Father’s Day Gift Idea: A Digital Grill Thermometer

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It may sound cliche, but the men in my family love to grill. I can do it — and if pressed, I bet my mom and sisters could figure it out. But, fair weather — and the subsequent grilling that accompanies it — give us a lovely break from the kitchen. Works for me!

To make my husband’s job easier, a little more tech, and a little more fun, I bought him this digital grill thermometer for his birthday last year.

It took a little while to figure out since the directions weren’t as clear as they could be. After some talking with the tech support at Oregon Scientific, we were up and running.

This thermometer works remotely. That is to say, you insert the thermometer probe into the meat and then walk away with the handy dandy monitor. It can even clip to your belt. As if that wasn’t cool enough, this thermometer talks to you! In four different languages!

Ever have friends over for a barbecue and hubs is talking and the meat gets a little overdone. You don’t want to be a nag, but the thermometer lady can be! She repeats over and over “your meat is almost done” until you do something about it. Love that!

This digital grill thermometer is a great product and one that we use and enjoy often. It would make a great Father’s Day gift for the King of the Grill at your house.

What great grilling tool does your guy like?

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  1. I am a huge promoter of the meat thermometer. I always say it is the one tool every good cook should have. It’s the only way to ensure your meat is cooked properly and more importantly not over done, which is a common mistake. I received a wireless digital meat thermometer for my birthday last year and love it.

  2. I totally just got a digital grill thermometer for my husband today and just gave it to him. He was thrilled of course but I didn’t even think about using it as a Father’s Day gift!

  3. My hubby loves to grill! I am putting the thermometer idea on my list of “Gift Ideas for John” that I keep in my Palm Pilot. My hubby’s Father’s Day gifts are already purchased and ready for unwrapping, since baby #2 is due the week before Father’s Day.:)

    My frugal Father’s Day gift idea–a homemade “Voted Best Dad–Hands Down” t-shirt with each kiddo’s handprints on the front. I have made one for my husband each of the past three years since we had our son, and he loves them! He wears it every weekend after he opens it on Father’s Day. I buy a t-shirt (for my hubby, specifically a Mossimo size medium athletic fit from Target, cuz that’s what fits him the best) in any color, and then I use iron-on dark t-shirt transfers to put the words on the shirt. After that, it’s less than $2 for a tube of acrylic paint in a coordinating color for the handprints. And I’ve used the same pack of t-shirt transfers for the past three years, because so many come in the packet that I had enough for several shirts! This year’s shirt is going to say “Voted Best Dad–Hands (and feet) Down!”, and will have our newly arrived daughter’s footprints on it, since I doubt that I will have much luck spreading her hands out for a handprint at 3 or 4 days old.:) The rest of the shirt is ready to go–letters ironed on and our son’s handprints in place.

    Anyways, if anyone was looking for a frugal homemade idea, I guess that’s one!

    Thanks for posting all of these great gift ideas!