in a mason jar with ice. 😉

    Otherwise gimme a cup of vanilla chai tea in a coffee mug and I’m a happy camper.

  42. I love hot tea. I love most fruit teas with a little sugar and a lot of quiet to enjoy it.

    Thanks for offering such a great prize.


    richshelpmate at yahoo dot com

  43. I love to have tea with my 4 daughters with cookies, scones, and tea sandwiches.

  44. Jen Logan says:

    I’m a sweet ice tea mama! I think it tastes better out of a mason jar with a slice of lemon. 🙂

  45. Shannon C says:

    I love a nice warm cup Cinnamon Apple tea.

  46. I love iced tea…sun tea actually. My mom made it on the back deck when we were growing up. I enjoy it every July when we visit them in CO…just 2 weeks and we’ll be there! However in the winter my BFF has just introduced me to how yummy hot tea is!!!

  47. Such a toss up between:
    1. Hot black tea with cream and sugar server in a china cup.
    2. Iced with lots of mint and lemon served in a mason jar.

  48. Christina Storey says:

    Right now I am into serving pregnancy tea, being 6 mo preg. 🙂

  49. I love to have a quiet cup of English Breakfast tea (or actually any tea!) while the kidlets and husband are sleeping soundly and the house is nice and quiet. I am the only fan of hot tea in my house, so those are my special moments of solitude. 😉

  50. I make sweet tea for my husband- I like hot tea!

  51. I love a cup of hot tea with sugar and milk in pretty, old fashioned tea cup while my girls use their rabbit tea set.

  52. I love iced green tea and drink it by the gallons and year round.

  53. I love unsweetened iced tea with mint leaves and lemon. Hot, I like a swirl of honey and a splash of milk stirred in.

  54. I like hot tea with honey when I have a cold.

  55. I make at least 1 pitcher of iced tea a day, in the summer.
    In the winter I make multiple cups of hot tea every day!

  56. I love sharing a cup of Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea in one of my tea pots from my collection with my Best Friend over good conversation.

  57. My teen daughter and I sit together at the table in the evenings and try different flavors of tea while working on her homeschooling work, coupons, or just playing a game of cards. We have one of these lovely tea for me pots but can’t use it because there are two of us. It would be so much fun if we both had one. That, or we just need a really nice tea set for two.

  58. By myself – strong mint tea. Sometimes with sweetener, sometimes without.
    But I prefer to drink tea, with others, in delicate tea cups. Always very hot.

  59. Iced with splenda.

  60. I’m a Southern girl, so iced sweet tea is hands down the favorite. But I went to England when I was sixteen and was introduced to cream teas. That’s one of my favorite winter treats. Especially if I get really industrious and make up a batch of scones to go with it!

  61. Each morning during the warm months I put out a large glass jar with some decaf tea bags and water out in the sun for at least 4 hours. We love to drink the tea all day. During the winter I love Sleepytime Tea before bed.

  62. I like hot tea, but sweet tea is good too!

  63. I love tea! Usually I have a cup of English Breakfast in the morning at work. Sometimes I’ll have a cup of green tea in the afternoon. And every once in a while I will treat myself to a homemade Chai Latte (finally learned how to make my own!!).

  64. My favorites are green or peppermint tea (no sweetener) in the largest tea mug I can find.

  65. We do cold sweet tea here in Virginia but I also love hot teas. Earl Grey is one of my favorites.

  66. Christine says:

    I like to make ice tea (with green tea bags and raspberry tea bags) and add a little stevia.

  67. no hot tea or sweet tea for me. i like the tropical blends of tea… mango tea from LaBou, tropical tea from Cheesecake Factory or PF Changs all are great! i try to imitate it as i brew my own, but it’s never quite the same.

  68. Iced chai tea with a splash of sweetened condensed milk.

  69. Tabitha K says:

    I love tea in an old coffee mug curled up on the couch with a good book. Although, on special occasions, I’ll sit and drink loose tea from an old mug and strainer my father brought me back from Russia years ago.

