Eat More Real Food

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This week is all about getting good habits going.

Many of us are trying to eat better. And while eating habits get a little lax near the holidays, it seems January gives us a renewed sense of battling back the excess sugar and fake foods that have infiltrated our homes.

Last year I read In Defense of Food and its message really spoke to me: Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants. So much of that book resonated with me and had me yearning for the way I imagined my Gramma John cooked back on the farm in the 30s and 40s.

While our family still eats our fair share of processed foods, it got me thinking about ways that I could take baby steps toward upping our intake of veggies and increasing the amount of “real food” we were eating. I tried out a CSA, started making my own instant oatmeal packets, started baking our own granola bars, and even eliminated visits to certain fast food restaurants.

I still have a lot of room to grow in this area, but I’m encouraged by the progress we’ve made as a family in eating better.

Real Food Basics

If you’re wondering what it is to eat “real food,” then you’re going to want to check out Real Food Basics by Katie Tietje, aka Modern Alternative Mama.

5 LifeasMOM readers will each receive a copy of the ebook, Real Food Basics.

The book is just what its title purports, a basic guide to real foods. If you don’t want to wait to win it, you can use the coupon code LIFE25 to get 25% off your purchase of the book.

I’ve read some of the longer, more detailed tomes on topics such as sprouting, fermentation, and healthy fats and those contain a lot of information to swallon. This book condenses the basics in an easy to use format.

To win a copy of the book, leave a comment telling us one of your food goals for the year.

Five winners will be randomly selected and notified by email. Comments will be accepted until Sunday, January 16th, 8 pm PST.

This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to the winners: jchrapcyn@, jc.misc@, perkk2@, brittanynoodles@, jennywhetten@

Disclosure: I received a copy of Real Food Basic for review.

For more inspiration, check out Get a Good Habit Going.

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  1. I want to eat healthier and lose weight this year.

  2. One of my food goals for this year is to find new ways to present vegetables to my son that he’ll find enjoyable enough to ASK for them on the menu.

  3. I’m trying to eat more salads and more whole grain food products

  4. We are cutting out “white”. (White bread, white potatoes, white pasta – you get the idea), and focusing on whole grain/wheat everything instead.

  5. I had already started eliminating processed foods at the end of last year. But, my goal for this year is to continue to buy whole foods and to expand our garden this year.

  6. I want to make all of our bread this year. It is easy because I’ve been making Irish Soda Bread, a no-yeast bread. Throw the ingredients together and bake! I have several other goals as well, but that’s one of them.

  7. I already try to use as few processed foods as possible but this year I think I would like to try making homemade substitutes for some of them.

  8. i’d love to read this. we’re eating fewer processed meals, too. eliminating HFCS, subbing out white sugar, eating better fats. we have our own chickens, garden, and eat a lot of venison. my goal is to expand the garden, learn to can more things, and start baking bread and snacks like graham crackers.

    thanks for the chance to win:)

  9. This book looks wodnerful! I’ve had so many good food intentions – alas real life often gets in the way! One food philosophy I’m always trying to adopt is “listen to your body – give it what it needs.” Usually, it doesn’t lead you astry. It’s just tough to make sure you’re listening to your whole body, not your sweet tooth! My more concrete goals are to serve fish and vegetarian dishes for dinner one night each per week.

  10. i’m planting a (small) garden this year. it’s been at least 5 years since my last one but i’m ready to try it again.

  11. This year I want to eliminate processed foods from our diet. We have been cutting back on them for awhile now, but I’ve decided it’s time to completely eliminate them.

  12. Julie Breshears says:

    I want to continue on the road to more real foods and more homemade foods! There’s so much to learn in this area!

  13. Last year i did a 90 day challenge to eat more whole food and i did not make it very far- I also read In defense of food and it inspired me- I am on a new 40 day challenge right now to make better food choices.

  14. Each reader will win a copy of the ebook? I think you didn’t mean to say that one. Only 5 will win right?

    We chose to go as organic as possible after watching Food Inc last year. I would like to join a CSA this year.

  15. I am cutting out sugar this year and trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies into our diet.

  16. cutting out more refined flours and sugars

  17. I recently went on a Daniel Fast (which cuts out meat and processed foods and sugar) and was AMAZED at how much better I felt. So my goal this year is to cut out as much processed food from our diet as possible. And hopefully feel better and lose alittle weight.

