Eat Well & Spend Less in Summer

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Grocery prices, they are a-rising. And if you’re not careful, the flood could overwhelm you. I remember four years ago when things started hiking up. We were deep in debt, and yet, somehow, we got out. But, I am determined not to get sucked under again. Particularly where food costs are concerned.

Oh, no, I will not be taken alive.

Back in April, I started a series with a diverse group of bloggers in which we share tips and techniques that serve us to eat well and spend less. I’ve learned so much!

Good Eating in Summer

This month, we tackle how to curb food costs amidst all the traveling, ball playing, and sweating involved in the summer season.


:: I share tips for taking freezer meals on vacation with you. This has been so wonderful for our family because I take our favorite foods and we don’t waste money on disappointing restaurant fare. Plus, the money we save on food we can put toward more deluxe accommodations, making it a “real vacation.”

:: Mandi gives some great suggestions on setting your kitchen to rights before you leave on a trip, so that when you come home, there’s a welcome and good eats waiting for you.

:: Shaina takes us out to the ballgame and shares tricks for eating well with crazy summer schedules.

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:: Aimee rocks it with homemade convenience foods suitable for air travel, including a fabulous list of foods to pack and some tasty cookies to bake before you hit the road.

:: Tammy offers some cool suggestions for avoiding the heat of the kitchen — without hitting the closest fast food restaurant.

:: Katie shows us how to rough it and still eat well while camping.

:: Carrie posts techniques for seasonal stockpiling and how to make the best use of summer sales.

:: stay tuned for more posts this month from Alyssa, and Katie.

What tricks do YOU use to curb food costs during the summer?

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  1. Awesome tips here. Although we did eat Hebrew National hot dogs on our last 2 day camping trip, we had wonderful grilled flatbread pizza I make in bulk and Italian grilled veges. I’m posting an extensive vacation list of freezer foods on Friday at my blog. Thanks for sharing, Jessica.

  2. Plan ahead! I meal plan for almost everything all summer long. Camping, at home meals, traveling snacks, snacks at home, desserts, meals at the cabin. I try to have a plan for all of our eating. If I don’t have a plan and the food to prepare it at my fingertips, we will stop and eat out far more often.

  3. I love summer because I’m no longer in charge of what’s for dinner! We buy a few packs of brats, hamburgers and hot dogs every week at the grocery store and my husband takes care of making dinner. We’ll grill up extra so that there’s always something for the kids to eat during the day.

    For sides we keep it pretty simple. We swap stuff from our gardens at work (I trade ferns and hosta for tomatoes and zucchini). It’s pretty easy to throw together an italian tomato salad, fresh corn or grilled zucchini/mushrooms. Homemade strawberry shortcake usually rounds out the meal a couple of times a week.

    For get togethers with friends we’ll hold a ‘bring your own meat’ party. We can all enjoy steaks and each others company without spending a fortune.

  4. Wow great post comp. My whole problem is just not eating out. In fact, I’ll go food shopping today. And I will make sure to only mangia at home, and bring a huge bottle of water around with me at all times. That’s the ticket!

  5. Do you happen to have a list of frugal meals that don’t use the oven?

  6. This is amazing. I love the series and this particular roundup on saving money on food is really helpful. We’re crossing our own bridges (from your other post!) over here and I need all the help I can to cut costs on food while still eating healthy. Blessings to you and the other Eat Well, Spend Less bloggers.

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