Easter Traditions: What are Yours?

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That’s me and my two younger sisters, circa 1982. It makes me laugh since it is such a reflection of our personalities then and now. I’m doing something dumb to ruin the picture. (Got busted on that one.) Janel is looking rather laid back and relaxed. Jamie, of course, is picture perfect — except for the tongue sticking through the gap in her teeth.

One of our Easter traditions was to get new dresses, shoes, and apparently hats, on Easter. I don’t remember getting hats every year, but it matched the vintage movies that we used to watch on Saturday afternoons and our hopes to be movie stars. Ha!

I do remember that my head was so big at age 10, that we had to buy a hat from the women’s section. My mom probably had to pay extra for that, but I was probably really intent on getting my way.

Ah, those were the days….

Traditions bind us to the past and give us hope for the future. They offer stability in an unknown world. They bring us comfort.

What are YOUR special Easter traditions?

Either past or present, share your memories or plans.

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  1. We weren’t particularly churchy growing up, so while I got a pretty new dress, I wore it to brunch each year! Easter Baskets were a big deal, too. My parents did the jelly-bean trail thing for YEARS. It stayed fun long after any notions of magical, chocolate-bearing rabbits faded away.

  2. We used to get new dresses every year and sometimes hats, white gloves, and cute little pill box purses. When we were still little our dad used to get us a corsage each year to wear on Easter Sunday. We did Easter baskets and we’d always have Easter dinner with the good china. We colored eggs.

    We’re still establishing traditions with our 20 month old. We’ll be doing an Easter basket again and got her a new dress. We’ll be coloring eggs again this year, she was only 8 months old last year, but my mom insisted on doing it 😉 This year we’ll be taking her to Bunnyland where she’ll get to do an Easter Egg Hunt among other things. I’m pretty sure the Easter bunny will be leaving footprints around the house this year.

    As she gets older will add more things. I plan on doing an Easter tree next year and Resurrection Eggs. I’m hoping to keep Jesus the focus and to make Easter big like Christmas…we are huge Christmas people around here.

  3. The kids and I make a playdough mountain/tomb. Every day of Passion week we read a portion of Scripture and take Chenelle Wire people that we make and act out the parts of Passion week. The kids enjoy this and it helps them visually see what was going on that week. We also make Resurrection Rolls and have an Easter Egg hunt!=)

  4. Call me crazy, but I think your sister in the middle looks a lot like pictures of FishChick that you’ve shared!

    1. @Kelly, yes, she does. They both have my dad’s big brown eyes. And if we grew long hair on FishBoy8, they’d all be triplets.

  5. My kids are all grown now and 2 have kids of their own. I think that I heard this from James Dobson, but we gave the Easter Baskets the Saturday before Easter, thus focusing on the real true meaning of Easter on the actual day. I did not want my kids to be so excited about their Easter baskets on Easter morning that, that it took away from our Risen Savior! Sometimes we would do it the Saturday before Palm Sunday.
    We also did the Resurrection Eggs from Family Life Today.
    Now at our Easter lunch after church I put out plastic eggs and a verse in them and everyone gets one and reads it, or has it read. I would have done that if I had thought of it as the kids were growing up.
    I still make up a small basket for my husband each Easter, since he loves candy!!

  6. We always looked forward to the bubbles and sidewalk chalk that we got in our baskets growing up more than the candy. In northern Indiana, Easter was about as early as you could start really playing outside in the spring. It actually cracked me up to see how tan you all were in that picture! You must have lived somewhere warmer than here, lol

    1. We grew up in a small town outside Los Angeles. Well, it was small back then. LOL

  7. Easter, what a wonderful time of the year! I have so many fun and great memories of Easter as a child. Up early to get into the Easter baskets and out the door after we were fed and dressed to hunt for eggs that contained more candy than what was in the basket. My kids and I still practice this same tradition.

  8. New shoes, new dresses, Easter baskets, candy…oh it was all just glorious! My grandfather was a pastor, so we went to church of course, like we did every single Sunday.
    We had such fun hiding eggs, before there was such a scare about salmonella!! We’d hide those eggs for hours, eating one whenever we felt like it.
    Now, my kids hide plastic eggs, but they have just as much fun!

  9. I got a big Easter basket full of chocolate and candy every year until I was 13 from the Easter bunny. I admit, I do not do anything candy/basket related for Easter for my kids. I try to focus on Christ’s Ressurection with my kids, but since they are so easily distracted by bunnies and candy and whatnot, my husband and I have decided it’s in their best interest for us to not provide that distraction at home. But, I absolutely do not think other people are wrong for doing baskets, so don’t think I think I’m better or “more spiritual” than anyone, cuz I’m DEFINITELY not, and I acknowledge that on a daily basis! 🙂 My family usually has Easter dinner with my sister’s family and my parents and other extended family. Other family members set up an Easter egg hunt for the kids – plastic eggs filled with candy and coins – and everyone is encouraged to share equally, so my kids still get to do “just for fun” Easter activities (and get plenty of candy). Okay, I’ll admit it – I’m kind of a stick in the mud when it comes to holiday/holy day themed activities for my kids.