Eat Well and Spend Less in the Summertime

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Summer is here in full force! We’ve got our pool passes and we’re having daily ice cream. Oh, yes, yes we are.

Last week I pureed some plums that were hitting the almost too ripe stage. I added lemon juice and zest and some sugar and poured it into Ye Olde Ice Cream Maker. Yum!

I love the foods of summer! There are so many delicious ways to enjoy this season. This week the Eat Well, Spend Less crowd has been sharing ways to enjoy the summer without breaking the bank. Check out these great stories:

  • Tips for Summer Picnics – I love Tammy’s spin on packing food to go instead of eating out. Call it a picnic and it’s so much more fun! She’s got great tips for packing a portable feast.
  • Entertaining Weekend Guests – Carrie offers some great suggestions for having guests, eating well, and not putting a burden on anyone. She’s got some great make-ahead tips. I really want her streusel recipe!
  • Grow a Salad (But Not with Green Things!) – Katie shares a sprouted salad, an interesting twist on salad making. She also makes a great point about how tasty salad toppings are all on their own. I think she may be on to something!

Check out what the girls have been cooking up! I know you’ll be inspired to eat well and spend less.


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  1. Great stuff – we are featuring all this week “Cool Treats” in honor of the summer heat. Come back and visit each day to see what we have.

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