  18. My goal for this year is to eat more raw foods…especially veggies. I love dairy so much, so my go-to snacks are usually yogurt or cheese, but this has left my diet pretty lop-sided!

  19. I want to prepare meals and sit down together as a family, instead of feeding the kids separately. Hoping this will make us all eat healthier.

  20. One of my food goals this year is to learn how to make delicious chicken, beef, and pork roasts and simple side dishes to accompany them. They are generally quicker for me to prepare then a casserole and carbs are my downfall. Go protein!!

  21. I plan to do more freezer cooking days this year. It is such a help when I do…but I get lazy about it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. We are going to try a garden this year. Not sure how it will fit in with our busy summers, but we will try! We are also cutting out some of the cookies we eat….our house goes through a lot!

  23. My food goal for the year is to continue to move away from processed snack foods for my kids and to make homemade snacks so I can control what is going into their little bodies.

  24. I would like to try to have a vegetarian diet until dinner time, focusing more on fruits and vegetables and whole grains!

  25. We are trying to use more whole grains. I myself am trying to eat a little less in general!

  26. We’re trying hard to stick to the strict diet that my hubby has to be on for his health reasons (it’s the SCD). He always feels so much better when he eats “legally”! 🙂

  27. One of our goals is to eat more locally grown foods. We’ve found a farm fairly close by that sells a good variety of produce. We grow some of our own foods in our garden, but not nearly the variety they have.

  28. I’ll be doing my own freezer cooking this year. We’ve been ordering from a store that does this at a reasonable price, but I know I’ll be able to save money and control what we are eating better myself.

  29. Our biggest food goal this year is to grow and can all the tomatoes we will need for the winter. Canned tomatoes are the only thing we eat on a consitent basis that comes from a can. We eat A LOT of canned tomatoes, so this is a huge goal. Hopefully we can have a patch of productive tomatoes in the summer!

  30. Ah, how timely to find this post. I want/need simply to eat less of whatever it is that I am eating. And, in addition, I would love this to be the year I find and commit to a humane/organic meat source.

  31. going for organic items – and drinking more water.

  32. My goal right now is to cut out the junk food, but I’m still going to need something to snack on!

  33. I want to buy my first 50-lb bag of wheat!

  34. eliminate white rice, pasta, bread and decrease sugar intake. these are things i truely struggle with.

  35. Planting a huge garden this year is my step for me and my kids to eat fresh fruits and veggies!! We are all super excited to start this wonderful adventure. I’m excited to provide fresh food for my family! Would love to read this book and incorporate it philosophies in my life. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!

  36. Genevieve W. says:

    Our goals are to eat less processed, more homemade, and just enjoy food. I’ve become so anxious about the “right” foods that I’ve lost sight of how powerful food is for bringing us together.

  37. Julie Jones says:

    I lost 17lbs last year by eating all natural. I was able to eat whenever and how much I wanted and still lost weight. I know this is how are bodies should be fed but sometimes its just hard. I need some new inspiration bc I hear the processed foods calling to me!

  38. I have been cooking alot more from scratch. My goal for the year is to limit the amount of processed food we consume and to buy more locally grown food. We started this last year by buying a locally grown hog and cow. We also started raising our own backyard chickens!

  39. I am cooking more from scratch instead on buying convenience items from the store. I am not interested in doing away with the “white” food products just limiting consumption and eating more veggies and fruit. I will also be having a vegetable garden this year.

  40. Heather E. says:

    My goal is to eat healthy, real food. I want this to keep my family healthy and help me loose weight and get stronger.

  41. my food goal for my family this year is to get away from white (processed) sugar. We do pretty well with whole grains and whole foods but I know that the processed sugar has it’s way of sneaking into the funniest places.

  42. My goal is to do some make-ahead recipes (like OAMC) so I can just pull dinner out of the freezer. Adding some REAL foods to that would be a most welcome help!

  43. I want to cut back on processed foods and eat more whole foods, as well as, eat more fruits and veggies everyday.

  44. To cook at home more and eat out less. Also hope to purchase a grain mill and begin milling my own flour.

  45. TallyMichelle says:

    Just like the title says…Eat More Real Food.
    Getting there…babysteps!

  46. One of my food goals is to make sure my family eats salad several times a week. I am working on making them less boring so everyone will at least eat it, even if a bit grudgingly.

