Bookin’ It in 2010

I love to read. It is one of my favorite ways to while away the hours. Reading is a great use of our minds and imaginations. It may sound trite but it really does open up worlds of opportunities. What fond memories I have of staying up all night reading an engrossing novel or that “a-ha” moment when a light bulb goes on in my head while reading a non-fiction work that helped me grow as a woman, a wife, or a mother.

Yet, as my days get fuller, I find that unless I am extremely intentional, reading a real book — not a magazine or back of a cereal box — can fall by the wayside. Ever have that happen to you?

Create a Reading Plan
One way that I can be intentional in my reading is to create a reading plan. For years it has been a practice of mine to spend the first week of the year plotting out a course of books I want to read in the coming twelve months. It’s always been fun to see how my lists evolve over the year and which books I enjoyed and which ones didn’t make the A list.

This year I’d like to invite you along on my quest to read more. “I’m Booking It in 2010” and I hope you’ll join me in reading more in the new year.

But it’s not books I pick!

Last year I had the best intentions of following along with a book club, but I found it to be a little restrictive to have a book all picked out for me. I felt like I had to read the chosen book of the month whether or not it was all that interesting to me or fit my season of life at the time. And that does not make for a happy reader.

Since I like to set myself up for success, sometimes that means setting my own goals. And that’s what I want to challenge you to do. I want to invite conversations about books and to provide a way to share book recommendations. And there’s no “right way” to do this.

Do you want to:

  • read a book for pleasure
  • read a book for personal growth
  • explore a new hobby
  • try out a new cookbook
  • start a family read aloud
  • read more picture books with the kiddos
  • read through the Bible in 90 days or even 365
  • approach reading from a different perspective?

Unlike a book club where the books are chosen, I want you to feel freedom to go where your interests lie. But for those who might not know what they want to read, I’ll also offer suggestions throughout the year as well as feature some great guest posts. Each month I’ll have a check-in opportunity for you to link up with book reviews or progress reports on your reading goals.

Whaddya think? Are ya ready to BOOK IT?

Feel free to grab the button above and write a post with your reading goals for the year. Then come back ready to share the first week of every month.