Costco Sunny Day Snacks: A Giveaway

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As you know, I love to be prepared for family outings. And that includes making sure my kids have snacks. A trip to the beach or park is not as much fun with rumbling tummies. On a recent trip to Disneyland, I made sure that the kids’ waist pouches were packed with portable snacks.

And while I try to be economical, I am also on a mission to improve our eating habits. So, one of the things we’re looking at is reducing our intake of processed sugars.

Recently, we had a chance to sample Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix Bars and Simply Fruit Fruit Roll-Ups. Granola bars are a favorite around here and while FishBoy6 and FishBaby don’t eat nuts, the rest of the crew are enjoying the trail mix bars immensely.

The kids and I had just had a conversation about “old school fruit rolls” — the ones you and I enjoyed as kids. You know, the ones that were fruit instead of glow-in-the-dark-I-don’t-know-what? Well, the conversation was obviously fresh in their minds when my big boys saw the box of Simply Fruit Fruit Rollups. Both boys scanned the ingredient list and remarked on the lack of sugar. No corn syrup. No sugar. We were stunned. I had to read the box a few times just to be sure.

Needless to say, they love them, especially since they know it passes muster with the FishMama.

Win Some Sunny Day Snacks!

One winner will receive a Costco Sunny Day Snacks prize pack that includes stock-up sized packages of the Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix Bars (48 ct.) and Simply Fruit Roll-Ups (42 ct.), and a $25 gift card that you can use at Costco.

Simply leave a comment telling us your favorite portable snack for summertime.

Contest will be open until 8pm PST on Sunday, June 27, 2010. Winners to be chosen at random and notified via email. You have 48 hours after email is sent to respond, otherwise you forfeit your prize.

Disclosure: General Mills and MyBlogSpark provided me with product samples to review. I was not compensated in any way for reviewing this product or offering this giveaway, nor was I required to do so. My opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

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  1. I’m kind of a sugar freak around here too. I do let my kids eat dessert sometimes during the week, but I try and keep the snacking healthy. My kids like yogurt tubes (we call it squeezy yogurt! 🙂 frozen in the fridge. We also like pirate’s booty, luna bars, whole grain gold fish, fruit leather, vanilla yogurt with granola on top, and of course…summer fruit!

  2. Kay Schenkel says:

    Granola bars are a favorite and Nature Valley a favorite brand.

  3. We are big on toddler trailmix where we combine various things from the pantry (sort of whatever’s around): raisins, cereal, craisins, cheddar bunnies, yogurt covered pretzels or raisins, yogurt drops, etc. It keeps in the diaper bag for a long time.

  4. Granola bars that have no dairy (my daughter is allergic) and fresh fruit, grapes in a baggy or apples/bananas.

  5. I like the dried cherries from Costco!

  6. I love granola bars. I always keep one in my diaper bag.

  7. We love granola bars!

  8. Right now…’s the Kraft 100-calorie cheese packs! YUMMY!

  9. My go-to travel snack is raisins. I sometimes keep granola bars in the car as well, and I’ve just recently started making my own home-made granola bars, which are great at home, but I haven’t figured out the best way to keep them wrapped and secure at the bottom of a diaper bag.

  10. I cut up fresh fruit and put it in a reusable container. Yum!

  11. Cut-up fruit for us – especially watermelon!

  12. Our favorite portable summertime snack is Cascadian Farms granola bars!

  13. Yvette Barrow says:

    We love granola bars and dried fruit and nuts. 🙂

  14. granola bars are so easy, but we also love cold red grapes for beach trips!

  15. Wow! I am THRILLED to hear about those fruit roll ups. This is the first I’m hearing about them. We have a local grocery outlet and they sell all kinds of organic stuff for CHEAP. I stock up on snacks there, like snack mix, fruit leather, crackers, etc. That’s what I always keep on hand for quick “on the go” snacks!

  16. eunice b says:

    Granola bars….no question! 🙂

    ~eunice b
    rsmile2u @dejazzd .com

  17. You said the magic word – Costco. My heart is all a-pitter-pat right now. Our go-to portable snack is a trailmix of dried fruits and nuts. Sometimes granola, too.

  18. I have to be honest and say fruit snacks. Not healthy, but I have been looking for something with real fruit. Those fruit roll ups sound awesome!

  19. I make a snack mix of cereals, goldfish, raisins, etc (i.e., whatever is in the pantry) and take it whenever we are on the go.

  20. I craisins along for the kids and I normally will bring a granola bar for myself. But Sliced apples are a fave in our house too 🙂

  21. sarah thomas says:


  22. we love grapes!

  23. We LOVE Costco! Portable snacks are usually raisins, goldfish, cereal bars, or fruit snacks. These sound so much better though! I’m trying those fruit strips even if I don’t win!

  24. Stefanie says:

    With a large family, buying in Bulk is the smart thing to do! We take fresh clean, frozen fruit with us to the pool, ball park or lake. Just wash, cut and freeze in a zip lock! It’s perfect for our HOT Texas summer!

  25. Michelle says:

    We love cereal bars and red grapes around here. I can’t keep either of them in stock at our house!

  26. I love granola bars and power cookies (cookies with a high protein and fiber content with little fat and sugar)

  27. Wow, simply fruit? Awesome! My kids are teens so they go for the easy granola bar! We love them around here.


  28. I keep granola bars and water in the truck for the little ones.

  29. Adrienne Larkin says:

    We love the strawberries and blueberries from Costco.