  47. My food goal is to stop overeating! Would love to win the book. 🙂

  48. I want to make small, lasting changes to make our menus healthier overall.

  49. I just discovered your blog(s) a few days ago and love them! So much of what you do here is what I’m trying to do for my family. My biggest food goal for the year is to try and cook with less processed ingredients and more whole foods.

  50. My healthy eating goal is to continue to try to reduce processed foods and make more foods from scratch.

  51. Tracy Jerome says:

    My food goal is to get more vegetables into my sons’ bodies, and grow a garden to make that more affordable!

  52. I want to lose my baby weight after she’s born in March!

  53. More homemade goodies for the kids!

  54. Sally Mcquaid says:

    I hav been wanting this book so much. My food goal for this year is to become better about feeding my family more nutritionally rich seasonal foods and to be better about gardening and canning.

  55. Sarah @ Davis Family CEO says:

    My food goal for myself and my family is no eating out for a year. I know it is a big goal, but we eat out so much we need something like this to shake us up a bit.

  56. definitely eliminate a few processed foods from our diet!

  57. I’m trying to add more veggies to all our meals. That’s our big weak spot.

  58. I want to get my food budget under countrol….while still eating healthy. I want to make sure that we’re getting the nutrients that we need for the best possible price. For example comparing the nutrient difference between brussel sprouts and spinach.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  59. More veggies…. Having cut up veggies in a container Sunday night so that we can grab a baggie during the week:)

  60. Food Goal—More Fruits and Veggies and Less chocolate!

  61. I plan to eat more vegetables and less takeout.

  62. My food goal for the year is to have my kids and husband eat more fruits and veggies.

  63. Our family’s goal is to eat more veggies (lots!)

  64. We’re eliminating and replacing many processed foods, for better health and saving money.

  65. My food goal is to preserve more of summer’s bounty for the winter months.

  66. We desire to eat more fresh veggies, not canned or frozen!

  67. Our food goals for 2011 include 1 meatless meal each week, at least 3 bean dishes a month and 3 homemade soup nights each month. As well as the ever elusive portion control!

  68. We are trying to eat more whole wheat flour – the kind we grind ourselves!

  69. Since I already bake just about everything from scratch, my goal is to incorporate more whole grains into that baking and experiment with different whole grain flours.

  70. I’d love to cut out processed foods from our regular diets (there’s always room for exceptions!). It’s hard though, especially because I’m working on no refined grains and sugar. Which means I’m constantly carting snacks around…

  71. My goal is to find and use more natural sugars and can my tomato products this summer.

  72. I want to eat more real food this year.

  73. Grow more of our own veggies this year.

  74. We are cutting out HFCS, which we try to do anyways, and are eating only real butter instead of spread, and working on our garden, but with baby #4 due in June, we might just go back to a CSA which is still great for us 🙂

  75. I’d like to learn to cook more foods from scratch – bread is first on my list.

  76. Beth Ryan says:

    We are trying to eat 7 in eleven. 7 servings of vegtables or fruits per day. Most days its 4 or 5 but we shoot for 7

  77. I want to increase my veggies this year.

  78. I would love to win a copy of this ebook! This year I am continuing my goal to cook more things from scratch and serve up less processed foods for my family. I started this last year, but took a brief hiatus for Christmas. Whoops! Time to get back on the wagon.

  79. My food goal for the year was simple: try one new recipe per week, minimum.

  80. Beth Franklin says:

    I guess it isn’t exactly a food goal for me per se, but I am committed this year to breastfeeding my new little girl at least until her first birthday. I was able to do it with my older daughter, but clearly the second is a whole new ballgame! I also was able to make all of my first’s baby food, so I am hoping to be able to do that again too.
    (PS, typing one handed…guess what the other arm is doing:)

  81. I have had a couple goals that are ongoing which are to become an expert at using up our CSA box each delivery and continue to move towards a whole foods / real foods diet (hence this book looks GREAT!)

    My other goal got set at Christmas when I was given 2 pasta makers (1 makes sheets, 1 extrudes for things like macaroni) and that is to perfect the art of homemade pasta – specifically soaked whole wheat pasta!

    On that note, guess what we are having for supper tonight…..

  82. Nicole D. says:

    One of my goals is to cut out sugar! With my first child we really limited the candy, juices, etc but now with two kids we are going down a slippery slope and need to change those bad habits fast!

