Easy Weeknight Dinners (Ultimate Recipe Swap)

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It’s important to have a list of easy meals to draw from on busy weeknights.

Looking for something easy to fix during a busy weeknight? I hear ya. Between our weekly date night, hockey game night, and two nights of hockey practice, our weeknights are pretty full. Easy is the name of the dinnertime game.

A few weeks ago I drummed up a list of 12 Easy Meals to Make when There’s “Nothing” to Eat. It has become my “go-to” list for lunches and dinners when I feel scattered and unproductive. One week we ate them all.

When I’m tempted to run for burgers, I look to this list and can usually scare something up. I even made a printable grocery list so that I could easily keep the staples on hand.

Easy meals = lifesaving.

Ultimate Recipe Swap

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What’s a favorite easy meal at your house?

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  1. Thanks for the list. I missed it last week. I will have to use your print off to make a list of my own – brilliant!

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