  70. I love it when tea is served in the dainty, pretty tea cup, but most of the tea, i drink it out of my mug.

  71. Tea and a cookie or cracker. A must! Ruby sounds like a tasty tea too!

  72. I have a special tea set from China that I like to serve hot tea in. For other times, I have three special tea cups and they have pretty little flowers on them….. I like to serve tea with a fig newton, or a little something fun….

  73. I just warm some water and steep my tea in my oversized Winnie the Pooh mug. I have a cool tea pot with a center cylinder to hold the tea, that will make several glasses if I’m serving more than just me.

  74. I usually serve tea iced, but I love a cup of hot tea in the morning (not a coffee drinker!).

  75. Hot in a thermos so I can take it to work!

  76. Rhonda M. says:

    Being from the south I love good old lipton iced tea…but I really do love a good cup of English Breakfast or The Republic of Tea’s Spring Cherry–with a little cream and two sugar cubes.

  77. hot

  78. Amanda Y. says:

    We love sweetened iced tea (but not quite the way southerners serve it, rotting teeth sweet), but I do like warm tea in winter too, as we’re not coffee drinkers at all.

  79. Suzy Ivy says:

    we love to make tea after naptime in our fancy teapot. Its the most fun for my daughter to get to pour the milk into our tea.

  80. Leslie B says:

    Absolute fav is sweet tea ice cold, but my two-yr-old and I love a little cream and honey in our morning tea!

  81. Danyelle says:

    Being from the south, I love iced sweet tea.

  82. stampinwithbeth says:

    I love trying new teaa! My favorite flavors right now are rooibos and Christmas Cocoa Blend (which tastes like hot cocoa) from I am going to look at right now!

  83. iced tea with lots of ice.

  84. In North Carolina we like really sweet iced tea all year long! I like the 1/2 & 1/2….. a mix of sweet and unsweetened tea that’s served in restaurants. At home, I put a splash of any juice in my homemade tea to give it a little variety of flavors.

  85. Hot tea with a touch of honey. It’s also good once it cools!

  86. lately I’ve been having cold chai, mixed with milk. When I need it hot, it’s usually brewed and then a bit of honey for some sweet.

    And when I’m sick, I add a bit of scotch. 😉

  87. There’s always a jar of iced tea in my fridge. I tried the cold-brew method that was posted here recently, and it’s my new favorite way to prepare iced tea.

  88. I love to serve hot tea in beautiful china teacups.

  89. Rebecca Orr says:

    Either a nice cup of warm peppermint tea or super cold homemade sweet tea! Making myself thirsty just thinking about it! Thanks for the chance. bekki1820cb at gmail

  90. Michelle says:

    mmmmmm….tea 😉

  91. I love to have my tea in the largest mug (for hot) or glass (for iced) that I can find! I love tea!

  92. Chai in my “Mommy” mug 🙂

  93. I love ice cold sweet tea. However, my daughters 11 and 10 are venturing out a bit and love raspberry tea. They also were able to taste a chocolate tea and my 11 year old said it was like drinking a brownie. The love to make a small pot to share.

  94. The only real “serving” of tea I do is for myself, but I love to drink tea in a big oversized mug.

  95. I like to serve tea to myself in the winter on cold, quiet mornings.

  96. We love our Kenyan Chai. Full of milk and sugar, but delicious and it brings back sweet memories 🙂

  97. I don’t know–we don’t drink tea a whole lot, but we love it. This would be a cool way to serve it for sure!

  98. We love tea after dinner. I always serve it in glass mugs…I love seeing the tea thru the glass. Thanks for a chance in this…

  99. We have a large patch of apple mint in our garden. We love to make tea with it. We also like just plain ‘ol sweet tea! I always like making sun tea in the summer time.

  100. Ruth Hill says:

    I love a variety of hot teas, but I normally add a little splenda and milk. I love Chai Latte!

  101. For hot tea, I do like jasmine or chrysanthemum, and peppermint for when I’m sick. I’d love to win this as a gift for my M-I-L, who is English and loves her tea time every afternoon!

  102. I love my tea in a big mug! When I worked everyone thought it was hysterical that I drank my coffee out of a little tea cup (hey, I had a thermos at my desk!) and my tea out of a big mug because it tasted better!