  30. Michelle says:

    Teddy Grahams or Goldfish crackers

  31. I like the cheese sandwich crackers. Also, pretzels in snack bags. Thanks!

  32. we like dried fruit – raisins, cranberries, prunes

  33. Hope Mischlich says:

    Cut up fruit with frozen grapes it keep everything cold.

  34. centsability says:

    My daughter loves the Nature Valley Trail Mix bars! If it’s not those it’s cereal bars from Trader Joe’s (which lack the protein of the Trail Mix bars but at least don’t have any hydrogenated oils or corn syrup).

  35. I hadn’t seen those fruit rollups before. Now I’ll be on the lookout for them! My favorite thing to have on hand is snack mix. We keep it in a big container in the pantry. It is easy to scoop out a handful for a baggie when we go out. The boys pick a favorite treat to put in (mms, chocolate chips, teddy grahams) and I pick the rest (nuts, granola, fruit.)

  36. Our favorites are granola bars, goldfish, and grapes. These snacks look great–thanks for the giveaway!

  37. We love granola bars, crackers and cheese sticks

  38. Christina Storey says:

    Homemade Muffins!

  39. We love pretzel sticks, popcorn and grapes.

  40. My girls like small boxes of raisins or crackerfuls and they always have a water bottle from home filled with tap water with them.

    I personally like Back to Nature crackers (They look like wheat thins but taste SO MUCH better!) and of course water.

    We will be laying around the pool this afternoon with serbert-yummy!

  41. Chex mix! We LOVE the stuff, but for some reason we only eat it during the summer!

  42. Jessie C. says:

    Trail mix is my favorite !

    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  43. Our favorite is string cheese. Thanks!

  44. We love pretzels, popcorn and grapes.

  45. Last summer my kiddo was teething, so I made oatmeal zucchini mini cookies, and usually kept a few in the diaper bag. This summer we’ve moved on trail mixes, jerkey, and homemade fruit roll-ups – I puree fruit and then use my dehydrator. Last summer’s hit flavor was mandarin mango ginger.

  46. Shelah Miller says:

    I’d have to say Simply Go-gurts.

  47. Sugar Snap Peas!

  48. Our favorite summer snack is strawberries or blueberries.

  49. fruit

  50. We build our own trail mix!

  51. We like strawberries and granola bars.

  52. There is ALWAYS at least one granola bar in my purse for emergency snacking 🙂

  53. i don’t know if this counts – but we love cheese sticks.

    oh, and almonds with some dried fruit, preferably blueberries!

  54. goldfish are favorite when we are out and about 🙂

  55. We love to take raisins, cheese sticks or Kashi cereal bars along on our days out.

  56. We keep a plastic bin with granola bars, crackers, etc., in the car at all times. It’s so much better, cheaper, and easier than having to buy something if someone gets hungry and “can’t wait” until we get home. And sometimes that someone is me!

  57. We are big on Cheerios (regular and honey nut) mixed with craisins, almonds and walnuts. It keeps well in the heat–nothing to get melted!

  58. My favorite portable summertime snack is fruit. Most fruits are easy to stick in my purse and go.

  59. Grapes, cheese sticks and goldfish are our favorite!

  60. I love trail mix!

  61. homemade trailmix! yum 🙂

  62. Our favorites are chex mix and cut up fruit like blueberries, canteloup and strawberries. Sometimes I make a cheerio and raisin mix too. I love the fruitroll up with no corn syrup or added sugar! Brilliant!

  63. I always have an apple on hand in my car for emergency snack attacks!

  64. My kids are limited to what they will eat, so we usually rely on the good ‘ole standby of granola bars.

  65. Best all around portable snack is a banana…second place goes to granola bars.

  66. Connie Corey says:


  67. Jennifer Foutch says:

    we like fresh fruit

  68. We love granola bars. I like them because they are somewhat substantial and fill the kids up.

  69. Alex Hall says:

    Any kind of granola bar works for me, or dried fruit.

  70. My kiddos are 10 & 12 so we’ve upgraded to Clif Bars for more energy. They burn alot more energy now that they are approaching adult size!

  71. We like to take along granola bars or “snack cups” with a combination of whatever dried fruits, nuts, and chocolate chips that I have in the pantry.

  72. Plain whole almonds, original Chex mix, and granola bars are my favorite snacks.

  73. A box of raisins is very handy to have in the diaper bag!

  74. Cheryl Schwartz says:

    Our favorites are any cut-up fruit, especially strawberries and grapes! Also, the simply fruit roll-ups are a permanent stock item in both our pantry and the car! Its the first thing the kids grab when I pick them up from school! The older girls really like granola bars, but my 20-month old hasn’t warmed up to them yet.

  75. We love trail mix. It’s our favorite.

  76. My favorite portable snack is an apple. It travels well in a purse or backpack, is relatively no-mess, and provides a great energy boost.

  77. Favorite on the go snack has to be trail mix! Protein, sugar, carbs and fruit all rolled into one!

  78. Granola bars and pretzels.

  79. I always carry granola bars or fruit snacks. They are the easiest things. If it’s hot out and we’re going to be out for a while like a theme park or a day at the beach then I also love to take frozen grapes. It’s like a grape flavored slushie… Yum!

  80. String cheese or trail mix- sometimes I make my own. Sometimes we buy the kirkland brand. I love snacks!

  81. We usually make a snack mix of cereal, raisens, and sometimes a few nuts to bring when we are headed out. We also like to bring sliced apples with a little sprinkling of cinnamon on them. Yummy!

