Easy & Delicious Brunch Recipes (Ultimate Recipe Swap)

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Christmas and New Year’s are great occasions to host a brunch. Brunch menus typically do a great job of combining savory and sweet, filling and light, elegant and hearty. And there are many brunch ideas that can be made ahead so that you’re not scrambling the morning of.

If I were going to have you over for brunch, it would probably be loud. And I’d probably be late getting everything served. And it would probably be loud. And there might be dust bunnies under the couches. And did I mention that it might be loud?

Well, regardless of the noise level, I’d sure try to make it yummy. And this is what I would make for you:

Bacon and Spinach Quiche

Ruby Red Grapefruit Sections

Christmas Tree Scones

Lemon Walnut Coffeecake

And, of course, there’d be Peet’s Coffee, milk, tea, and maybe juice — if you’re lucky.

What would YOU make for brunch?

Leave your link below or tell us about your favorite brunch recipe in the comments.

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  1. Love brunch!! The scones are cute, thanks!

  2. Brunch is my favorite meal ever! We had spinach/sausage/mushroom oven omelet and cranberry almond stuffed french toast last night. Yum.

  3. Your whole brunch looks fantastic (especially the cute scones), but that lemon walnut coffee cake has my mouth watering!
    I’ve linked up a beautiful roasted vegetable tart that looks wonderful on a brunch buffet (next time I will make your coffee cake to go along with it!) Thanks so much for hosting!

  4. I LOVE doing brunches at my house. I think it is the easiest meal ever! 🙂 And so many delicious recipes to use.

  5. What a GREAT menu!

  6. We’ve started the tradition of a Christmas brunch of homemade cinnamon rolls and a sausage egg potato casserole with fresh fruit. It’s so delicious! I may have to try your Christmas tree scones on Christmas Eve….those are so cute!

  7. Your brunch looks great! I added my recipe for my favorite “not-mushy” egg casserole…twice because I didn’t know what I was doing the first time. Sorry! 😉

    Thanks for a fantastic blog and so many yummy recipes.

  8. We’ve been doing a brunch every Sunday lately — and we love it!

    Those Christmas Tree scones are cute!

  9. I love brunch! Thanks for hosting!

  10. i love brunch! yum!

  11. Lorraine says

    We always have a Pot-luck Party on New Years Day. The adults go for a walk in the snow and the kids go sledding. Then we all come in for some yummy food and I like to serve a dish like salmon Pie with Potato crust.

  12. I don’t get to to do brunch often enough. Super yummy!!

  13. I love brunch! I always do some kind of egg dish, fresh fruit and a coffee cake or muffins.

  14. Because we are *CRAZY,* we are hosting Christmas breakfast and dinner. I forgot about your Christmas tree scones–those will be perfect to prep ahead of time. Yum yum!

  15. That quiche is calling my name. Beautiful photo to make me want to have this tomorrow.

    I would be thrilled if you would link this to my Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch Linky.


  16. love your brunch so festive your christmas tree scones are adorable

  17. You read my mind – in thinking of ideas for Christmas breakfast I was at a loss, and was planning on browsing for some recipes today. Thanks for making it easier on me!

    Merry Christmas

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