  103. Jodi Nevins says:

    So far it has just been single servings here. Looking forward to experimenting and doing more with tea.

  104. I think you and I are opposites on this one. I rarely drink iced tea, except for green tea and I don’t think that really counts, but I LOVE warm or hot tea.

  105. we always drink hot tea with lemon and a hint of sugar

  106. I love iced tea, especially a good sweet tea (I have a horrible sweet tooth!). I also have been drinking hot tea quite a bit lately.

  107. My favorite way is to have it fresh brewed sun tea with ice and lemon. Mmm…

  108. Sara Jane says:

    I love hot tea with a little honey, nice and sweet. Iced green tea with a splash of lemon is great when the weather’s hot outside!

  109. Tammy D. says:

    My favorite way is iced tea with lots of fresh lemon!

  110. English style – with a little bit of sugar and cream!

  111. iced in the summer, in one of my cute flowery/summery glasses
    warm in the winter in a special red mug that says “love” on the side.

  112. I love to serve/have tea with my grandma and sisters. We have been having tea parties since i was little.

  113. hot in a mug!

  114. We are in the south and we just make good ole sweet ice tea. I drink it year round, summer or winter!

  115. My children love a tea pot full of sweetened fruity tea on cold winter days.

  116. Clarissa says:

    Iced tea for company, or a cup of hot tea with a good book for myself!

  117. Michelle T says:

    I don’t usually serve hot tea because nobody else in my family likes it. I love it with a drizzle of honey in it though for myself 🙂

  118. i love all kinds of tea! sweet tea, hot in a mug or pretty china cup, any way is good… and i love trying new varieties!

  119. Jennifer says:

    Mostly I drink it out of paper cups at work. Not too fancy but it works. 🙂

  120. I am from the South and the old ways are the best around here – iced tea on those hot and humid days…

  121. We love to brew a fresh pot of iced tea in our Iced Tea Pot!

  122. I love peach green tea in a tall glass with ice!

  123. I just like a mug of hot tea to warm up in the winter or having it iced in the summer to cool down. Gives plain water a little more flavor.

  124. Jennifer says:

    We love our iced sweet tea in the summer, but in the winter a cup of hot chamomile or rooibos is hard to beat.

  125. Over a tall glass of ice!

  126. My friend grows chocolate mint tea and I always look forward to my “Christmas tea” MMM!

  127. My favorite is the first glass of iced tea after coming in from the sweltering SC heat. So refreshing!

  128. Right now, when it’s hot and sticky outside, I’d love a tall glass of unsweetened iced tea!

  129. Iced tea in the summer and hot tea in the winter!

  130. My favorite way to serve tea is with cookies, of course!

  131. I like green iced tea in a waterbottle to take with me anywhere!

  132. My favorite way to serve tea in the summer is cold brewed. It is so light and refreshing in a chilled glass with a lemon wedge. Doesn’t that just say summer?

  133. My favorite way, which would NOT be the way I usually have it, is brewed from loose leaves and served from a china tea pot – in a beautiful tea cup w/saucer of course!

  134. Jennifer Foutch says:

    Sweet Tea!

  135. Stephanie says:

    Southern style–iced and super sweet!

  136. I love to have tea just by myself – when it’s nice and quiet!

  137. I keep a quart of ice tea around at all times.

  138. Connie Corey says:

    with lots of ice, in a pretty glass, on a hot day!

  139. My husband is the avid hot tea drinker in our family and he’s introduced me to so many new kinds. We love to serve up a pot in our cast iron tea kettle and play a game of scrabble. 🙂

  140. In the winter, we drink hot tea by the mug-full, morning and evening, and many times in between. In the summer, I brew it in 2-quart containers: iced herbal tea for me (no sugar), and good ole Georgia sweet tea for my hubby (with lots of cane surgar, and a wedge of lemon or lime sometimes.)

  141. I’m an iced tea girl, myself.

  142. Being from the South, life is all about sweet iced tea. 🙂 But I must admit that a cup of hot tea…rooibos, english breakfast, hibiscus, just about any variety…while my little ones are napping in a favorite indulgence!