  82. Grapes or berries.

  83. My toddlers are really into dry cereal right now.

  84. Our go to snack is nuts and apples. Easy to pack and not messy!

  85. I’ve got littles, so when I bring out the goldfish, I’m a hero!

  86. Stephanie Buriel says:

    I have to say our favorite snack is teddy grahams!

  87. we pack grapes for the beach…or any handy fruit we have.

  88. Granola bars! They are wrapped, ready to pack and carry and usually adequate to “tide them over”! Secondary would be grapes or apples. It’s all about the convenience-factor for me.

  89. Making my own “snack packs” of crackers or cereal.

  90. We love granola bars for to-go snacks!

  91. Whole grain goldfish do the trick around here, as do frozen peas…I put them in a plastic container and throw them in the insulated lunch bag, and when we pull them out later, they’re still cold but a little bit softer than frozen. Believe it or not, the kids love them! We’re also fans of raisins in little boxes. Thanks!

  92. Michelle T says:

    We love snack mix! Store bought or homemade. Toss it in to a baggie, and we’re set! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  93. Liberty Cameron says:

    We love all kinds of snacks, but our favorites are granola bars and trail mix. Hope we win!!!

  94. Granola bars, trail mix and popcorn would be at the top of our portable summer snack list.

  95. Our family likes crackers with peanut butter and grapes.

  96. Kinzie L. says:

    We’re big fans of homemade granola bars, apples, and cheddar bunnies!

  97. Graham crackers, string cheese, and cut apples are our favorites!

  98. Claire Pulsifer says:

    If its a day thats hot and no refrigeration then crispy granola bars or cheese crackers so you can get some salt. Otherwise, we love chewy and nutty granola bars, cheese stix, gogurts and homemade trail mix!

  99. I’m the non-healthy commenter in the bunch. My kids love to take along those orange crackers with peanut butter. I’m pretty sure they aren’t very healthy, but they fill them up and they all like them.

    That said, all my kids love fruit roll-ups, but I don’t get them often because they aren’t so great (the pot calling the kettle black here). I love the idea of real fruit fruit roll-ups. I’d love to win them, but either way, I can’t wait to try them.

    I just started making my own trail mix, but we don’t think to take it with us yet…

  100. Granola bars! Easy to throw in the diaper bag and won’t go bad if it stays there a while 😉

  101. We like granola bars and yogurt cover raisins.

  102. We live in Arizona so many snacks melt in the diaper bag due to the excessive heat. We stick to a mix of goldfish and pretzels to keep the girls at bay!

  103. Allison I. says:

    Craisins and cheerios all the way! Sometime we add sunflower seeds.

  104. I love a good trail mix if refrigeration isn’t handy! 😉 What a fun giveaway!

  105. Beef jerky!!!

  106. We love fruit roll up type snacks and nuts!

  107. I keep packages of peanut butter crackers for the girls. It is HOT here, and their consistency doesn’t change unlike lots of other things.

  108. Nature Valley Chewy Nut bars, and also cheese sticks if I have a cold pack, and oh, just a simple apple. YUM!

  109. craisons are a favorite around here.

  110. I always have a Kashi or Fiber One bar stashed in my purse and an apple.

  111. I usually take almonds or Fiber One Bars. Either one can fill you up for a little while!

  112. We like freeze dried apples from Brothers.

    Goldfish are fun, too.

  113. We freeze Simply Go-gurt and eat it on the run. It keeps until it completely thaws, and occasionally we toss it in a small cooler to help it keep longer.

  114. Chrissy J says:

    We like granola bars and dried fruit!

  115. We love these. The fruit is great for hikes and granola bars are perfect for a late afternoon office pick-me-up.

  116. Trail mix is a big hit in our house. Those fruit roll ups look awesome though, I will have to try and find some around here.

  117. Cold cereal (without the milk, of course) and Whales!

  118. We love granola bars around here! I make them myself though with oats, dried fruits and flax seed. I grind up almonds to “hide” the nuts in them. They are sweetened with honey and oh so good!

  119. Cheerios & raisins are popular for in a vehicle.

    Popcorn is a good snack too, but NOT while traveling in a moving vehicle, my children always get carsick when I forget and give it to them!

  120. We’re big pretzel fans. We often just stick a bag of pretzels in the car or a bag to bring along.

    The fruit rollups sound like a winner! Thanks!

  121. I always have some sort of crackers (usually Goldfish) with me. My kids also love the cereal Quaker Oatmeal Squares – these are super good dry and keep well in little baggies.

  122. Katherine C. says:

    We love popcorn as a snack.

  123. Goldfish or cheerios!

  124. TallyMichelle says:

    We are all over granola bars and peanut butter crackers!

  125. Granola bars are great because they don’t perish quickly and we bring along our own bottles of water. If it is a planned outing grapes are great too!

  126. Sarah Dillon says:

    I love granola bars for on the go! I’ve just started hunting down “homemade” recipes because of all that “other” stuff they put in it. I would love to try these ones!

  127. Jodi Nevins says:

    We almost always have granola bars and/or box of crackers with us along with our trusty water bottle.

  128. granola bars

  129. Cereal in a bag, for sure. The kids do it by themselves all the time.

  130. Love granola bars, toasted nuts and Goldfish crackers.

  131. We like granola bars.

  132. Granola bars- always have at least one in my purse and a couple stashed in the van.

  133. I love fresh fruit in the summer!

  134. My kids love fruit, Cheerios and Pretzels.

  135. i’m really digging dried apricots this summer

  136. I would seriously say fruit roll-ups or fruit snacks were a fave of my son’s but I stopped buying the brand name ones because they were so full of HFCS, corn syrup, and artificial ingredients. I am eage to try the Simply Fruit ones, though I haven’t found them at any stores here in NJ yet).

