Do You Make a Pretty Plate?

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My husband jokes with me about what have come to be known as “beige” meals. You know the ones: grilled chicken, brown rice, and steamed cauliflower. While it’s a balanced meal, all things considered, it also lacks color. And for some reason, that makes a difference.

On the other end, we laugh about the gratuitous garnish: the bit of kale, sprig of parsley, or slice of orange that a restaurant adds to the plate as a decorating accent. Though, I have been known to chew on a bit of parsley as a breath freshener after a particularly spicy or garlicky meal, these garnish serve no purpose other than to add color to the plate.

Appeal to all the senses.

While I am certainly no great food stylist or food photographer or gourmet cook, it does matter to me what the plate looks like when I dish things up. I like to serve a pretty plate. In fact, I think if all our senses are being positively stimulated at dinner, we will enjoy it more.

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  1. Hubby and I also try to avoid the dreaded “beige”. It amazes me how many people on the “make me healthy” type shows eat a beige diet.
    So, I try to serve up something colourful most days. We love peppers, onions, tomatoes so they add a lot of colour and flavour too.

  2. One of the reasons that Japanese food is so appealing is that it is pretty, too! Whenever I realize I’m doing the ‘beige’ thing, I try to at least add some sliced tomatoes or a fruit salad.
    PS–your salad plate is beautiful!

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