Creative Birthday Cakes: What Should I Make?

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bob the builder

Life is full of challenges, is it not? And the blogosphere is no different. Two weeks ago, Crystal and I decided to “eat from the pantry,” and we invited you to do it with us. Last week, I asked if you’d Book It with me this year and set some reading goals. Today? I’m asking you to challenge me.

Birthday Cake, anyone?

At the end of the month I’ll be hosting the 4th Birthday Cake Round-Up where you can showcase the creative birthday cakes you’ve made for your peeps. Save the date, January 28th, so that you can link up — or send me your photos and I’ll include them in my post.

As for me, I invite you to challenge me: What kind of cake should I make?

In the past, my readers have certainly suggested some crazy birthday cake themes:

Got a crazy idea for me to turn into a cake? I’m opening up the comments here for cake theme nominations. Hit me with your best shot! Think you can stump me with a cake theme? I double dog dare ya.

Nominations are open until next Monday, January 18th, 8 pm PST at which point the voting begins. YOU get to choose. Winning theme will announced on the 25th and I’ll share my cake creation at URS: Birthday Cake Round-Up on January 28th.

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  1. My suggestion would be a Wizard Of Oz theme…..that’s the newest obsession here to watch…..something with the yellow brick road, maybe?
    Here’s my train themed cake:
    And my Mickey Mouse cake:
    Sorry I can’t post the actual picture on here!!!
    Good Luck! Can’t wait to see what you end up having to make!

  2. I’m thinking we should be getting you ready to do some girly birthday cakes for those girls you’re raising. Enough of the boy stuff – you’ve got that down. Toward that end I’m going to make several suggestions:

    1) A cake fit for a tea party!
    2) Fancy Nancy loves butterflies – so a butterfly cake would be wonderful (check out “Bonjour Butterfly”).
    3) Here’s the challenge I live with every year – a birthday girl born on Christmas day! How do you make it special for her but keep it focused on Jesus too!?

    Good Luck!

    1. @Sharon @ UnfinishedMom,

      Sharon – As a Christmas baby myself, have you considered separating the celebrations? Our family turned Christmas Eve into Jesus’ birthday celebration with a family dinner, Christmas Eve service at church and then a cake after the service. Christmas Day became my bday celebration, but obviously we knew it was His birthday also. 🙂 My parents really tried to make sure my birthday was acknowledged, and it is an honor to share your birthday with Christ, but Christmas babies miss out on a lot of birthday fun too. (Like birthday parties or just sharing your day with friends who are off on vacation with their own families, etc.) For years my parents would specifically tell people NOT to combine Christmas & birthday card into one card – or not to write “Happy Birthday” on a Christmas card, which I always appreciated. People look forward to Christmas for weeks, but the birthday is usually a last minute thought – and one many people often forget. I encourage you to try to always keep it special for her, so her birthday never gets ‘lost’ in the shuffle. That’ll happen plenty once she’s grown…and it will happen. 😉

      As far as cake design – I’m not that creative! I try to pick a theme of something my kids like and go with it – ie., Flower Garden (can incorporate tinkerbell, flowers, lace, etc…) or Sports (cake in the shape of a football or soccer ball or field, sports related decorations.) GOOD LUCK!!!!

    2. @Sharon @ UnfinishedMom,

      Hi Sharon,

      My girl is a December baby also so we are going to celebrate half birthdays with her. That way she has gift giving and a special day seperate from Christmas. Plus it is WAY easier to entertain in the Midwest during the summer when folks can be outside and not crammed wall to wall in my house…with my tree. 😉

  3. Being completely selfish here, I’d love to see your take on Elmo or trains b/c those are my possible themes for my twin sons upcoming birthday! I love all your cakes though so it will be fun to see whatever you come up with!

  4. My 4-year-old daughter just informed me that she wants a dollhouse birthday with a dollhouse cake when she turns 5. How about giving that a try? I wasn’t sure how to pull that one off but G-daddy says he can. Love to see what you could come up with!?

  5. For my son’s birthday last year, I did a 3-D Tow Mater cake from Cars. I think anything 3-D would be fun to see.. they are hard!! (It was my first “make my own cake and decorate it” experience. I’m ambitious!!

