Create a Family Bucket List for Fall

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photo source: Katie Balla

I’ve created a family “bucket list” with my kids each summer for as long as I can remember. But, it wasn’t until I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw this very cute graphic that it dawned on me that we could make bucket lists for every season!

{smacks head} Why didn’t I think of that?!

Seeing as we don’t see “true seasons” here in Southern California, this is a perfect way for my brood and me to mark the seasons and make the days count.

There are some things that we particularly love about autumn, like bonfires on the beach (now that the tourists have gone home), loading up on apples, taking our fall vacation, and so on.

We know that I can get a little carried away with things, so I limited myself to 25 things that I want to do with hub and the kids between now and say, Thanksgiving. Scrolling through Pinterest gave me plenty of inspiration.

Check out this Fall To Do board for ideas to make your own list. Need a place to write it down? Download a copy of this chart and simply fill in the blanks. It’s nothing as fancy as Katie’s bucket list graphic, but it’ll work.

Here’s my list, including links, where applicable:

  1. have picnic suppers/bonfires at the beach
  2. spend lazy evenings on the hammock with my littlest ones (they love this!)
  3. make apple cider floats and eat lots of apples with maple whipped cream
  4. have a weekly game night
  5. make movie nights extra special with popcorn and other fun snacks, like these caramel stuffed apple cider cookies or these turkey treats
  6. take a week’s vacation in the mountains (Sierras, here we come!)
  7. make smores in the backyard
  8. have another power outage
  9. make apple crowns and apple nachos
  10. fill our house with candles, like these pretty pumpkin ones
  11. take walks in the dark with flashlights
  12. make garlic baked brie or jalapeno poppers for football days
  13. bust out the espresso machine from storage and start making mochas at night for me and my sweetie
  14. explore a new park
  15. make apple pies to freeze
  16. go hiking
  17. make apple prints with the littles
  18. make a fallish dessert every week, like this no-bake pumpkin cheesecake
  19. read through The Hobbit, Farmer Boy, and The Wingfeather Saga with my younger crowd
  20. start a memory jar – it’s never too late
  21. bust out the fondue pot for chocolate and cheese fondue
  22. wake my pumpkins up with these great breakfasts: pumpkin granola, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, pumpkin pull-apart bread
  23. go on a nature walk and make these wreaths with the littles
  24. dig out the fall mugs from storage and serve up hot cocoa, spiced cider, or hot lemonade on cold mornings
  25. take more pictures of kids than food!
photo source: Andre Darrigrand

I’m frankly a little overwhelmed by all the stuff there is to do in a day. But, I’m reminded how quickly the days are passing. The other day I was able to rest my head on FishBoy14’s shoulder! He’s that tall.

The others aren’t too far behind. That blondie muching on an apple is now 7. SEVEN!

The days will pass quickly. And I’ll have more than enough time for “stuff.”

We’re going to make a big TO DO of Fall this year.

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What’s going on YOUR bucket list this fall?

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    1. Thanks for pinning! If you can pin it with my printable’s image and not Katie’s that might help people tell them apart. Thanks!

  1. What a great idea! I’ll have to think about the fun things on this list, but some of the things I plan to do this fall are move and have a baby. My older children would like to help pick out a bear for the new baby, so we should do that, but that’s not very fall-ish, is it?

    1. oh, but that’s a perfect family activity — and won’t Baby always have a Fall birthday. That makes it very fallish. 😉

  2. I have teenagers, so we do this a little different. We have a family meeting and decide what we want to do. Then we get out the calendar and schedule a lot of the stuff. Putting it down in ink where everyone can see it not only helps keep me accountable for actually doing it, but it also helps the kids when they are planning get-togethers with friends and eliminates a lot of the “what are we doing this weekend” questions and “I don’t know” replies. 🙂

  3. I am so late to this party! It never occurred to me to do a seasonal bucket list until about last month, when bloggers started posting their checked-off summer bucket lists at the end of the season!

    So for fall, and the Christmas holidays, I’m determined to not miss out any longer. Thanks for the great ideas to put on our own family’s fall bucket list!

  4. I do a “12 days of Christmas” list after Thanksgiving, we have never made it through all twelve activities and vow to every year. My kids have fun coming up with activities and we have had some great experiences. The holidays can get crazy if you let them, it is really great to focus on our family time. A few favorite activities include; ice-skating, watching a Nutcracker performance, gingerbread houses, cookie bake-off….

  5. I think I mentioned on Facebook that I love this idea. We talk a little at Christmas time about activities, but nothing as planned as this. I think if we actually brainstormed and planned the ideas, we would do more.

    My dh loves to make pumpkin pie every Sunday in the fall and winter. Last year, we used the pumpkins we grew; this year, we’ll use more store bought pumpkins. We like to take the kids on nature walks, too.

  6. Thank You, thank you, thank you! My son needs an apple project for school tomorrow and I was racking my brain what to do. I read your post and followed your apple print link, BINGO! Yeah – we are doing this tonight!

  7. I love this! I think I can come up with 5 ideas though – you are amazing to come up with 25!!!

    I love your last one! Too cute.

  8. What a great idea! Like you, we always do a summer “to do” list, and although we have several fall traditions, I’ve never listed out all the other fun things we’d like to do during the season. I’ll be printing this out today!

  9. yup, pinned the same list! Not sure what will got on ours..but I need to think about that today

  10. I love that cute graphic checklist!
    I’m going to try to do one with my family and post it up so we can check off the fun stuff. I’m always making to-do lists of chores and work and boring stuff, so this is a great idea.

  11. I love this! I’m working on my list now– a little late, but still I wanted to be intentional!

    where in CA can you have a bonfire on the beach?? I’ve always wanted to do that!