DIY on a Dime: Summer Fun Journal

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Record memories of the summer with this free printable summer fun journal.

summer fun journals

For years I’ve wanted to give my kids a journal/scrapbook experience over the summer. I had the idea that every day we could record the stuff we did and that at the end of the summer, we’d have a memory book to look back on. I’ve been percolating this idea for awhile. This year I’m finally dishing it up.

Last weekend I printed off journaling pages for the kids and devised an economical way of binding the pages into a scrapbook.

This isn’t your fancy-schmancy acid-free scrapbook, but I’m okay with that. I want each child to have a simple memento of the summer, in his or her own handwriting.

FREE Printable Summer Fun Journal

There are two versions of this free printable: a weekly packet and a daily packet. My twelve-year old wanted to record things by week instead of by day, so he gets the credit for that one.

summer fun journal printable

  • The weekly packet contains 12 journal pages.
  • The daily packet has 101 journal pages.

Print whichever you prefer. The pdfs are in color. I printed color covers for my kids, but I printed the journal pages in black ink for economy’s sake.

You can take these to your local printer and have them spiral bound. That was my original plan —  until I realized that it would cost about five dollars a piece. I decided to go with brass fasteners instead. The cost difference was huge. I bought brass fasteners for 4 cents each. Twelve cents per book versus five bucks? It was an easy choice to make.

Do what works for you. Brass fasteners aren’t as nice as a spiral binding, but they’ll do the job.

Do YOU have a special way to record summer memories?

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  1. Cassandra says

    I am really looking forward to when my kids are old enough to start recording the fun things they do. My plan is to give them blank cards and journal prompts to go along with a Project Life scrapbook.

  2. Caroline Rochette says

    The kindergarden teacher at our school does that for the new comers in september. All summer long they collect memories and have to write a little comment. When school time comes they have to bring their little book to clas to share with their schoolmates. Great way to exchange and learn.

  3. Every week my kids have to write at least 3 lines in their journal, year round, but for special occasions I may ask them to write more. These journals are treasures, and we do them in hard-back notebooks, except for my 18 yo son who uses his computer. LOL

    This is a great thing to do for the summer too. Your kids will love to read them in the future.

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