Don’t Be Afraid of Hard Work

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Hard work is nothing to be scared of. Let’s model this for our kids — and for our own good.

All hard work brings a profit,
but mere talk leads only to poverty.

— Proverbs 14:23

As moms and as women, we have a myriad of tasks set before us. Cleaning, child care, and cooking are common responsibilities of all parents. This is nothing new. Folks have had to do this since the dawn of time.

Add in community service, employment, education, healthy relationships, and whatever else occupies you during the day and your time card is full.

What is new is that we have so many machines to do the work for us. We can delegate chores to other people and hope they actually do them. We have many, many more distractions than Ma Ingalls had in her little cabin in the Big Woods.

We have an assortment of justifications to avoid doing the hard work on our lists.

For me? Cleaning chores, holding my kids accountable to their responsibilities, and reconciling my bank statements are things that I put off and put off. Those aren’t fun. They “seem” hard (though they really are not).

I know, however, that when I tackle the hard things on my list, I feel so good. I have such a sense of accomplishment. I feel productive and responsible. These are good things for ourselves. These are good things to encourage in our families.

Hard work is hard. But, it’s not bad. We should not balk from it. We should make sure that our children do not balk from it.

Hard work brings a profit.

Don’t be afraid of it.

What hard thing can you tackle this week?

If you tell us, you’re more likely to do it because you actually wrote it down. May God bless your efforts this week to hard work.

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  1. Well, I blush to admit it, but I let my health card, my driver’s licence, and my vehicle insurance card lapse. Only a few days, mind you, but it was the height of stupidity.

    Now I have to deal with all that, and my dear husband has to take the time to drive me in while he should be working.

    And I’m hoping to update Mr. 17’s transcripts and related documentation: course descriptions, etc.

  2. I am sitting in the midst of an office in shambles, but the kind of shambles created by an organizing project. It is a LOT of work, and I have been working on it for a week, but it will be totally worth it. We also have to sit down and have the budget meeting that my husband and I have been putting off (because it is always super smart to not think about or discuss your family finances, especially if one of you is unemployed).

    I also need to really work on finding the right job and working harder to pursue a freelance writing career so I can be home more. I WANT this badly, but seem to be unwilling (under the guise of “I don’t even know where to start”) to do the work to get to that point.

    Thank you for the verse. I need to print that for my office! 🙂