Create a Memory Page for the Old Year

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People spend hundreds, thousands of dollars every year on entertainment and on ways to improve themselves and their family relationships. While some of that money is very well spent, often we can find less expensive ways of having fun and learning to appreciate our families.

One way that you can have fun and fall in love with your family all over again is to create a memory page of the past year. Back in my scrapbooking days, I did this every New Year’s Eve.

I created a page or two of the year in review. I culled our favorite photos and most fun memories and put them all together in one spread. Then I journaled about each of those things.

Recently as I unloaded our scrapbooks onto the shelves of our office closet, I was reminded of the benefits of those yearly walks through Memory Lane.

  • I was endeared to my family by reminiscing over good times spent together.
  • I was reminded that the time is passing too quickly.
  • I was using scrapbooking supplies that I had paid a pretty penny for instead of letting them sit in a closet, gathering dust.
  • I was doing something with our photos.

Walk down Memory Lane together tonight. Print out your favorite photos of the year. Create a poster to hang on the wall or a scrapbook page to add to the family album. Or put all the photos together into a video to watch as a family. (That’s the route I’m taking tonight.)

It won’t cost a lot, but the benefits are endless.

What do YOU do to save money?

Link up below or share your money saving idea in the comments section.

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  1. That’s a great idea – I have lots of extra photos, and I could have my boys create their own “2010” pages! I have been trying to think of a way to wrap up the year for them, especially since they are still trying to understand the concept of a “year”!

  2. What a great idea! I have so many photos to go through, but at least they are developed. I need a kid free….or should I say boy free day to get everything organized:)

    I linked up my clearance shopping trip to Target today. I have been waiting for the 75% clearance sale for a long time now. My $25 Target gift card from gather has been burning a hole in my pocket for two months, just waiting for today, and I did not get disappointed.

    My next Target trip will be, once the toys goes on 50 -75% off, that’s when I’ll start buying gifts for next year.

    Planning goes a long way when trying to be frugal.

    Happy New Year!
    Frugality Is Free

  3. That is a really great idea. It’s always so nice to look back and share old memories. A few months back we spent several days looking at home videos and we all got such kick out of that. I particularly loved hearing my now big girls “little girl” voices. So sweet!

  4. Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family Jessica!

  5. Thanks for hosting, Fishmama! I bet your kids will LOVE watching their video – very sweet idea.

  6. I posted an easy tutorial about how to make your own homemade baby moby wrap. I spent less than half of what it would have cost had I purchased a ready made one, and it was really easy with no sewing needed! Enjoy!

    Happy New Year!

    Joy at Vim and Vigor

  7. Today I’m linking up another post from my Simple Living Challenge called Nurture People; it talks about putting people first, then money, then things.

  8. Cute idea! I used to love scrapbooking, but have had so little time for it in recent history…

  9. I make a calendar each Christmas for my mom using pictures from the year, so it is really a year in review, I just need to do it for my own family. My kids are old enough to help, might do this on Jan. 1st as our family activity before our southern “good luck” dinner.

  10. love your idea and a great way to bring the family together to chat about the past and goals for the future

  11. I’ve started soaking dry beans to be frugal. It’s easy, just takes time.

  12. A walk down memory lane is a good way to spend time:-)

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