Eat Mor Chik’n

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We had a yummy — and free — lunch today. Since FishPapa had the day off, we all donned sports team apparel and headed to the closest Chick-Fil-A. Anyone wearing a sports logo today receives a free original sandwich.

I’d never had one before, but it was quite good. And generously sized. Each child received a free one, so there was more than enough food to go around. I cut a couple in half so the littles wouldn’t be wasteful. For an extra $4.02 we got two large waffle fries. (We drank water, though their lemonade is definitely worth the splurge.) We even had an extra sandwich to bring home to my brother who was slaving on yard work. So, we fed a crowd for very little. Very cool.

This offer is good today only, until 8:30 pm. Call your local store to verify the details.

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  1. I love chick-fil-a, I only wish they didn't use peanut oil, cause we can't go as a family since my 4 yr old is severely expensive to peanuts. Their breakfast burritos are really good too!

  2. After seeing your title, I have to send this. When you ask my two-year-old niece what the elephant says, she replies, "Give me a peanut!"
    Then my friend said her nephew when asked what the cow says, replies "Eat more chicken!" I think it's hilarious.

  3. My son and I absolutely love Chick Fil A. And if you are interested in eating there with your kiddos again, they offer stamp cards where after you buy 6 4-count nugget kids meals, you get the seventh for free. You have to ask for them at the register usually, though. They also almost always have a promotion going for a free sandwich or entree. Our family has learned the way to order at Chick Fil A, like you know the way to shop at CVS!:) We were at Chick Fil A on Monday, too, sporting our team logos!