Do You Stoop Without Sighing?

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Today I’m over at MomLifeToday, sharing about the idea of serving our children without sighing. From the post,

As a mom of young children, I can find myself sighing. Too often, actually. The cries for “more milk,” “Help me,” and “Read to me,” can seem endless. And, all too often, I sigh because I’m being interrupted or delayed in a household task or a homeschooling assignment.

I’m not talking about ecstatic or contented sighs. I’m talking about that back of the throat, disgusted kind of sigh. You know the one.

Recently, I was reminded how God stoops without sighing….

Pop over to MomLifeToday to read the rest of the post and to leave a comment.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! I sure need it somedays. It’s amazing (although it shouldn’t be) that when I pray for patience with my children, God graciously gives it.

  2. I soo need reminded of this… I know when I have had a bad day and my little one begins sighing at me–a direct result of mimicking her mama…