  83. Crystal Hankey says:

    Due to severe health challenges I am adopting a healthier lifestyle. In my case that means very little sugar and other “white items” like white rice and white flour. I am uping my veggie intake ( fruit too) and going with a gluten free diet since I found out I am wheat intolerant. I seem to feel more full and satisfied with this life style change.

  84. Food goal for 2011 is simply to eat more fruits and veggies and find new ways to cook and serve veggies especially. Sick of microwaving the bag of veggies for supper every night:)

  85. Stephanie says:

    Trying out more fruit and veggie opyions that the kids might like in their lunch boxes. Continue to have a variety of healthy unprocessed snacks readily available.

  86. I want to eat more veggies and bake more stuff from scratch.

  87. One of my many food goals for this year is to buy a quarter of a grass fed cow from a local farm so I know where my meat came from and I am not tempted by the sale ground beef at the market.

  88. Dannielle says:

    I’d really like to continue to cut out the processed foods – iespecially the snack foods like cereal and granola bars, etc. I’ve tried making my own and my four kids immediate response is “ooh yuck.” Need to get better at experimenting with healthy alternatives that taste really good. Also, would like to increase our fruit and veggie intake:)

  89. Some of my goals are to eat more real foods, not eat as much fast food, cut down on sugar. We’ve been part of a CSA for about a year, and I love that. But there are still many more changes to be made. Would love to win this book!

  90. I’m trying to include more “freshies” (fresh fruits and vegis 🙂 in our daily eating.

  91. On of goals is to try new recipes!

  92. Hilary Young says:

    one of my food goals this year is to cut back on sugary products and increase raw fruits and veggies.

  93. We’ll be a part of a CSA this summer, and I’d like to make whole milk yogurt at home. I’d also like to incorporate coconut oil into our diet.

  94. Angela S. says:

    I want to shop more at our local farmer’s market.

  95. My goal is to encourage my son and husband to eat more fruit and vegetables-in their natural forms 🙂

  96. One of my food goals is to par down more processed foods. We made a great go of it last year and the kids are thriving. There is more to cut out. Now’s the time for the next phase!

  97. I am trying to cut down on food dyes and artificial sweetners in our diet.

  98. Our goals this year are to incorporate fresh green vegetables for every evening meal. Also more “from scratch” cooking.

  99. Lisa Hetherington says:

    Thank you so much for posting this: Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants. I saw it early last year and it resonated with me, but I forgot it! Thank you for posting it. I want to do this. That is exactly what I want for my family. We are woeful right now when it comes to plants of any kind.

    This is a great post and a book like Real Food Basics would help a lot.

    ….and I got a new ereader for Christmas to read ebooks on. :))


  100. susanlanai says:

    Eat more fresh fruits and veggies!

  101. I’m still working on actual goals, but my plans for the year are to continue cutting back on processed foods, make more things from scratch, and to eat more fruits and veggies. Just have to set a good number to make it an actual GOAL, and not only an idea.

  102. Learn to make beef stock…and be organized in fulfilling my menu plan. Try making yogurt.

  103. I want to eat healthier and lose weight.

  104. trying to get more whole foods in our diet. trying to get the kids on board too!

  105. We are working on eating more from our own back yard. We are growing more.

  106. My big goal is to give our eating habits an overhaul. Part of that is learning how to do so. This past year I have scratched the surface on what eating real foods entails so winning this book would be such a gift!! I am always on the look out for reading materials on this topic so if nothing else, at least I have a new source!! Thanks!

  107. ELIZABETH says:

    Really trying to cut back on our sugar!

  108. I’ve been trying to dedicate myself to the 2/3’s rule. Two thirds of my plate should be vegetables, the other third meat and maybe a starch.

  109. Jenny Whetten says:

    I’d like to start growing more herbs and using them to spice up dishes instead of salt.

  110. This is a bit of what I wrote regarding my “food goals” for 2011:

    ove away from refined sugars. I’m not eliminating sugar. We just like it too much and I’m too serious about many other things. So, we’re eating sugar here…I’m just going to begin purchasing Sucanat and using Agave Nectar, Honey as substitutes for good ol’ white sugar.
    Eat less cheese. Might sound funny, but we eat A LOT of cheese. Cheese and chocolate. 😉 We could get by fine with a little less. My hubby has high cholesterol and my son has reflux/excema/asthma. I want to see if cutting back on our dairy intake may help all of us.
    Eliminate/Avoid all foods/drink with artificial colors/flavors in it. Again, this is mostly a push for my son who suffers from excema, but I think it’ll be good for all of us.

