Family Fitness You Can Afford

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Photo Source: Mike Baird

Finding that you’ve grown a regular crop of couch potatoes over the winter? Wondering why it’s so hard to motivate your family to get out of the house? Looking for a solution to a little extra flab yourself? It might be time to get fit.

To read my article on family fitness on a shoestring, visit this month’s edition of Indy’s Child.

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  1. These are great ideas!

    I recently started the Couch to 5K (walker to runner!) program. I’m in love! I’ve got a renewed amount of energy to do these fun kiddo adventures.

    Have you ever taken your broad backpacking? We haven’t gone camping yet (youngest is just 3 months). We’re anxious to dust off our gear and have fun!


    1. @AllieZirkle, I’ve never heard of that program, but it sounds great. Hubs took the boys camping this last weekend. The girls and I haven’t gone roughing it yet. Toddler is just too high maintenance right now. Maybe in a few months.