    After that I would say my kiddo loves trail mix, which we make together weekly with a variety of dried fruit, nuts, and seeds. Yum!

    ndisilvio @ gmail .com

  137. We love trail mix and yogurt tubes that have been frozen!

  138. We bring along fruit, usually apples, pre-packaged peanutbutter or cheese crackers, and sometimes cheesesticks, if we bring a cooler. 🙂
    Oh, we always bring bottled water.

  139. Our normal “to go” snacks are: bananas, grapes, dried fruit, goldfish, crackers, fruit salad, granola bars.

  140. Fruit! So easy to wash and throw in a baggy.

  141. Peanut butter crackers that I make myself or pre-packaged. Not too messy, easy, cheap, semi-healthy (protein), and can withstand heat.

  142. Goldfish, dried fruit, and granola bars are our favorites.

  143. stampinwithbeth says:

    Anything in snack sized packages, especially cranberries. And to drink, water with a variety of single serving powders (ie. Crystal Light)!

  144. I love packets of nuts & fruit mix! If I can’t find individual packets, we make our own and put them into snack bags. What a great giveaway – thanks!

  145. I like granola bars. I ALWAYS keep 2-3 in my purse in case I’m out running errands and my daughter or I get hungry.

  146. We take goldfish. There is almost always a bag (or two) in the van.

  147. We’re a granola bar (packaged or homemade) kind of family. We also love to bring along bananas, apples, and grapes when possible!

  148. I don’t have a favorite snack per say…I need to find one, though, to keep in the diaper bag. I think my favorite snack is stopping at grandma’s when we’re hungry. 😀

  149. I love to grab some Fiber One bars and dried Mango Slices – Yummo!

  150. Valerie S says:

    Goldfish crackers and fruit snacks are always in my diaper bag or purse.

  151. Well, to be honest in the summer, the kids end up eating lunch in the van one or two times a week–those days when we are on the run from 10:00 to 1:00 or so. This helps our naptime not be totally wrecked. I leave brown rice crackers (allergy kids) and small raisin boxes in the van. Going out the door, I grab the bag of mini-carrots from the crisper, pour milk into straw cups, and cut up some nitrite/nitrate free lunchmeat into strips. I have little plates with deep compartments. A little while into our journey (everything’s still cool) I load up the plates and let them have at it. The kids (ages 4 and 2) call it a picnic and love it–I think because they are hungry! :^)

    “Simply Fruit” sounds great–we must avoid corn and prefer to avoid artificial colorings. CLIF twisted fruit ropes are a once-in-a-while delicacy/candy to my kiddos.

  152. Tara Laxson says:

    We love homemade granola bars!

  153. I love nature valley granola nut clusters and now I also love dark chocolate covered blueberries and acai. They had them as a sample at costco last time I went and I instantly fell in love.

  154. For dh and me, granola bars are great for packing on the road. Our 15 m/o can’t handle granola bars yet (not enough teeth!), so I usually pack a banana or something else easy for her. 🙂

  155. Granola bars can’t be beat for a quick and easy snack.

  156. Dried tropical fruit mix.

  157. String cheese!

  158. I like to make oatmeal bars and make a trail mix to take. The kids love finding out what mom has stashed in the trunkn when we go on vacation.

  159. Little boxes of raisins and granola bars are always easy for us!

  160. Right now the portable snacks for the little guy are those baby puffs and Cheerios…I make sure to always have one or the other along in the diaper bag when we head out. For me, I like to have granola bars as a quick energy booster.

  161. I love to put cereal in baggies-cheaper and fairly mess free with my kiddos.

  162. Homemade granola bars, dried fruit, trail mix, crackers, peanut butter protein balls, and lots of H2O

  163. ohh i would love to win!! my favorite portable summer time snack is a white nectarine! i love fresh fruit.

  164. Annie’s cheddar bunnies, gerber puffs, and raisins or dried fruit are my toddlers favorite snacks on the go.

  165. We love granola bars and the Simply fruit rolls. My hubby and I discovered last year. Costco is where we also grab almonds and peanuts for quick snacks on the go!

  166. Goldfish crackers! The kids and adults find them equally tasty, their not loaded with artificial colors and flavors and, if I watch carefully, I can stock up on them for under $1 bag a couple of times a year!

  167. My favorite portable snack depends on what has been on sale. Right now it’s cheese sticks and fruit snacks!

  168. We LOVE LOVE LOVE fruit snacks. Not the healthiest option out there, but their small size means we’re not ruining lunchtime appetites, and they are the perfect size to keep in the glove box in the car!

  169. I love to make chex mix as a summertime snack just because I can throw in whatever, bake it up, and then store it in ziplock baggies. My son also likes granola bars, goldfish, and cut up veggies and fruit for short trips.

  170. Kristine in WA says:

    String cheese and a container with peanut butter and cut up apples to dip. Protein Protein Protein! Thanks for the fun!

  171. Oh! The dried apple crisps! I always have at least two packs in my bag at all time…

  172. I’ve always got snacks ready for short notice outings or planned trips! Our favorites are gold fish, cheerios, kraft 100 cal cheese chunks, grapes, apples, granola bars, string cheese, Kraft 100 cal (any flavor) cracker packs, graham crackers, animal cookies, cat cookies for people (Trader Joe’s) and we’re always in search of a new favorite snack!

