Enjoy Summer with a Shady Nook

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Many of my childhood summers were spent at an old farmhouse in the midwest. In the side yard was a cluster of shade trees where my mom had the wisdom to hang a hammock. I loved retreating to that cool, quiet spot to read a book.

Our backyard here in San Diego has very little shade during the day, making it a not-so cool, quiet spot. However, all that has changed.

A few months back I received a Quik Shade Go Hybrid Backpack Canopy to review. While it is super convenient to transport thanks to the backpack size, I recently decided to test it in our own backyard. And we’re hooked!

The littles and I have read quite a few books in this shady nook. Talk about cool, quiet places to read!

Since I am not one to read directions, I can testify that this Quik Shade Go Hybrid Backpack Canopy is super easy to assemble. I needed a few extra hands to pull it to full size, but that could be avoided if I used the lawn pins to secure the canopy to the ground.

This will be a great tool to take to the beach and to the river, but in the meantime, we’re so pleased to have it at home.

Create some shade at your house! Add a blanket, a few chairs, maybe even a kiddie table for picnics. Mix in a few books and a sword, of course. Kick off your shoes and take a nap read a book with your peeps.

Do you have a quiet, shady nook at your house?

Disclosure:  Bravo Sports provided me with this canopy to review. I was not compensated in any way for reviewing this product, nor was I required to do so. My opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.

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  1. Do you think this would work at the Ocean? I am looking for something to get for shade for my grandson who is going to be 8 months when we take him to the beach for a week. Maybe if I purchase the weights for the bottoms?

    1. @Cindy, I think if it had weights that would be excellent. Glad you pointed that out before I try taking it to the beach. LOL. That would have been comical to see me chasing a runaway canopy along the shore. It’s a great size, esp if 8 month old is content to stay in one spot. Mine was not last summer.

  2. We really enjoy reading books under our big tree outside – great change of pace, gets us all outdoors & it isn’t “messy.” 🙂 This idea takes it a step further with blankets & pillows & such. Good idea! I also want to start “camping” out in the backyard as well, at least a few times this summer. Hubbs is leary of taking our boys camping because of their age (3 & 1), but I’m hoping the “practice camping” will help give him confidence! 🙂

  3. We have a couple big maples in our back yard that shade a wide spot over our playset. In the summer I hang my brazilian hammock on one of the trees and it is a great spot to relax while my three year old plays nearby. The playset is a great place for imaginative fun. It has been a pirate boat (with our chickens as sharks and sticks for treasure), a kitchen, a car, a jail, and many other fun things. With this month having been so hot, it has been a great oasis in the steamy yard.

  4. I had a “screen porch” tent on my deck for about 3 summers. We went through 2 of them. The first one lasted 1 summer, the next lasted 2. Alas, storms last summer destroyed it, and we did not purchase another. I loved it and spent a lot of time in it. I was really missing it yesterday when I was in the hot sun watching the kids play.

  5. We have a covered patio behind the garage – attached to our house. LOVE IT. Its just through the laundry area from the kitchen so we’ve been eating supper out there as much as possible. During the lazy afternoons I’m often found out there with the baby while the boys are playing the back yard. Its my favorite spot of the entire house.