The Cost of Being Frugal

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Most people, when the word frugal comes to mind, may think about all that it will gain them. And it’s true. There are huge benefits to being wise with your money. Reducing or eliminating debt, saving for a rainy day, saying no to some good things in order to enjoy better things, educating your children, providing for your retirement — these (and more) certainly make dollars and sense.

However, there are some costs to consider as well:

1. You can’t always do what you want to do. (Welcome to Real Life.)
2. You might not wear the latest fashions as soon as they come out. (Half the time they look goofy anyway.)
3. Vacations might not always be poolside in the tropics. (But, a staycation can be just as much fun.)
4. Hobbies like scrapbooking or hang gliding may give way to obsessions like coupon clipping, sales shopping, and repainting old furniture. (Your creative muse will still run wild as will your sense of adventure.)
5. People may look at you funny when you reveal your huge box of coupons. (It’s a great conversation starter, and one can always use a few more friends.)

6. You may find that having less is actually more.

Got a great money-saving idea? Share it with us! In the interest of exchanging good ideas, please do not post affiliate links, giveaways or deal posts. Instead tell us what you do to stretch your dollars a little farther. Share concepts and ideas that have helped you grow in saving money and being a better steward of your resources.

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If you don’t have a blog, tell us your bright idea in the comments. Can’t wait to learn some new tricks!

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  1. Another "positive" cost to consider is saving money can actually make you healthier (i.e. buying healthy food at the grocery as opposed to eating out at restaurants and fast food places)

    P.S. Nothing wrong with coupons either! =)

  2. I would consider myself a "newbie" to the saving/coupon way of life, but this month I had a total breakthrough. First off, our goals are:

    1. Pay off our (small) mortgage ASAP

    2. Pay off the remaining balance on our one car that we're purchasing from my parents (thanks Dad and Mom!) interest free

    3. Build up our savings for those rainy days that people are always talking about.

    4. This is the totally frivilous one…we're also putting money away each month (and saving all our coins) for a vacation. Now, the thing about this one is that the vacation can only come after we've paid off our other stuff and it can't come out of the rainy day savings, but it's nice to have something to save up for that's just for FUN! 😀

    OK, so those are the goals that we've set. The "breakthrough" this month was that, for the first time, I've been able to stick to my grocery budget and even stay UNDER budget. I also stopped before I hit the "Purchase Now" button on Amazon and thought, "Do I really want these [blank] more than I want a fatter savings account or more than I want to be totally out of debt?" The answer was a resounding NO!! I closed my browser window and by doing so, I "saved" $25! It was an "Ah Ha!" moment for me.

    Thanks for sharing your life with the rest of us so that people like me, who are still in a frugal learning curve, know that we are not alone! God Bless!

    Carrie K.

  3. Another cost is that people will look at your 7-year-old daughter strangely when she tells them that, "No, I don't have a My Twin doll. My mom found this My Twin shirt at Goodwill." I was thrilled that my sweet daughter looked so proud!

  4. Another "drawback" to being frugal — you have to continually tell people how the fabulous thing you managed to find, spruce up, and display attractively or use cleverly was CHEAP!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I will have to admit it is a bit aggrevating always telling the kids we can't do that. But it is also fun doing things that don't cost anything. You just have to be creative 🙂
    Thanks for hosting!

  6. It is so funny that you mentioned painting your old furniture! I had written my post before I read yours, and — lo and behold — my post is about repainting my old hutch. How funny! 🙂

  7. I greatly appreciate the direction of your blog.

    Between old gals like me, who have a wealth of experience, and young moms like you, who have creative determination, I worry a bit less about the ability of this generation to weather whatever economic storm comes our way.

    Thank you and God bless.