  173. We love dried fruit, crackers, and string cheese around here!

  174. Anything portable. Popcorn is great (albeit messy), granola bars, fruit, it all works!


  175. Well it’s not quite portable without a lunch box or something but my favorite to bring is frozen simply go gurts. They thaw a little and are perfect to squeeze out! MMMM. My kids love them!

  176. We love granola bars, especially those with peanut butter.

  177. i tend to pack a little cooler with fresh fruits and veggies to go – that’s my favorite summertime snack. but when i forget or don’t have time, popcorn is an excellent substitute!

  178. Our favorite snacks are fruit leathers, gummy snacks and goldfish. I toss a big bag of them in the car so that they’re always available. Once in a while I manage to bring something healthy, but I have to admit it’s mostly fruit leather and goldfish.

  179. Our favorite portable snack is a snack size ziplock back filled with a mixture of cheerios, goldfish, raisins and peanuts.

  180. Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Nut bars are my favorite on the go snack. Those and bananas. Yum

  181. Our favorite portable snack for summer is fruit leather! I usually toss a handful in the diaper bag before we go anywhere, so when the blood sugar starts dropping and kids get whiny, I have something to hand them that they love.

  182. KGriffin says:

    Granola bars are #1 for us with apples and dry cereal in a tie for second.

  183. Granola bars and trail mix.

  184. It’s a toss-up between GORP and granola!

  185. Sliced apples or grapes and crackers are our favorites.

  186. Easy peasy. I love trail mix! I make a kid-friendly one for my little guy using cheerios, raisins, pretzels and mini m&m’s.

  187. We usually have granola bars or crackers of some kind. If its not super hot and I can bring a cooler, we will have fresh fruit too!

  188. It sounds so boring but usually something really simple like pretzels.

  189. Granola bars seem to be the go-to but I also like to bring cheese sticks and water for a snack.

  190. Catherine says:

    We usually do cereal bars or crackers, but bananas are great too.

  191. I cannot lie…we love oreos!

  192. We’ve been enjoying cut up english cucumbers…refreshing! And, this week, gold fish crackers and beef jerky too! Thanks for the give-away!

  193. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is my go-to portable snack!

  194. My kids are hooked on goldfish right now. If we are out of that, then blueberries and granola.

  195. Sarah M. says:

    Grapes are our favorite!

  196. We like granola bars for park days and outings, cliff bars for hikes.

  197. Craisins and goldfish are our favorites!

  198. I tend to change our snacks up every week, but the favorites in our house include, frozen grapes in a small container per kid, granola bars, dried fruit with mixed nuts and homemade trail mix.

  199. Mami2jcn says:

    My favorite portable snack is granola bars. My son’s favorite portable snack is gogurt.

  200. Raisins from Farmers Market. They are not sticky like the ones in the store but they are tender and juicy without making a mess. LOVE em.

  201. elizabeth says:

    Granola bars hands down! Would LOVE to win this!

  202. Dried fruit of all kinds and nuts are favs of mine, the kids love fruit snacks/roll ups, granola bars, and dried cereal. Thanks!

  203. Our all time favorite portable snack is fruit leather!

  204. We love to have granola bars and any kind of cracker as an on the go snack.

  205. Our favorite summer snack is granola bars or trail mix. Our kids love snacks, and I like that they are fairly healthy. Offering a little sweet and a little salt in one snack is good for me.


    richshelpmate at yahoo dot com

  206. I love peanut butter crackers!

  207. String cheese and almonds!

  208. Shannon C says:

    We love fresh watermelon cut up in chunks or fresh blueberries.

  209. My favorite portable snack is fruit. We also love the Nature Valley Oats N honey granola bars

  210. Heather Abbott says:

    Both of my boys have peanut and tree nut allergies, so most of the trail mix and granola bars are out. We like to make our own trail mix – goldfish, raisins/craisins, cereal (cheerios, apple jack, etc.), pretzel sticks, chocolate chips, graham minis, mini marshmallows, dried fruits, etc. We try and take fruit whenever we can, apples and grapes are usually are favorites – easy travel/transport.

  211. We love cut-up fruit and trail mix of any kind.

  212. I would have to say either goldfish or pretzels. Both are simple & easily portable!

  213. Our favorite portable snacks are fruit, nuts, and granola bars.

  214. fruit or goldfish crackers

  215. We love dried cherries.

  216. kathleen says:

    ours are fruit snack. easy, not messy and everyone likes them.

  217. We love Frozen Grapes in the Summer!

  218. Sarah R. says:

    My favorite portable snack is dried fruit.

  219. We usually take along granola and dried fruit snacks that we make in our dehydrator. I’m so thrilled to see a no sugar fruit roll!

  220. Cheese crackers or ice cream!

  221. Freeze Dried Fruit from Costco is the best healthy portable snack for summer.

  222. I love individual packages of freeze dried fruit. However 100% fruit leather is good too- just a little sticky.

  223. We also love the Simply fruit from Costco or fruit leather sticks. Easy, healthy and they don’t have to be refrigerated!

  224. Pretzels or fruit snacks.

  225. I love the sweet n salty nut bars. They are awesome!

  226. Rachel Davis says:

    My daughter’s favorite summer snack is fruit and cereal bars, or goldfish. Personally, I keep a Fiber One bar in the diaper bag for me.

