Dream Big Dreams {Day 8 to a Renewed You}

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Dream a big dream for the year ahead. What do you want your life to be like?

Dream Big Dreams {Day 8 to a Renewed You} -  Dream a big dream for the year ahead. What do you want your life to be like?

Today’s assignment is to write down a specific vision or goal for the next year.

About 13 or 14 months ago, I wrote down a list of all the things that I wanted my life to contain. I even revisited them midyear. Today, after a year of hard work, it’s fun to see some of the things that actually happened.

  • a beautiful home that’s easy to keep tidy and organized
  • school – reasonably thorough and done by noon, or 2 at the latest
  • happy children who love books, the great outdoors, and exercise
  • games and movies that enhance our lives and don’t dominate it
  • fresh air and travel
  • healthy food and less temptation toward processed crap, etc
  • game nights and movie nights and quiet nights with books
  • bonfires and candlelight and conversation and music
  • date nights and overnighters with my husband
  • early bedtimes
  • exercise, a healthy back, no hip pain
  • red wine and yummy food
  • money in the bank to pay for our needs and to send kids to college if they want to go
  • time to talk about big things and small things
  • simpler finances (selling the rental house, using the envelope system, opening more accounts to keep track of savings, etc)
  • a car that is easy to drive and park
  • regular work hours and vacations (I don’t want to work all the time.)

While I can’t cross off everything, I did see some great things happen in my life over the last year, including traveling to Europe, selling the Blue House, figuring out my hip pain, and working on a healthier diet.

This list is a good list. It encompasses the things that I want to be characteristic of my life going forward. There are still things to tweak and work on, but things are getting closer to my dream. I’m hoping that this year, I’ll make a little more progress.

What’s your dream life?

Dream a big dream and be sure to write it down. Create actionable steps and then get to work.

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