  111. One of my food goals this year is to eat more grass-fed meat. I too read In Defense of Food after watching Food, Inc. Since then I’ve read some of Nourishing Traditions and Real Food by Nina Planck. And here’s a blog you might like to check out: Thanks for the chance to win.

  112. My food goals for the year:
    1. Make sure all of my son’s food (he’s almost 6 months) is homemade, not processed
    2. Cut down on refined sugar
    3. Summer garden = more fresh veggies = canning/freezing for winter months

  113. A food goal for this year – make dinner at least 5 times a week! Now that I’m not working full-time this is actually a possibility.

  114. Of course, I want to eat healthier and have more self-control when I eat desserts 🙂

  115. I am seeking to make more foods from scratch. Tonight I made homemade cornbread muffins to go with our homemade vegetable soup, so I think I’m off to a good start!

  116. To be honest, I haven’t considered an official food goal for 2011, but in general I had in mind to bake more bread and cook a wider variety of foods.

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  117. I’m going to get my 5 fruits/veggies a day if it kills me! 🙂

  118. I would like to eat more whole grains, and try to decrease the amount of sugar my family and I intake.

  119. My goal for this year is to make more of my own food instead of buying all the processed junk!!

  120. Our big goal is to cut out all HFCS and processed foods. Which includes getting rid of my beloved Dr Pepper.
    It’s time, wish me luck!

  121. I’d like to make the switch to baking most, if not all, of our breads.

  122. Evangeline says:

    Our goal for the new year is to eat 5 fruits/veggies everyday… all of us…

  123. I’m going back to the basics – I’ve planned our family’s meals for the month and I’m cooking from scratch. No prepackaged out of the box meals for us ~ and no eating out 🙂

  124. I’m putting this book on my “to-read” list. In 2011, we’re eliminating processed foods from our diet and chowing down on fruits and veggies.

  125. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

  126. One of our family goals this year is to eat less sugar all around.

  127. shaunta chambers says:

    eat 3 veggies a day

  128. I’ve made making a meal plan a priority. Too often, not having a plan sets me up for failure (i.e. eating out, grabbing unhealthy conveinence foods, etc.). So I’ve decided making a plan is a must for me!

  129. Joellen F says:

    I’d like to put more whole food in our diet and do a lot less eating out. We’ve been reducing the eating out, but I’d like to make it truly a once a month (or less) treat.

  130. My goal is for our family to eat more fruits and veggies. I am not a fruit & veggie person, and my husband isn’t really either. So, we’re not in the habit of eating lots of plants at all. Now that my daughter is moving up to eating table food, I’m realizing that I’m trying to make some veggies just for her, or that I’m supplementing her food with fruit/veggie baby food, just to make sure that she gets the nutrition she needs. I know I need to start fitting those things into our meals as well, so I’m trying to figure out how to do that while not making myself hate meals. (I really do dislike the majority of fruits/veggies)

  131. Food goals-meal plan for better nutrition. Get ahead of the game, so I don’t make whatever is easiest.

  132. One of my goals this year is to plant a some new vegetables in our garden that we don’t normally eat or buy to give us a chance to try something different and hopefully that we can grow to love.

  133. Something that I am working on with my family is cutting out all genetically modified foods. We have made a lot of progress – we buy our meat from a local farmer now, rather from chain grocery stores. We have also been shopping for produce at Farmer’s Markets in our area. Something that is still a weakness for both my husband and I is soft drinks, which are SOO bad for us. That is what I would like to totally cut out this year. We have found a coffee and soft drink replacement energy drink that is mostly vitamins and a little caffeine, and that is helping a lot. I think this ebook would help too – I love to learn and need all the help than I can get!

  134. My food goal is to be able to meet the budget while cooking from scratch, real wholesome food. I would love for it to all be organic, grassfed, etc. But realistically, I just want to feed my family as healthfully and tastefully yet cheaply as possible.

  135. I would love to eat more greens and whole grains!

  136. I’m trying to eat more vegetables, to bake more bread and not to buy more cook books (at least this year). Oh, and I’d like a lot to be able to do a weekly menu plan. Things go so easy when I have one…


  137. My fairly simple, but for some reason extremely difficult goal is to keep corn syrup out of my house unless I am making marshmallows or homemade caramels (both of which happen once or twice in the year). And it is difficult.

