Diaper Divas? Did You Get a Good Deal?

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I mentioned a few weeks ago how Diapers.com had a great special going on for first time shoppers that included a rebate and a big discount. In the end, you can get $25 off a 50 purchase. Pretty sweet. When word first circulated about the deal, many people dismissed it because they don’t use disposables or their children are no longer in diapers. I wanted to remind you that this site sells more than just diapers – oh my!

I’ve been browsing and sure, they’ve got baby stuff galore, including cloth diaper supplies, but they also carry household cleaning supplies as well as clothing for children up through 4T. Many of these items are also marked down on clearance as well. So, even if your baby is no longer a baby, you can still take advantage of this great deal. Think about all those baby showers that are coming!

Here’s how:

Sign up for a new account at Diapers.com.

Spend $49 on diapers, wipes, or other items. They sell all sorts of things, including cloth diapers, nursing bras, children’s clothing, and nursery gear. (For example, load your cart with 6 packs of Pampers for $9.99 ea or a collection of new cloth diapers and covers.) If your order is just over $49, you will receive free shipping.

When you check out, use the referral code LIFEASMOM to receive $10 off your order. You must order a minimum of $49 for the code to work.

Print and complete this rebate form in order to receive a free subscription to Parenting Early Years Magazine OR get $14.97 cash back.

Depending on how much your original order ends up to be, your final total could be as low as $24.03.

I’d also be interested in knowing what your experience was. So, if you already ordered, what was the service like?

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  1. For some reason chasing diaper deals makes me crazy. I just don’t feel comfortable if I don’t have a large stash of diapers around, so I order from diapers.com a lot. Sure, I could get a better deal but the overnight free shipping is worth it to me! I found out today that buying pampers from diapers.com can qualify you for the year of savings book from P&G so that made me happy!


  2. I used the diaper deal and made it my first order form diapers.com. The diapers came fast and it was a good experience. I like their website and how they have the variety of sizes and tell you how much they cost per diaper. That alone is very good info! Thanks for mentioning the deal!


  3. I used this diaper deal but not so much for the diapers! You DO have to include at least “some” diapers/wipes? in your order or it won’t let you use the code. I had been searching EVERYWHERE for a good deal on the Baby K’tan Carrier (the only good prices were for black), and had just given up and bought clearance slings in another brand…then I think it was the next day I saw your post. Sure enough I was able to get the color I wanted from them! I added one pack of huggies to get the $10 off, seeing as I’d have to buy them elsewhere anyway! No shipping like I would’ve had to add from somewhere else, and if the rebate works out it should come out to about $35? for the carrier and diapers! I could have saved a little more if I had bought Luvs vs. Huggies….but Luvs stink, and I always think the baby has a dirty diaper!!! LOL Oh, and I think I found a code for $5 off slings too? Anyway, turned out to be a great price….now what to do with the other slings I bought ROFL

  4. I did this deal too….It was so great! I couldn’t believe that I was going to receive my order in two days…..then they emailed me and told me my wipes (the filler item) wasn’t going to come til a day later because of fulfillment issues…..so they credited my account $5!!!! The item wasn’t even worth that much…..Their customer service is great! I’m so glad you posted about this deal! Thank you!

  5. I received the same as Buffie….diapers.com said that I needed to buy $49 of diapers for LIFEASMOM code to work. That’s too bad. 🙁

    1. Yes, you have to order that much. But after the $10 code and the rebate, you’re only spending $25 out of pocket.

  6. Hello,
    I just tried this a using LIFEASMOM as a referral code I keep getting an error that reads: You need to purchase $49 of diapers to qualify for referral code.

    I have chosen items that are not diapers because I plan to use cloth.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas.


    1. My understanding is that the code will work if there are some diaper or diaper products in your order.

  7. And don’t forget to start from Ebates – then you get more money back from your diapers.com order! 🙂 It’s only 1% on diapers, but other items earn 4% back – and we know that every little bit helps!

  8. You DON’T have to buy $49 of diapers…but your order must include at least SOME, and the total of your entire order has to be over $49..I only did the one pack of Huggies, and that qualified my order…so try again! 😉

  9. I used this deal to buy 3 BumGenius 3.0 diapers. They are the same price as Amazon.com before all the deals, so it was an excellent deal with the $10 off and I’ve submitted the magazine rebate, so hopefully that will come soon and make it an even better deal.

  10. I got a great deal! I also plan on using cloth, but bought an “emergency pack” of Earth’s Best diapers, and with my other purchases (including an item that was $5 cheaper on diapers.com than in the store!) my total came to $49.96 – $10 – $14.97 = $24.99!! Thank you!!

  11. I ordered two packs of Huggies Overnites, two Halo sleepsacks, and a Baby Bjorn Little Potty…YAY!! What an awesome deal!!

  12. Just potty-trained my daughter and was looking for a deal on pull-ups for her; I dislike using a regular diaper for naps and night-time once my kids are otherwise in undies. Was thrilled to find this post and had never heard of or used diapers.com before.

    Did the deal and bought 56 more diapers for the same price as I was planning to spend on pull-ups at Sam’s Club which made me very pleased. Thank you.

  13. I just got my order this week and I’m donating the box of diapers and 2 tubes of diaper rash ointment to my church’s food bank. Thanks for making it a great deal for me!


  14. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this! Just ordered 252 diapers and a box of wipes for only $39. And better yet, they’re going to be on my door step in 2 days! AWESOME!

  15. Thanks for sharing this deal! I just posted about it on my blog so I hope some other moms can take advantage of it too! I just made my first purchase from Diapers.com, and am thrilled with the savings I’m getting while stocking up for the arrival of our second child! Thank you! Thank you!