  143. Christy Flynn says:

    I love hot tea on a cold night with a good book!

  144. hot tea with a bit of milk
    cold tea with a bit of sugar
    mmm…makes me want to go brew some sun tea as it is 87 out today!

  145. I like to make iced tea and serve it in a pretty glass pitcher. 🙂

  146. I don’t have a nice tea set so I put a teabag on a big cup and pour hot boiling water over it and let the teabag steep for a minute or two before drinking.

  147. A big mug with individual hot tea bags is the best!

  148. Michelle Hardy says:

    We love iced tea year round. It is decaf tea with sugar.

  149. i drink hot green tea all day, every day 🙂

  150. I love sun tea. I know it’s not very safe but i have it in my mind the taste is SO much better.

  151. I would love to get a tea for me. I don’t have one. I like my tea served hot. Nothing in it.

  152. I love all tea as long as it is not sweet! But my favorite is passion iced tea! So yummy!

  153. That’s a hard one! I LOVE iced tea, but I also love HOT mint tea. I’m originally from Ohio and that hot mint was awesome during the cold winters…Since I’ve moved to Texas I don’t drink it nearly as often, so I guess I’ll have to say COLD, COLD ice tea!

  154. In thick mugs and shared with my dad.

  155. Malisa P. says:

    A mug with hot tea is my favorite during winter time. Sweetened iced tea is the best in summer!

  156. I love hot Japanese tea.

  157. Katherine says:

    I love sweet tea. My daughter, who teaches in Honduras, brought me some fruit tea that is very good served sweet with ice.

  158. in the summer, sun tea without any sweetener. in the winter, hot peppermint tea in my favorite mug!

  159. I like black tea–Iced with Splenda
    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  160. Fresh brewed iced tea without sugar! So refreshing. My favorite summer drink.

  161. Adrienne says:

    Sweet tea with lots of ice!

  162. Green tea with honey or lemon (sometimes both) or chai tea with honey and cream are my two all-time favorites for hot tea.

  163. I like ice tea but I love hot tea.

  164. I like to serve tea in big mugs.

  165. Iced tea with lemon in a tall glass!

  166. I love a nice crisp ice tea!! Jasmine teas is one of my favorites.

  167. anne marie says:

    I LOVE tea. In the winter it is either Barry’s tea hot with milk and sugar or Chai – yummm!! In the summer it is Barry’s cold brewed with a splash of lemonade or iced Chai – yummm too!!

  168. I make a gallon of tea every day. If the sun is out, it will be sun tea……I add a bit of baking soda to it plus a bit of sugar. I keep frozen raspberries on hand so when I pour a glass for myself, the kids or a friend, they get some frozen raspberries in their tea which gives it a tasty twist.

  169. Sweet tea is the reigning champ in our house. I steep a couple of black tea bags and one bag of constant comment, sweeten with splenda, and voila! awesome sweet tea!

  170. Andrea Watts says:

    with sugar over ice

  171. stefanie says:

    My favorite way to serve tea is iced, presented in a beautiful countertop container for all to see and savor.

  172. I should do more serving of hot tea – I remember sharing tea with my grandmother in her fancy china cups. Very special! Now I’m more apt to serve fruit iced tea.

  173. I have a beautiful pitcher that stands on wrought iron….I love me some iced tea

  174. Jenn Papale says:

    for sure orange pekoe tea, steeped then cooled off over ice with little stevia sweetener! mmmmm

  175. iced in a tall glass!

  176. I have a travel mug at work that I fill with hot water and a tea bag and sip on it that way. At home I have a little tea pot that I fill with hot water and refill my cup that way.

  177. Andrea Bindewald says:

    I have two ways that I like to serve tea.
    1) I like Old little tea cups when having parties and special occasions.
    2) If it is just me I use an over sized coffee mug

  178. Elizabeth R says:

    Hot tea with real sugar in a fun or pretty mug.

  179. If it is cold I love hot tea with Splenda. When it is warm I love a good glass of iced tea also with Splenda. No lemon or cream or anything else here.

  180. Sweet tea is sooo good during the summer.

  181. I drink hot tea at work. I usually put cream and sugar but it depends on the flavor.

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