Diapers.com: Talk about Speedy Delivery!

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See this box? I ordered two cases of diapers on Saturday night, late. (Yes, I’m slow to move on some deals.) Today is Monday. Diapers.com delivered in less than 48 hours, and shipping was free! Unbelievable!

In case you missed it:

Sign up for a new account at Diapers.com.

Spend $49 on diapers, wipes, or other items. They sell all sorts of things, including cloth diapers, nursing bras, children’s clothing, and nursery gear. (For example, load your cart with 6 packs of Pampers for $9.99 ea or a collection of new cloth diapers and covers.) If your order is just over $49, you will receive free shipping.

When you check out, use the referral code LIFEASMOM to receive $10 off your order – which must include some diapers. You must order a minimum of $49 for the code to work.

Print and complete this rebate form in order to receive a free subscription to Parenting Early Years Magazine OR get $14.97 cash back.

Depending on how much your original order ends up to be, your final total could be as low as $24.03.

I think my readers’ consensus was that it was a good experience for them, too.

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  1. I don’t see the box, but I’ll take your word on it.;)

    Diapers.com told me my diapers were “on the truck for delivery” Friday morning and I’ve yet to see them…

    But we DID have some bad weather Fri, so I’ll cut them some slack.

    • Jessica Fisher says

      Thank you. Guess I was REALLY tired last night. I’m sorry you haven’t got your diapers. I’m going to hope it is due to weather. That’s what you get for moving to the East Coast instead of the West. 😉

  2. I LOVE this site! I can’t remember the last time I bought diapers/wipes anyplace else! I’ve ordered them on a Monday afternoon and received them by 9am the next morning (usually between 8-8:30am). I’ve also found that they’re the only ones who stock the Munchkin TWIST-TOP sippy cups that Sarah can’t figure out how to pop off (like the old ones). Prevents a lot of spills!

  3. Thanks for the reminder! I just placed my order- I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I ordered some reusable swim diapers- but evidently that didn’t qualify as “diapers” for the discount and I had to add in some disposable swim diapers. Whatever- it was still a good deal and I got several things I needed! I also used the 10Percent code to save a few extra dollars! yay!

  4. Can anyone comment on the quality of the diapers.com brand? I’m preggers now and looking into the best values. The website definitely has the best deal, but how are the diapers? Thanks!

  5. I just tried to do this, and it didn’t work. :(. I put three cloth diapers in my cart and it came to $52.95. Apparently cloth diapers aren’t considered “diapers” as the error message said I needed to put $49 in “diapers” in my order to qualify.


    • Jessica Fisher says

      It has worked for other readers. I’m sorry that it didn’t work for you!

  6. That’s weird–it’s not working for the several people I told about it. Huh.

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