Eat Well and Spend Less with the Basics

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This month, the Eat Well, Spend Less crew returns with the Back to Basics edition. For many of us, January was a do-over of sorts or a way to refocus on the spending, cooking, and eating goals that might fall by the wayside during the busy holidays.

Mandi from Life…Your Way is a learn-it kind of girl. I love it how she tackles mastering the unknown. In her post How to Cook from Scratch When You Don’t Know How she shares a recipe for Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies as well as some hard-earned wisdom on how to cook.

What could be more basic than pasta? Carrie from Denver Bargains shared How to Cook Pasta Like a Pro, providing some great tips, including how to reheat leftovers. And it’s NOT with a microwave.

Katie from Kitchen Stewardship’s post, How to Boil a Husband, is a fun story of winning her husband over to a better way of eating. She’s quite persuasive that girl. I well remember when my own husband’s doctor warned him about his blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Katie was a wealth of info to me  and gets some of the credit for steering us in a better way of eating.

January is a great time for goal setting. Amy from Kingdom First Mom posted her family’s Food Goals for 2013, including gardening, menu planning, and bringing the kids in the kitchen. Love it!

Food for My Family‘s Shaina offered her family’s rituals and routines in Back to the Basics of Feeding Your Family. I love her purposefulness in serving her family great meals.

Aimee from Simple Bites served up a sweet tale of her newlywed days as well as a tasty bulk recipe for Brown Chicken Stock. You are sure to smile over her lovestory.

As for me, well, we ate down the Pantry. The month of January was an endless game of Chopped. Thankfully, my husband says that I move on to the next round. We ate well, and we spent less. Be sure to read 7 Lessons Learned from a Pantry Challenge in case you missed it.

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  1. MomofTwoPreciousGirls says

    I wanted to share what I wrote to Mandi on Life…Your Way…I am so grateful for the introduction! Thanks!

    Please forgive my sappiness!

    I had to write, and I’m feeling a bit emotional (which makes me feel a bit silly)! I came upon this post from Life As Mom because I was intrigued by the title. I fancy myself a great “heater-upper” but not so much a cook or a baker. I’m 34 and I have NEVER IN MY LIFE baked brownies from scratch. When I read your post I was encouraged because you sound like me. You weren’t a kitchen or cooking expert (and you actually sounded worse than me….sorry), just someone who wanted to TRY. I looked at the recipe and said “I have all of these ingredients in my house”. I mentioned it to my 3yo daughter and she sealed the deal with a resounding “YES! Can I lick the bowl?” So she helped me gather all the ingredients and mix them all up (her sister said “I don’t want to help, but I want brownies”). They decided they wanted to add some chocolate chips, so I put in a handful. Then we got to lick the bowl. The texture was a tad thicker than the box stuff, but it tasted better. We are baking them now and cannot wait to taste them.

    What I learned: I can do it! The ingredients are things I keep in my cabinets anyway (no extra cost going to buy mixes and such). I can make them anytime we are in the mood (that could be good or bad). And the steps were EXACTLY the same as the box. It did not take me any longer to put them together. I always assumed baking from scratch meant hours in the kitchen. I can’t believe how wrong I was. I got the Easy Homemade book last week and I am going to start working my way through it.

    I cannot thank you enough for being out on the interwebs to inspire other moms like me!

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