  6. Ahhh….I just love the birthday cake challenge! Through the 13 years I’ve been a mother I’ve made a teapot, a mountain for a Rescue Hero, R2-D2 (he’s probably my favorite), a pink pony, a tank, a chicken, an airplane, a helicopter, and many more. Next up is Tinkerbell! My mind is spinning with the fun possibilities for Tink and my girl!

  7. I love the Christmas theme idea. I have a Dec 21st birthday girl and I’m always trying to come up with something similar to the season, but still specifically for her. Snow pony or reindeer.

    Also maybe mice…

    Or maybe Minnie Mouse?



  8. How about a pirate ship cake? I won’t even attempt that one! Or an airplane cake? All 3D of course… 😉

  9. I’ve really gotten into making fun birthday cakes for our kids. I’m definitely NOT a pro, though.

    Pirate Ship:
    Train Cake:
    Lego Cake (warning, it’s ugly):
    I’ve also done a shark cake (which was hideous!) and a totally cool car cake (which I wish I had done a blog post for).

    I’d LOVE to see a really cool shark cake!! Talk about a challenge . . .

      1. @Lee Katherine, The pirate cake was SO easy!! I think I found the inspiration on Basically, it is 2 round cakes, cut in half, frosted and stuck together (4 layers). Then, cut a bit of one side off so that it will sit flat. Use skewers to keep it together (although I don’t remember doing that . . . but we ate it pretty soon after I made it). SO easy! I picked up the pirate figurines from the dollar store, and the sails are black paper.

  10. I wouldn’t mind seeing how you would tackle a Thomas the Tank Engine theme…that has a good chance of being my son’s birthday theme this year. On the other hand, so does Toy Story…your cakes are always awesome, so I’m sure whatever theme you do will be great!

  11. I’m thinking you need to do a cake for an adult – how about a Dave Ramsey cake? 🙂 Even the big kids like theme cakes!

  12. I’d love to see a Shakespeare or other theatre-themed cake. Alternately, a traditional English flower garden would be lovely:-)

    No young kids here, in case my choices above don’t reflect that!

  13. I’m a huge lover of homemade birthday cakes………nothing professional, just homey made with love. I’ve made too many to count with three kids over the last 22 years. Some of the most memorable: a Tigger, a Boy Scout camping cake, a sleepover cake, and most recently, a dog bowl cake, for my pet-loving 11-year-old whose party included a tour of the local SPCA. Instead of gifts, we asked that guests bring a donation to the shelter. Instead of party favors, the girls made dog-bone shaped treats for their dogs. The dog bowl cake was easy, fun and a huge hit.
    Here’s a link:

  14. Super Mario Brothers!!! That is what I am hoping to do for my son’s 6th Birthday in March.

    I am definitely still working on my cake decorating skills, and have to thank my hubby for his help too. Here is a link to my blog where I posted a couple of past cakes:

    I have been trying to venture into marshmallow fondant and modeling chocolate for some characters. Any hints for easier use?

  15. I’m with Sharon! 🙂 Having a little girl born at Christmastime (Christmas Eve in my case!) certainly makes for a challenge. I’d love to see a cake that somehow incorporates the two together. We ABSOLUTELY separate the two occasions in terms of celebrations but, that being said, let’s face it- the house is always decorated for Christmas when her birthday rolls around. I want her to always feel special, not short-changed, for having a Christmas birthday and I’d love a cake that showed that too!

  16. Rainy Day cake. Creation cake(as in God made everything!). It’s almost February, so how about a Love is (1Cor13:4-8) cake. Lazy day cake. Moving cake. Memories cake. Aging gracefully cake. …there’s plenty more where these came from!

  17. how about a Thomas Train cake. I just made one for my little boy this month.
    I tore out pages from his coloring book, put them under wax paper and traced them in warmed dark chocolate. Then I tinted white chocolate and filled in the colors. It turned out really cute!
    I’ll have to post a picture of it later!

  18. Okay the first things I came up with was “Disco Night” and “Turning back Time”. I’d love to see what you could come up with there.

  19. My daughter loves Alice in wonderland.The Mad Hatters Hat w/tag adding some other fun characters/scenes around/throughout the hat.

  20. This is probably not a very popular theme in your house, but you asked for suggestions! I am a moose fanatic. Growing up, my mother made me a few 2d moose cakes and some friends have made mini moose using marshmallows or fondant, but I would really, really love to see a 3d moose cake! Just throwing the idea out there! 😉