Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

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Looking for some new Thanksgiving recipes to try this year? Here are some of the FishFamily’s favorites!

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes | LifeasMOM.com

Next week signals my kids’ favorite meal of the entire year. We are heading to Grampa Lee and Gramma Marilyn’s house, one of our happy places. Gramma and I have been scheming about the meal. It turns out that their range needs a rebuilt electrical panel. It’s supposed to be operational by Thursday.

We have a back up plan if it’s not: outdoor grill, multiple crockpots, and a camp stove to reheat food that I am going to make-ahead and freeze this weekend. Wahoo! Nothing is going to get in our way of a fabulous meal.

The menu? Funny you should ask. Here it is:

Okay. I’m not making everything listed below. My kids will pick and choose and then I’ll make them help me.


Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes | LifeasMOM.com


Gramma is going to handle the bird when we get there, but we both agreed that a turkey breast is the way to go. None of us are that crazy about dark meat anyway. A turkey breast will also cook easily if we need to use alternate heat sources.

Side Dishes:

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes | LifeasMOM.com

Sauces, Gravy, and Salad Dressings:

Favorite Thankgiving Recipes


Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes | LifeasMOM.com


What’s your favorite must-have dish at Thanksgiving?

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  1. I love love love Thanksgiving and am so glad we have continued the tradition over here in Australia with our family and friends. We have lived here for 21 years this coming January. Happy dances occurred when we finally sourced cherries and pumpkin for the ‘proper’ holiday pies! We used to have family send it over but about 6 years ago we found a store about 13 hours drive away that did mail order… So good to have ‘real pies’ again! Australian pumpkin and cherries just don’t make the real thing!

    Our meal plan
    Whole turkey
    Celery onion stuffing
    Cranberry sauce
    Green bean casserole
    Cheesy broccoli cauliflower
    Corn on the cob
    Mashed potatoes
    Sweet potato soufflé
    Small dinner rolls
    5 cup salad
    Cherry pie
    Apple pie
    Pumpkin pie

    We celebrate the weekend before or after thanksgiving as we don’t get the days off during the week. We are having our holiday this Sunday and are very excited to have our 4 month old baby here to celebrate with this year! Definitely a year to be thankful and celebrate our blessings.

    1. Kudos to you on keeping the tradition alive. I have friends who live there and they’ve told us how expensive food is. Sounds like you have a huge spread going!

  2. I forgot to add we had 16 people to help eat it all lol!
    We had a 108 degree day, it was soo hot, thank goodness for the air conditioner