February Freezer Cooking Days: Coming Soon!

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I realize that January is not quite over and that many of us are busily creating fabulous meals from what’s in the pantry. However, February begins next week and it will be time to cook up a mess o’ meals to stash in the freezer for the coming month. I have done this for three out of the last four months and it has been such a help to me come dinner time. I am also leaving town for a few days at the end of next week, and I want to make sure that FishPapa and the kids have some goodies to go to while I’m away.

Crystal and I would love to have you join us for the February Cooking Daze Days. Sign up on our Facebook event page and follow along on twitter, using the hashtag #oamc. Be watching for three great giveaways on Good (&Cheap) Eats as well!

Here’s the schedule:
Friday, January 29 – share your plan for Freezer Cooking Days at Money Saving Mom

Friday through Monday – cook up a storm! We planned this to straddle the weekend so that those who aren’t home during the weekdays can participate as well. Crystal and I will be sharing our cooking adventures both on LifeasMOM and MoneySavingMom.
Tuesday – share what you cooked over at MSM and enter the giveaway at Good (&Cheap) Eats to be announced later this week.

If you’ve not given freezer cooking a try, now would be a great time to check it out. Got any questions or concerns? Share them in the comments!

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  1. I still have plenty of meals left in my freezer from last time (I took inventory yesterday) so I think this time will be focuses on some fillers, deserts and snacks.

  2. Ooh! I’m excited. I jumped on the “eat from the pantry” bandwagon a bit late but it has been an interesting challenge and I’ve enjoyed being creative as much as I can. I’ve heard about OAMC and have been intrigued but have yet to try it. This should be fun! Does every meal for the whole month have to be from the freezer? I like to cook and some of our favorite foods aren’t super freezer-friendly, can I still make things fresh if I want to?

    • Jessica Fisher says

      Adrienne, I’ll be sharing more later in the week about freezer cooking, but of course you can make fresh! You get to make your own rules! I’m actually going to be doing lots of meal “components” like cooked taco meat, beans, baking mixes, etc.

  3. I was concerned about making things like taco meat, when you freeze and then thaw out-my concern is that the meat would be very dry tasting how do you keep the meat moist?

    • Jessica Fisher says

      I guess that I don’t drain all the juices completely and I get it “just” cooked. No overcooking allowed. Good packaging also helps!

  4. I’m excited about this. My freezer is looking a little bare.

  5. I’ve never done this before but may give it a try next month as I’m expecting a baby in just 8 weeks! What types of containers/bags do you use to keep your food from getting freezer burn? The only stuff I’ve ever frozen before are lasagna, chili & baked breads (i.e. banana)…so I have a lot of new things I’d like to try.

  6. I still have a good amount of meals in the freezer from my last cooking day but we need to get some bread and breakfast options made. I’ll hopefully come up with a plan by Friday. I love OAMC days!!

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