  227. We love fruit. I try to bring a bag full of grapes or something that isn’t to messy when I know we’ll be out and about for a while. We also like to throw things like goldfish and cereal bars into the diaper bag.

  228. kattmaxx says:

    Our favs are canteloupe slices, grapes, dried fruit, and nuts.

  229. Honey-wheat pretzels are a big hit right now at our house!

  230. I like the first comment “Toddler Trail Mix” we definitely have a version of that here, but our favorite summertime snack is blueberries. I have to plan a little bit and have a noncrushable snack container, but My DD loves them, they travel well, and they are not as messy as most other fruits.

  231. We like raisins!

  232. We like fresh fruit for snacks in the summer. I just told my son at the grocery store today that he was going to turn into a watermelon because he eats so much of it! Better than turning into a candy bar!

  233. We love any kind of fruit, but bananas are so easy and portable. We also eat lots of dried cherries, granola bars, and almonds 🙂

  234. Suzie Powers says:

    We like granola bars. Hands stay clean and quick and easy.

  235. We keep the pool fridge stocked with apples, cheese sticks, and crackers… and the occasional cookie or sweet treat.

  236. We love carrot sticks and hummus!

  237. We do granola bars and PB&J sandwiches when we want a portable snack. Those fruit roll ups look good too.

  238. Christine says:

    I like Newman’s own high-protein pretzels.

  239. We like to take goldfish crackers on the go with us. Grapes too are a hit if we have enough for everyone that day.

  240. Honey-wheat pretzels and pickles!

  241. Michelle says:

    My favorite portable snack for summertime are apples! They pack easily, they are quick to find and they require little to no prep! Another fun summer snack are frozen grapes. My boys LOVE frozen grapes, and because they are frozen they almost like a treat! I keep lots in the freezer, ready to grab for an outting. If we are going to be gone long I will keep them in a mini cooler (you know, those ones you get for baby bottles from the hospital!) so they don’t thaw too much. But they are best when they are in that slushy phase, not quite fully frozen and hard, but not defrosted and mushy. Yummy. I think I’ll go get myself a few now!!

  242. We love the Squeez applesauce. So convenient but also healthy.

  243. away from home: baggies of an assortment of cheerios (multi-grain, plain, blueberry, strawberry, etc.). at home: frozen blueberries, grapes, and frozen go-gurts… nice and cold for the summertime

  244. Granola Bars/Cereal Bars are an easy go to snack for on the go. We also like fruit snacks and fresh fruit.

  245. frozen water bottles and pretzels are the bomb!

  246. It seems as though cheese sticks and granola always make it with us on our trips! What a great giveaway!!

  247. We like fresh fruit and go-gurt for the summer!

  248. we like whatever berries/cherries are in season. yum! eat them by the handful!

  249. Just this last weekend my girls had grapes at Grandpa’s house….a new favorite!

    Otherwise its been cheerios (they won’t eat them at home, but when we are out, they will!!)

  250. Elizabeth says:

    Those both sound yummy! Thanks for the giveaway! I guess I would pick granola bars as my favorite!

    ellenbeth1981 at yahoo dot com

  251. Amanda Y. says:

    My favorite summer snack used to be a non-chocolate granola bar to keep on hand, but I actually like the way the new Crackerfuls hold up in the heat, they might be my new summer favorite to keep nearby for hunger.

  252. Nuts, all kinds!

  253. Leslie B says:

    My son loves a cold apple from the fridge as we are out and about!

  254. We make our own ‘snack packs’ that are just a trail mix combo of cereal, raisins, nuts, seeds and the bonus 2 m&ms at the end 🙂
    …Costco is an all out fave at our house. We love to add the dried mango to our snack packs too!!

  255. My personal favorite are Fiber One bars but I don’t give them to my kids. Right now the almot 4 y/o is really into Annie’ Bunny Grahams and snack mix. I got a ton on sale recently but not sure what I’ll do when they run out!

  256. fresh fruits and veggies from the garden

  257. My family loves the Nature Valley granola bars!

  258. April Minh says:

    For my 13 mo old, I always have a container of cheerios. Would love to try these granola bars!

  259. Rachel K says:

    Wheat Thins! I also like cutting up an apple to take with me or a chocolate and oat Fiber One bar.

  260. Preparedmom says:

    We have a nut allergy in our family so most prepackaged foods are out. I bake mulitple loaves of zucchini and banana bread, slice and freeze for handy snacks. Also fresh fruit is great!

  261. annie’s cheddar bunnies and graham bunnies. yummy!

  262. We like granola bars, cubed melon, fresh berries, cubed cheese…a few months ago the favorite was clemetines. I wish their season was longer around here!

  263. Grapes, animal crackers, dried fruit, cheese sticks.

  264. Michelle says:

    love Costco, love snacks, love give aways! thanks!

  265. animal crackers @ granola bars =)

  266. I have been loving these whole grain pretzels from Costco!

  267. We are big on baby carrots and pretzels.

  268. We like “fruit leather” as a portable snack. I keep them in the back of my car for when we are out and about.

  269. Our favorite summer travel snack is drinkable yogurt!! I pack straws and the boys get a healthy treat without knowing it!

  270. Ruth Hill says:

    I love any kind of healthy snack bar, but my favorite is fiber one bars. I get them at Costco, and they are great and filling.

