Fall Decor on a Dime

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I am not strong in home decor. In fact, if it weren’t for FishPapa’s sense of style…. oy, I don’t even want to think about it. My friends have always been stunned that my husband cares about interior design, but as a project designer and builder, he’s got a great eye for what works.

And he’s also pretty frugal, too. He has to be to live with Mrs. Frugal Friday, now, doesn’t he?

Today I’m going to brag on him as he is responsible for the great new piece of art hanging in my entryway.

Last fall he found this print on clearance at Aaron Brothers. It was $5, marked down from like $30. The colors in it were a perfect match for the greens, golds, and reds we love.

But, anyone in the know knows that picture frames can be quite pricey. QUITE pricey. Yes, you can find them at garage sales and in thrift stores, but if that’s not a regular habit, it can take time. More time than building one yourself.

So, that’s what FishPapa did. We love us a good home improvement project around here.

He took standard lumber and bevel cut it like so:

Four pieces, shaped = four sides of a frame. Assembled = a frame. We like things weathered, so a few dings and knicks made it just right. The boys helped him stain it.

Lastly, he shopped for a piece of glass. He could have bought a piece for $50 at Michael’s. Yes, ladies, my sweet husband went into Michael’s all by himself.

But, instead, he got a piece cut to specs at Home Depot for only $15.

And Voila!

I’m thinking I need one of those bowls The Nester has been talking about. Don’t you?

So, we ended up with a custom-framed piece of art that cost $30 and some time. It could have easily cost us $100 new. And we got it exactly the way we wanted it.

What do YOU do to save money?

Share your favorite money-saving ideas today. Leave a link to a post that shares some frugal wisdom. (Please no giveaways or deals posts. Teach us how to fish!)

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  1. I am also decorating-challenged but I think the artwork looks really good. I love it with the chest of drawers too. And I may not have commented before but I love all of your freezer cooking posts! Thank you!

  2. I am not the greatest at all the accessories that I see other people doing–but I like a neat, tidy home that smells good and has good food. That’s what makes a great home to me. The little dresser looks nice. And sheesh, if ONLY Nester was my personal decorator.

  3. Love it! And the table/dresser too! Very neat!
    Thanks so much for hosting, as always!

  4. great idea! I seriously need some new artwork too, I have few bare walls but it’s so expensive.

  5. I love the decoupage technique as it turns out amazing on any surface like wood, glass, plaster, etc. I love what a cool effect it has and you can decorate any way you like best!

    Linked to one of my tutorials for a make-over, but here’s a newer post too with photos of some folder holders and a jewelry box I decorated just last week http://estrella05azul.wordpress.com/2010/09/21/what-ive-been-crafting-lately/

  6. If you guys are into that sort of thing and you are handy you should be looking at http://www.infarrantlycreative.net/

    She has the best ideas for turning junk into something really great and she is super cheap!

  7. Wow, I love that! What a talented guy! He did a great job!

    Thanks for showing the close-up of the frame. That makes it do-able for less talented folks, too.

    Annie Kate

  8. I am your newest folllower 🙂
    Loved reading your blog and the ways to save! Love it!
    I save by reusing certian plastics to help me organize instead of buying plastic tubs.


  9. Love it! Great job, FishPapa! 😉 Love the RED dresser as well!!

  10. love the pictue frame!

  11. Beautiful picture! 🙂 What a talented husband you have….don’t take that for granted! 🙂

  12. Your husband is brilliant and so talented! The workmanship on that frame is amazing. I think it’s going to become a family heirloom!

  13. That’s a great looking frame! So much nicer than what you would buy at Michael’s or Target.

  14. Great job FishPapa!

  15. Amazing picture and frame! Nice going!

    Today’s link is about my Frugal Christmas.

    Dr. Laura

  16. I love the picture frame. It looks so professional. The colors in the picture and the dresser both caught my eye, too.

    I posted about a felt placemat that I found at Bed and Bath. I used it on two tables, but I’m looking for some more ideas.

  17. He has a great sense of style!

  18. Hey Momma! It was a busy summer, but I am back in the swing of things! Thanks for hosting this friday, my recipe is a Bittman one for making cornbread with bacon. Throw on some soup made of bone broth and you have a great meal! Alex@amoderatelife

  19. That does look great! He did an excellent job. I love those colors too. Our walls have many of those beautiful colors.

    I like the dresser below the photo. Is there are tutorial or post about that piece?

  20. Wow! He did such a fantastic job! And getting his boys to help–that’s a good daddy, right there!

    My hubby is a great woodworker, too–last weekend he had to fix the teething marks on our crib from our son, since our daughter is now moving into it. Some of the marks went fairly deep, so he actually used his router to just put a new edge on the trim around the crib, then sanded and stained the new edges to match the rest of it. I was nervous about it, but it now just looks like the crib was designed that way!

  21. LOVE the red color of the dresser!

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