Meal Planning: February Meal Plan

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Now that my freezer holds the makings of several weeks of meals, it’s time to figure out how they fit into real life. I’ve found that it is helpful to make up a meal plan for the whole month. It’s always subject to change, but it seems that I get a better idea of what we have and how we can best use it if I look at the month as a whole.

  1. Chicken Taco Salad (marinated chicken from freezer)
  2. Jambalaya, Spinach Salad, Biscuits
  3. Beans and Rice (cooked beans in freezer)
  4. Costco Pizza (FishMama’s gone)
  5. Chili and Cornbread (made and frozen last month)
  6. Chicken Chimichangas (cooked beans in freezer)
  7. Pasta with Red Sauce, Salad, Focaccia
  8. Chinese Chicken Salad, Rolls (marinated chicken from freezer)
  9. Paella with Shrimp and Chicken, Salad
  10. Chicken Gyros (marinated chicken from freezer)
  11. Beans and Rice (cooked beans from freezer)
  12. Pizza Night
  13. Beef Chimichangas (cooked beef in freezer)
  14. Chicken Parmesan, Pasta, Broccoli, Biscuits
  15. Carnitas Soft Tacos (marinated pork in freezer)
  16. Baked Chicken, Wild Rice, Salad, Cornbread (marinated chicken in freezer)
  17. Stuffed Shells, Salad, Focaccia (sauce and meat in freezer)
  18. Beans and Rice
  19. Pizza Night
  20. Peanut Butter Chicken, Rolls
  21. BBQ Sandwiches, Veggies and Dip
  22. Pasta with Red Sauce, Salad, Rolls
  23. Beef Gyros, Couscous Salad
  24. Chicken Tacos, Rice and Beans
  25. Minestrone, Focaccia
  26. Pizza Night
  27. Chicken Enchiladas, Rice, Beans
  28. Steak and Taters, Green Salad

What’s cooking at your house this month?

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  1. My menu is much more basic this month.
    We’re short on cash and still working on depleting Freezer/Pantry stuff as well.
    I can tell you this. There are only three of us, and my guys are not “fancy eaters”. lol Plus, every fourth day is leftovers (except for Friday’s in Lent).
    No big exciting meals to tell about. But in March I am trying a few new recipes like Tamale Pie and Chicken Pot pie in Phyllo dough.

    I am off to look at your menu again!

  2. I love that you do a month plan- I need to get more “umph” to do OAMC- and I like your idea to just to the meat and then put together with numerous recipes later. I need to add that into our plans.

  3. I’m dying to participate with you! My in-laws purchased a used freezer for us on craigslist (for Christmas).
    I’m due with our 3rd child in March, and the plan was after Christmas I would begin stocking the freezer with meals for after-baby’s birth.
    Well, Monday after Christmas, I landed in the hospital for four days with preterm labor contractions 3-5 minutes apart (my son was born at 32 weeks, so we’re not taking any chances), and I have been on bedrest and lots of meds ever since. 🙁
    So I’m reading your posts, lying here on bedrest, wishing I could start learning in a hands-on way about OAMC!!!
    For now I will just enjoy your posts, and if I make it to week 37, I may have time to get a few meals frozen before our little girl makes her entrance.
    I have to say I’m impressed with the great variety in your menu! I always envision OAMC as Meal 1 x 2; Meal 2 x 3; Meal 3 x 2 .. . . etc. I have much to learn!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have to ask… is there a way that you keep your menu for the month? Do you write it on a piece of paper and put it on the fridge? Do you have a file on your computer? I started a Google Doc last night, but I still feel so disorganized…

  5. i love that you post your menu for the entire month. i do 2 weeks at a time but i’d love to be able to do a whole month. maybe 2010 is the year for this. everything sounds tasty, by the way.

  6. Your menu looks delicious! It’s nice to live in a temperate climate so you can provide green salads for your family nearly year round. I’m interested in the Peanut Butter Chicken. We have lots of peanut butter in our pantry and chicken is always on sale for $.99/lb.