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Ever wonder when you’ll have a shower before noon? Ever wonder when you’ll own a wardrobe full of items that are not wrinkled or stained with spit-up? Ever wonder when you’ll get to go to the bathroom – by yourself?

The Mommy Years are certainly not without their challenges. Today I have one who won’t leave my lap or stop playing with my hair. Another is fighting a yucky tummy bug. A third is battling a wicked case of itchy eczema. Perhaps your day, too, is filled with many wants and needs – that belong to someone else.

People need you when you’re a mom.

And the world would tell you that you’re going to get “lost” in the Mommy Years. That you’ll lose your “sense of identity.” That you must assert yourself and “be somebody.”

But, the reality is that you ARE somebody. You are someone’s shoulder to cry on. You are the lap to sit in. Yes, you are the head of hair to caress. And those days are fleeting.

I was recently encouraged by the words of Barbara Curtis in her book, The Mommy Manual: Planting Roots that Give Your Children Wings:

Being a mommy and helping your children realize their potential is the best way for you to realize your own.

Amen. May you “find yourself” in being the best mom you can be wherever God has placed you today.

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I believe you can get great meals on the table -- and still keep that pretty smile on your face.

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  1. Laura says

    The Mommy Manual is a terrific book. I was inspired by it as well. Everything Barbara writes is terrific.

  2. Tracy says

    That was such a great reminder! Thank you so much!

  3. michellenotdawn says

    Thanks so much for this, FishMama. I needed it!

  4. Thanks so much for this post! I really needed to hear this today!

  5. The Sensible Momma says

    Thank you! I definitely needed this today! (and probably will tomorrow, too!)

  6. CJ Sime says

    Thanks for the post. I am going to send it to all the moms I know. What a great quote!

  7. mtrnter says

    Try AmLactin for the itchy eczema, it totally works.

  8. Jamie says


  9. BeyondTheSea7 says

    My daughter is 11 now, but she also used to constantly have her fingers in my hair when she was little FishChick’s age. When she was even younger, she would stuff a handful of my hair in her mouth every chance she got! For a couple years, I think I walked around with a lock of hair that was either soggy, tangled from little fingers, or sticky (also from little fingers)! I must have been quite a sight!

    Now that she’s a tween, I look back on that and just think how precious it was that something as simple as mommy’s hair could be another way that God equips us moms to comfort their kids. I miss it now! But oy….back then I sure did wish I could have clean, dry hair for more than a few minutes!

    I enjoy your blog!!!!!

    -Chris in Iowa

  10. TEXAUS MOMMA says

    Noticed that your daughter has eczema. I’ve had it most of my life…was getting immune to cortizone creams…then found out they were steroid. Searched the internet, and found a totally natural cream!

    It did sting for me at first, but was totally worth it! It sounds expensive, but a little goes a long way, and once it’s under control. I only buy it about once a year, if that. And no, I’m not getting any benefit for saying all this! But it worked for me, and I used to have it from wrist to shoulder, neck, face, eyelids, ear, knees, and it was torture! 🙂 I also use it on my 7 yr. old son (I just buy the adult for both of us)

  11. nannykim says

    It is funny because I thought that once my kids were grown I would have more freedom. But what I realize is there is a spin—now I have to help take care of parents!! First my parents (who now have both died), and now my husband’s parent… life is about service always. We are sometimes slow at learning, aren’t we?

  12. I really needed that reminder. Thanks.

  13. Very encouraging. It seems that we need a daily reminder why we are Mom’s and what we are doing it for. It is a job and we should be proud of ourselves.

  14. Emma B says

    Thank you very much for the reminder. I’ve recently been struggling with “losing” or “attempting to find or redefine” my identity. There’s a reason I’m a mom – I chose to be. So, that’s it. I need to just enjoy the moments I have with my children now. Being their mom is my identity. There’s nothing wrong with that. Soon they’ll leave the nest and I will have more than ample time to find another identity. 🙂

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