  138. I need to replace the snack foods in my kids’ lunch boxes with healthier items that they will actually eat.

  139. We’re trying to cut back on sugar… it’s SO hard!

  140. Our goal is to eat more vegetables and try more recipes.

  141. Lea Stormhammer says:

    I guess I have two goals this year for food: 1) Grow more of it ourselves and 2) Cut out the unnecessary snacking for me (i.e. set a good example for those kiddos!).

    Thanks for hosting!

  142. We’re *trying* to eat healthier, real foods, and in “balanced” proportions, with less sugar and in greater variety [which is a challenge w my 4yo]. But the more realistic goal is just to eat more vegetables, even if we’re still eating other junk. Oh, and we’re cutting down on “desserts”, and hopefully attempting nutritious, filling snacks [instead of crackers, cookies, candy].

  143. One of my goals is to buy fruits and veggies seasonally from the produce stand.

  144. Jennifer M says:

    We are cutting back on processed foods and opting for more fresh and healthy foods.

  145. Eat at home 6 of the 7 nights of the week!

  146. Our goal this year is to eat more at home (only one meal out per week). I am also trying to incorporate more “scratch” type meals and eliminate using so many boxed and pre-made foods.

  147. I am trying to cut out processed foods by making them myself (granola, beans and applesauce are things I have done alread this year) and plan on increasing my garden productivity this year as well.

  148. My food goal is to eat fewer carbs, drink lots of water, and cut out the Sonic and Icee trips on the weekends!

  149. Sheila W. says:

    I want to start baking from scratch more and buy less convenience foods this year–cutting our budget and eating better at the same time!

  150. I’m working on the “not too much” part this year.

  151. Yay! I’m so happy to hear that you’ll be working on moving to “real foods” at the same time that I am . That should simplify my blog surfing. 🙂

    One of my goals is to can and freeze more this summer when my garden and the farmer’s markets are in full swing so that we have good local produce all year.

  152. Amanda P. says:

    My food goal this year is to make more things from scratch instead of buying prepackaged and processed foods, so I know and control what goes into my family’s food.

  153. I’m trying to eat more “raw” foods. I have a lot of digestive issues, and I feel better when I do fruits/veggies/green smoothies for breakfast & lunch. I eat cooked dinner with the family each evening. I don’t think I could go 100% raw, but eating this way makes a difference to my tummy! 🙂

  154. I feel as though I have a trifecta of eating problems in our household. My daughter has a corn allergy, which includes anything with high fructose corn syrup, corn starch and even sometimes corn fed beef. This has forced us to be label readers and eat a bit more healthy ourselves. Our second issue is both my husband and daughter are both picky eaters. I am trying new stuff all the time and trying to sneak in healthy stuff. The third problem I have is that I have ulcerative colitis. I can’t eat a lot of fresh veggies or a lot of fiber. It seems as fiber and veggies set off my tummy issues. So I am looking for healthy, frugal, tasty, not high in fiber or lots of veggies and corn free.

  155. One of my goals is to eat healthier, and I plan to start by eating out less.

  156. My biggest goal is to get the whole family to accept more fruits and veggies. They are way too picky about things and I hope to get hubby to help me set a good example for the little one.

  157. Eating more fermented foods…

  158. Jen Fitzpatrick says:

    I plan on trying to get my family to eat more fruits and veggies and try to cook and bake more from scratch.

  159. Trying to “get back to basics”. But I think that’s always an attempt here. It’s encouragment to keep learning more about whole foods and their aide in our wellness to keep trying.

    It’s funny you mention your “grandma John’s” cooking back in the 30’s and 40’s because I’m always wondering how people ate in those times – obviously at a lesser cost. But when I do think about it, I’m reminded it was likely a lot of carbohydrates and protein and very little in the way of fresh fruits/vegetables (rather canned from the garden) considering the era of depression and significantly larger families on less spendable income than compared to today. So that doesn’t always help me. 🙂

  160. My goal is to learn to make bread well – bread has always been a struggle for me for some reason. Hopefully, a loaf that we can use of sandwiches that includes whole grains and possible a dinner roll too.

  161. I haven’t made a specific food-related goal for myself yet, but my 3-year old is really picky and I’m working on getting him out of his rut.

