Depending on the day, week, or month, Life as MOM hosts a number of special features.

Creative Birthday Cakes play a special part in the life of the FishFam, so I like to share the cakes I design and decorate for my kids. Twice a year, I host a Birthday Cake Round-Up where readers can submit cakes of their own. Throughout the year, readers are welcome to submit guest posts that showcase their special cake creations.

Thursday is the day for URS, or Ultimate Recipe Swap. It’s an opportunity for all of us here in the blogosphere to share our favorite recipes. Each week is based on a certain theme.

Fridays I host another carnival entitled, Frugal Friday. Originally a feature on MoneySavingMom, Frugal Friday is an opportunity for sharing great ideas for thrifty living.

Bookin’ It is an opportunity to read more in 2010 and to discuss what you’ve read with others. Link-up opportunites will be made available monthly throughout the year.

Christmas in July is just that, a time to think and plan about the holidays before the hustle and bustle becomes a stress. This series takes place one week in July and features giveaways and link-up opportunities.