  271. Fruit leather, raisins, pretzels and goldfish!

  272. Kristina says:

    My little one is partial to TJ’s mini cheese cracker sandwhiches… which is a lot better than sweet snacks for sure! She loves (all-natural) fruit snacks and would love for me to give them to her more often but i’d much rather hand out cheese crackers or tortilla chips!

  273. I am so excited to hear about the simply fruit roll ups! Our go-to snacks are granola bars, nutrigrain bars, and crackers.

  274. My favorite portable snack for the kids is a bag of grapes or a bag of apple chips! Seriously, my kids think fruit is candy, please don’t tell them otherwise!

  275. Our favorite is frozen grapes. They’re a great snack to eat frozen, and they’re not bad once they’ve thawed all the way either. 🙂

  276. My favorite snack is sugar free dried fruit! Especially mangoes and pineapples. So tasty! Thanks for the chance! buckeye7081 at gmail dot com

  277. My favorite snack is different dried fruit

  278. We do a lot of homemade trail mixes and fruit like grapes and bananas. I love the “old fashioned” fruit leathers! i am happy to see them making a comeback!!!

  279. My favorite portable summertime snack is granola bars and fruit like grapes.

  280. Trail mix.

  281. Heather A says:

    We like to take granola bars, string cheese, and fruit when we are out and about.

  282. Hands down, baggies of cereal!

  283. Our go to snacks are granola bars and some type of easy to eat fruit (grapes or blueberries).

  284. Trail mix, fruit, dry cereal, crackers.

  285. Fruit, goldfish, cheerios and cereal bars.

  286. It’s definitely fruit and crackers here! Thanks for letting us play along!

  287. Favorite portable snack is pretzels because even when (forgotten) left in a hot van they are still edible!!!

  288. We like peanuts, raisins, and m&m’s.

  289. Michelle says:

    Fresh fruit is our go to snack right now but we love granola bars, cheese snack packs and even deli ham if we have a cooler!

  290. I’m not much of a snacky person, but my two year old son loves his “nacks”. His favorites are the typical ones for toddlers…baggies of Cheerios, goldfish, or other crackers. He also likes little cups of yogurt or applesauce.

  291. Jen Fields says:

    Frozen grapes are a favorite summertime snack! I wash and pop them in the freezer the night before an outing and they slowly defrost as the day goes on. They are usually ice cold, sometimes still slightly frozen, refreshing and good for you!

  292. Graham Crackers are perfect for us – the heat of the summer zaps most coolers around here so these are the best bet..

  293. trail mix granola bars, grapes, cherries, dried fruits, nuts, pretzle sticks, wheat thins, carrot and celery sticks, yogurt drinks

  294. I usually take bags of cereal for the kids to munch on!

  295. A bag of grapes and a bag of cheese chunks! Healthy and satisfiying!

  296. patricia says:

    Mine would be yogurt covered raisins yummy….

  297. Jennifer says:

    We like baggies of cereal, pretzel sticks, graham crackers, raisins, bananas, or those wonderful whole grain cheese cracker sandwiches. Ritz Crackerfuls.

  298. Grapes are my favorite portable snack.

  299. Granola bars, whole-grain Goldfish, and fruit snacks.

  300. Grapes and carrot sticks–refreshing on hot days and they don’t make a mess.

  301. We’re big on the Annie’s snacks around here, especially when we can get them on sale. We also take fruit flats and Kashi crunchy granola bars – yum.

  302. granola bars, graham crackers or goldfish.

  303. Andrea Bindewald says:

    Granola bars, Fruit snacks, 100 calorie packs, and trader Joes has these applesauce pouches that have a spout on them so there is no spoon required!

  304. When we go to the pool, we’ve found that you can’t take anything that gets gooey! Usually Cheez-its, goldfish, or pretzels. Nature Valley bars or “gorp” works well on hikes.

  305. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful giveaway! We love raw veggies and ranch dip.

  306. I love to pack Goldfish for my son and other munchies…he’s only 13 months so this suits him just fine.

  307. fruit leather-my kids favorite

  308. Karie McIntosh says:

    Grapes…granola bars…goldfish.

  309. Thanks for the tip about the fruit roll-ups. Pretzels, cheese sticks, and Nature Valley granola bars of one sort or another (they are often on sale with coupons for very little $$$ in the end).

  310. We are also leaving out hfcs as much as possible! But my kids love “bars” and granola (or “bamilla”) bars are so easy to pack in a hurry and yummy to eat!

  311. Michelle Hardy says:

    Goldfish and Cheezits are a favorite in our home.

  312. I always have a cooler or bag of snacks on our outings. Our favorites are granola bars, string cheese, Kashi crackers, cut up fruit and turkey roll ups and Henry’s fruit leather ! I have not see the new fruit rollups but I am super excited to have the kids try them. They love love love gummies but I do my best to keep them for special times.

  313. i am trying to stray from anything with HFCS but we love fresh fruit and pretzles.

  314. I love taking whole apples, grapes, fish crackers, crackers in general and granola bars!

  315. Our family loves anything crunchy. Could be chex mix or crunchy veggies.

  316. Granola bars and apples that I’ve cut into chunks and kept in a container of ice.

  317. We like all kinds of granola bars. Trail mix and dried fruit are also easy and yummy to grab.

  318. Malisa P. says:

    I love Fiber One bars in the summer!

  319. My kiddos love fiber one bars, bananas, sugar snap peas, fruit by the foot and strawberries as snacks this time of the year.

  320. Katherine says:

    We do different flavors of granola bars and fresh fruit.