  162. Andrea Watts says:

    My food goal is to make most of my meals from scratch.

  163. My goal is to stop eating so much junk food. Especially in front of the tv.

  164. make better use of our CSA veggies and find a local supplier for pork and poultry.

  165. I am trying to avoid processed foods and to stop eating by 7 pm.

  166. I am hoping to try and reduce the amount of sugar we it by reading labels more carefully and baking from scratch more. I also want to use more real foods–fruits and vegetables daily but need to learn how to prepare some of these things:)

    Thanks for the encouragment!


  167. I’ve actually commited to increasing my raw food consumption by about 20%- before I had the wee one I ate a diet that was about 60% raw foods (nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies, dairy- though it was pasturized) and the other 40% was dedicated to cooked protiens and some treats… I’d like to get back to that general range of 60/40 maybe even 75/25 but last time it didn’t happen over night so I’m trying to be reasonable- increase by 20% and we’ll go from there!

  168. My food goal is to slowly introduce more real foods into our diets. The more I learn about processed foods, the more I want to avoid them!

  169. My goal is to help my son accept more foods in combination.

  170. I’ve been doing a lot more “real foods” too, but shhh….don’t tell my husband. he loves his processed food (or more accurately he doesn’t love change). 🙂

  171. My food goal this year(as well as my husband’s) is to start eating better. We are tring to eat more veggies and salads and less meat and sweets.


  172. Eat more vegetables and whole grains. limit the processed foods

  173. One of my goals his year is to have a least two meatless meals weekly that have appropriate amounts of protein. The other is to eat wheat free, and I’ve already started that!

  174. Over the last 8 months we have been working on being gluten-free due to health issues. I am slowly mastering the art of gf cooking now baking is another thing entirely. For obvious reasons processed foods are nearly impossible for us to eat safely, so I have been making most of our food homemade. We started making homemade instant oatmeal last month with gf oatmeal of course, I was insired by you…and the price of gf instant oatmeal, it is outrageous. So thanks for all the great tips and I look forward to a healthier year!!

  175. We did a lot of improving our diet last year. This year I would like to introduce our children to some foods that are less common, such as artichokes, radishes, and leeks, etc. Also, we would like to eat more in season and figure out the gardening thing.

  176. I want to eat more vegetables and get my kids to eat more even if I have to do it deceptively, eliminate high fructose syrup and use natural sugar and eat more local food. I want to order a 1/4 cow locally and maybe try a CSA.

  177. My goal is to lose weight – but my motivation is to lose weight in prepping for a healthy pregnancy! 🙂

  178. My food goal for the year is just to eat healthier over-all and I am starting first by trying to cut back as much as possible on processed foods. Taking baby steps though.

  179. I would like to try out a CSA this year. There is only one in our area and they only take new customers in Jan or Feb.

  180. eat more veggies & less meat

  181. I am doing pretty well with making most things from scratch, including yogurt. My next challenge is to make Angel Food Cake from scratch for my newly diagnosed diabetic son. I am sure it is simple, I just need to do it 🙂

  182. I am hoping to get my 4 kids to be better salad eaters. We eat lots of veggies, but none of them like salad, so I am hoping to help them change that.

  183. A food goal I have this year is to CARE what I eat (and thus, what my family eats) and act accordingly. At the moment, I’m gaining weight while NOT nursing and/or being pregnant for the first time in five years — let me repeat, I’m gaining weight. And I just don’t care. But I know I should. How to care with balance and simplicity (versus going overboard the other way) is the question.

  184. I’ve been eliminating our processed food intake for the last few years. I would love to join a CSA sometime and try that. My downfall is in the planning part and also dealing with food allergies. I get so burnt out trying to make all her food that I often resort to not so great things for the rest of us.

  185. I’m baking our bread this year but we need to eat more veggies! My hubby is pickier than my 5 year old, so I have a lot of work to do. ;o)

  186. I want to get back to meal planning!

  187. Goal #1: Figure out what my 2 year old is allergic to.
    Goal #2 eat less cheese (I love cheese but have baby weight to lose!)

  188. I am going to work on incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my diet. I am going to buy organic when I can fit it into my budget. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and think I can’t get everything done but I have to remind myself to START somewhere and take small steps until it becomes second nature for me and continue to build from there.
    I love your blog and look forward to your thoughts regularly.

