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My boys are super intense about Legos. A small fortune in plastic bricks lurks in every nook and cranny of my home. The FishBoys love to create and then take photos of their creations. As a result, I have hundreds of Lego shots on the hard drive.

My youngest brother, now 22, is also a Lego-maniac. So much so that he was disappointed not to be around when a recent birthday boy opened his gifts. He wanted to be there to play with the Legos! My uncle, now 50-something, is bitter because he gave me all his old Legos — the original set! It seems that one never outgrows Lego.
Recently, I found this very cool blog: A Lego a Day. If you’ve got boys (and even if you don’t) you’ll enjoy the great photography and the cute, clever montages.
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  1. I totally understand about legos. My son has a ton, but always wants more. And I always have to take pictures of them too, and sometimes he wants them posted on my blog too! Thanks for sharing that site, I will show it to my son.

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