  321. WOW! I haven’t seen those fruit roll ups; I need to be on the look out. I use to buy smoosh fruit by Fruitbu, but that has been cut from our budget.

    roasted almonds & raisins or craisins mixed with Cheerios is a good mix around here.

  322. Jennifer says:

    Raisins are my daughter’s favorite portable snack.

  323. Granola bars for sure!
    HobartsMama {AT} AOL.COM

  324. I think that would be granola bars and fruit snacks
    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  325. granola bars, string cheese, and red seedless grapes are our favorites.

  326. Adrienne says:

    Fruit – especially an apple and grapes.

  327. We keep granola bars and containers of nuts (cashews and almonds) in the car for those snack emergencies. Fortunately, we don’t have any nut allergies among my little ones. When we road trip, we also bring grapes, cut up bell peppers, and cucumbers.

  328. Jennifer says:

    I always keep a bag of snack mix with varying items in it in the diaper bag and one of the Nature Valley crunchy granola bars for myself.

  329. almonds and granola bars..

  330. almonds, granola bars and mandarine orange slices.

  331. We love boxes of Raisins. I am actually not sure how that love started but my girls take them everywhere.

  332. My favorite snacks are string cheese, granola bars, and apples w/peaut butter…gotta have some protein!!

  333. My favorite is fresh fruit. Yum! 🙂

  334. I love to do fruit snacks, granola bars or teddy grahams when we go out. It is the only time we get them is for our outings;).

  335. Granola bars and “mix” are big in our house. Mix means just about anything to my little one. It can be three different cereals mixed together, pretzels and goldfish, or crackers and m & ms. He loves combining everything!

  336. paula ayojiak says:

    We like fruit leather or goldfish. We also like fresh berries as a quick snack.

  337. Our favourite summertime snacks are frozen grapes and berries. If you let them a thaw a teeny bit, they are like little bites of sorbet.

  338. My favorite portable snack is goldfish mixed with fruit snacks for my son in a reusable snack bag. Always a hit.

  339. Jen Logan says:

    Fresh fruit if possible but we always have a stash of Fiji Apple or Asian Pear Crisps in the car.

  340. I have five kids (ages 1, 3, 5, 7, 8) and our favorite portable snack is trail mix. We mix up raisins, dried cranberries, nuts, goldfish, and anything else we have on hand. I put them in individual containers and everyone is happy!

  341. Home made chex mix and trail mix are the most portable. We spend a lot of time at baseball tournaments and I always take a cooler of water and, when we are too far to make it back home for lunch, I take a bowl of fresh fruit with us in the cooler. Melons and strawberries and grapes and pineapple are our favorite.

  342. We take “Nemo” crackers which are goldfish crackers. My son one day decided to name the goldfish crackers “Nemo” crackers and it has stuck.

  343. Our favorite is dried fruit. Not messy and good for you 😉

  344. I usually bring goldfish crackers and frozen grapes!

  345. For on the go snacking we usually turn to Kashi bars. They taste great and are a much better choice (low in sugar, high in fiber) than most granola/cereal bars. Lately we’ve been enjoying the Kraft 100-calorie cheese snacks with a few crackers. And of course there’s the cereal/dried fruit (usually cherries & blueberries)/nut/chocolate chip mix. At home I like to go with fruit – bananas, apples, grapes, etc.

  346. Grapes. Goldfish, water bottles and capri suns stay in the car most days.

  347. Michelle P. says:

    We love fruit snacks and chex mix at our house.
    If we are on a long car trip we must have red vine licorice to snack on!

  348. Kimberly Foster says:

    Pretzels, fruit cut up, making our own trail mix without the chocolate

  349. frozen grapes, watermelon

  350. Jenn Papale says:

    definitely trail mix with nuts, dried fruit & some chocolate chips! i put it in a resealable container and refrigerate the night before to make sure the chocolate doesn’t melt during the day!

  351. Our favorite portable snack is Kashi GOLEAN Crunchy Bars! We love them so much that we buy the big bulk boxes at Costco! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  352. Stephanie Roberts says:

    My girls love sliced apples. Easy to do and easy to carry in a zip lock bag. Summer is all about easy!

  353. frozen grapes 🙂

  354. Great travel snacks we pack are string cheese, cheezits, and grapes.

  355. We like Sun-Rype’s fruit snacks. They have no added sugar and so aren’t too bad in my little one’s teeth!

  356. We love fresh fruit. Especially pluots (plum/apricot hybrid) from Sam’s Club. Yum!

  357. We love snacking on granola bars and fruit leathers!!! Yummy!!!!

  358. My 3 year old snacks on Odwalla Bars, Quaker Oat granola bars, Garden Wheat Thins and cheese, grapes, apples and peanut butter and pirate’s booty. My 11 month old has a limited snack choice–freeze dried fruit mostly.
    We’ll look for those simply fruit roll ups the next time we hit costco.

  359. Elizabeth R says:

    Granola bars are our go-to snack.

  360. Our favorite snack to keep in our on-the-go back is dried apricots and a bag of homemade granola.

  361. Snacks for me would be a granola bar, string cheese and/or freeze dried apples. Our daughter loves mini cheez-its, freeze dried strawberry/banana and I must admit……M & M’s. She is VERY picky!!!

  362. Love your blog! I get so many great ideas from your blog!

    Our favorite on the go snacks are dried fruit and nut mix from Costco and granola bars.

  363. Lately we are into dried fruit like banana chips and dried blueberries or cranberries. And even though the youngest is 4 we still bring along Cheerios. Never too old for those! 🙂

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