  189. Goal? To eat healthier! And…to be on top of planning meals for my family!

  190. pinkbeary says:

    goals: eat more vegetables and fruit

    try to cook more. =)

  191. My food goal for this year(with help from your website) is to create a menu PLAN, which includes better grocery shopping habits and preparing meals ahead for freezing.

  192. I want to increase my daily fiber intake this year

  193. One of my goals is to really plan menus ahead and make the time to shop so I don’t wind up feeding my family quick junk. Eating healthy requires some planning. I’m hoping to do better with that this year.

  194. I make a lot from scratch but there a few more things that we could that would be healthier. Right now I have cut out sugar and processed foods. and feeling really good. I hope to continue so I can lose some weight and feel better.

  195. To stop eating so much processed food!

  196. MichelleH says:

    Our goal IS to eat more real food, less processed, less ‘junk’, less fast food, etc.

  197. Hmm…eat more raw veggies and fruit instead of sugary things and to remember to buy organic produce (because I’d not intentionally choose to eat pesticides if I were getting them from a bottle or bag, so why choose to get them from my produce?). Oh, and learn more about GMO and plan to avoid them.

  198. I am pregnant for the first time and trying to be super aware of what I am feeding my baby in utero. I am baking from scratch more so that I can truly realize how much butter, sugar and white flour goes into some of my favorite “snacks” so that I will be more likely to eliminate them from my diet (ie croissants, bagels, cookies, brownies, etc).

  199. My goal this year is to cut out some more of our processed foods (mostly snacky type stuff) and make it myself. I think this book would be a great resource! Thanks for the chance to win!

  200. I want to eat more fresh foods and cut out soft drinks.

  201. Our goal for the family is to cook from scratch more. Hopefully that will help us fulfill our financial and weight loss goals too:)

  202. trying to eat less processed foods

  203. Heather Pierce says:

    I am trying to get away from processed foods.

  204. I have a very simple goal for my food this year. Eat less. I know that sounds easy, but for someone who LOVES food, it’s hard for me. So I am not “dieting” per se, but I’m simply cutting down my portions sizes. I’m not going to deprive myself of foods I like. Deprivation never did anyone any good! So moderation is the key for me, this year, and I’m hoping it will help me lose my extra 15 pounds. (Too fluffy for my taste! 🙂 )

  205. Jennifer H. says:

    My goal is to continue the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which is a strict diet designed for people with inflammational intestinal problems. Today is day 71 and with my husband’s support, I’m still going strong!

  206. Thanks! My goal is to fulfill all our bread needs from scratch. So far I’ve found a wonderful recipe I can use in my bread machine that uses mostly spelt four, and we love it! Now to keep up with making it!

  207. That book sounds awesome!

    I have two main food goals for the year:
    – cutting out heavily processed/artificial foods
    – increasing the amount of locally grown/produced foods

  208. Christy A. says:

    I want to prepare healthier meals and keep more produce in the house this year.

  209. Moved to grass fed beef last year – this year it’s quality sourced organic pork.

  210. Tracey Bridges says:

    We need to eat less processed foods and eat more fruits and vegetables each day. I’ve discovered if I’ll cut up fruit and put it on a plate, the kids will grab a piece each time they walk thru the kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway!

  211. I am exercising at least 3times a week

  212. We have been taking a lot about our goals for the year and what/how we eat keeps coming up. Definitely want to eat more real foods and weed out the fake outs! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  213. I am making more foods from scratch as well as trying to cut out processed foods.

  214. To get the famioy to eat more green veggies with dinner!

  215. we are planting a garden!

  216. I am trying to serve meals that are more balanced with fewer bread products and more veggies.

  217. Could use this!

  218. I want to fit more healthy salads in with our meals as a side dish.

  219. I’m trying to find more cheap, filling healthy meals to add to our menu plans.

  220. Jaclyn F. says:

    More fruits and veggies and less red meat.

  221. I want to introduce more colors in our meals using: fresh veggies, whole foods, and more organic products.
    Thus far I’ve found it difficult to break the cycle I was raised with.

  222. Elizabeth R says:

    I am trying to eat fewer processed foods.

  223. I’ve been trying hard to get us t a more healthful diet, including cutting out the “whites” and processed foods, as well as adding in more fresh produce and organics.

  224. Jen Logan says:

    Our family food goal is to eat more whole foods and less meat, diary and wheat.

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