Cute & Clever Kitchen Tricks

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I’ve discovered the fun of Pinterest. I signed up a month or two ago — and it’s been quite fun to see some beautifully creative ideas at-a-glance. I’ve been careful not to let it be a time suck. About once or twice a week, I set my timer for 10 minutes and go browse. I’ve found some great ideas and been able to compile some fun boards to reference in the future.

If you’re already on Pinterest you can follow me here. But if you’re not, I thought I would share some of my little discoveries.

:: Clever Kitchen Cupboard Hacks for a more organized kitchen – from the Family Handyman

:: An interactive menu planning board – from Better Homes and Gardens

:: DIY Mason Jar with a Pour Spout – from Thrifty Fun

:: Easy Pancake Art – from Not Martha

Have you found something cute and clever for the Kitchen?

Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Yes i LOVE pinterest! I just have to use it more. i know it’s getting increasingly popular. In fact, let me go play wit it now.

  2. I discovered Pinterest recently and can totally identify with your statements about its being a potential time suck. Like so many things online, I find I need to keep my time in check or I go overboard and neglect my responsibilities! 🙂

  3. I love using baskets. Bread baskets, napkin holder baskets, junk mail baskets. That way you can move things quickly for emergency speed-cleaning…and they look nice too.

  4. Love your idea to set a timer for Pinterest. I’ve wanted to go check it out but have been very afraid of becoming addicted. 🙂
    Guess it’s time to set a timer and jump in!

  5. Nancy Lundy says

    I definitely need to use a timer – hadn’t thought of that! Pinterest is SO addictive. 😉

  6. Stephanie says

    Is there a “trick” to getting an invite? I have tried all morning long and nothing happens. I enter my email and then request invitation but nothing happens??

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @Stephanie, I’m not sure what the trick is. Mine took a day. But, I’ll send you one and see if that works.

      • Stephanie S. says

        @Jessica Fisher,
        I tried several times yesterday and finally late in the afternoon I was able to finally request one. By far my new favorite site. Thanks for letting us know about it 🙂

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