Feeding Your Baby Solids (& A Giveaway from Happy Baby Food)

There is no shortage of ways and methods to feed your baby. Solids at three months? Solids at six months? One food at a time? Breast or bottle?

Having now seen six children from birth to toddlerhood, I’ve tested out several methods. What I’ve learned is that what works for one kid doesn’t necessarily work for the next kid.

My favorite baby feeding method has been to feed them what we were eating. This was the recommendation of our first pediatrician who told us to feed the baby salsa. Some of our babies just loved to eat from the table whatever was being served. And it was so easy!

But, sometimes, what was being served was not appropriate for babies. It might contain honey or nuts, or in the case of salads, be a food that wasn’t really easy for a baby to swallow. In those instances, it was always nice to have a back up plan.

Feeding Solids

I didn’t usually fill my cart full of baby food, but I usually kept several jars on hand just in case. And once they were toddlers, having some of those easy baby snacks in the pantry or the diaper bag was always super helpful. As the budget allowed, I tried to give my babies a good head start by feeding them organic foods wherever possible.

While my children are now beyond rice cereal and pureed foods, I still have a toddler in our midst. Last week she taste tested some toddler foods, compliments of Happy Baby. FishBaby FishChick2 devoured the cute, pint-sized snacks. She loved the taste; I loved it that the ingredients are organic and full of good stuff like yogurt and spinach!

Happy Baby Food

The HappyMelts were really interesting. They’re little kiss-shaped dollops of yogurt that are dehydrated. They just melt in the mouth. The Happy Baby Puffs were also a big hit — with many of the children. And the younger sister ate all the green vegetable flavored ones herself. She refused to share.

Kid tested, FishMama approved.

This week five winners will each receive the following, compliments of Happy Baby:

To Enter:

Pick one, pick ‘em all. You choose.

1. Leave a comment, telling us your favorite mode of feeding solids to babies.

2. Follow FishMama and Happy Baby Food on twitter. Then tweet this giveaway, such as “It’s Baby Week at LifeasMOM! Enter this giveaway from @FishMama and @HappyBabyFood:” Then, leave a second comment, telling us you did so.

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Giveaway will be open until Sunday, October 31 at 8 pm, PST. Winner will be chosen at random and notified via email. Please respond within 48 hours to claim your prize.

Congratulations to qsahns93@, rebekahstefaniuk@, makjell@, torigreene@, rsjrocks@!

Disclosure: Happy Baby Food is providing these prizes. I was not compensated to post positive comments. For more information, see my disclosure policy.

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  1. I like to wait until 6 months and feed what we’re eating… lots of frozen peas and berries around here too. 🙂

  2. Tweet, tweet!

  3. My oldest ate solids around 6 months, the next one, around 5 months. We’ll see what #3 does! =) I used a lot of baby food with my oldest, and the next one had more of what we ate. Since I cook way more now than I did with just my husband and myself, I think the next baby will mostly get what we’re eating!

  4. I like to wait until at least 6 months (why rush into something when it just creates one more thing to worry about). My now 10 month old decided she didn’t like pureed foods from the start so we just started out with easy grab-and-go foods like banana and avocado. My current favorite on the go ‘cheerio-like’ snack is puffed rice.

  5. We pretty quickly moved to the putting food on the tray and letting him have at it method.

  6. Mine are grown now, but I usually started out with some applesauce and mashed potatoes, foods we often ate. I also used a baby food grinder for other foods, sometimes adding milk to thin it out. I did keep baby food on hand as well. Now my daughter is starting to feed my 6 month old grandson and we’re enjoying him immensly!

  7. I like feeding my babies table food, and they’ve liked it too. 🙂 My first wouldn’t even eat baby food.

  8. Oh, what a great prize! We started solids at 6 mos, and since then have been doing a mix of “baby food” and table food, depending on what we’re eating.

  9. We started solids (jarred baby food) around 5 months every now and then and full on at 6 months. Now he’s almost 1 1/2 and eats everything he can! He especially loves “Yogi bites” (HappyMelts) and they are a huge treat!

  10. Liked ya on FB!

  11. I started feeding solids to my first three children at about 6-7 months. I tried with my fourth, but she wanted nothing but Mama’s milk until she was at least 9 months. By that time she wanted to eat what we were eating! Thank you.

  12. i’m hoping to wait until at least 6 months and introduce table foods.

  13. I want to be the kind of mom who feeds her baby whatever the family is eating (within reason), but I’m a little too uptight. I tend to the “one thing at a time, wait a few days to see how it goes” strategy, which ended up working out well when we had some allergy issues.

  14. I wait until 6 months and then try to feed my baby a combination of organic jar baby food & my own homemade stuff. 🙂


  15. Oh, I would LOVE this prize!!! My little girl is 6 months old today. She is my 3rd and i plan to feed her from the table. She has tried various cereals with success! I am excited to keep her trying new tastes. Thanks for the chance!

  16. What a fun giveaway! With #1, we started solids just before 6 months–starting with the slow introduction approach (to watch for allergies)…by 8 months was doing some small finger foods…and then, primarily was just served smallish versions of what we were having. Now, at 3 1/2 he eats a big variety of foods and still (for the most part) eats exactly what we are.
    Now, #2 has just entered the world of eating solids and we’re planning on doing the same thing. For the most part, I make my own baby food ( But, I do like to have some fun convenience foods on hand (like the yogurt melts & little puffs).

  17. We start solid with gerber cereal, but move to gerber veges and fruits and general table food pretty quickly. My baby isn’t quite 1 yet, but he eats most everything from the table these days. I still have some coupons for baby food so I might buy one more round at the store, but then I’m done!

  18. I follow you both on FB

  19. I follow you both on twitter and I tweeted too!

  20. I usually wait around 5-6 months before beginning solids. Love to make homemade baby food and freeze it!

  21. Margaret K says:

    We’re going to be starting cereal soon, at 4 months. Once that begins, I’ll probably slowly start giving soft table foods or steaming a little more of what we’re having & then blending it down. Get them used to real food as early as possible.

  22. AllieZirkle says:

    I’m all about the crockpot! I toss in squash and root veggies (whole, washed) and cook on high for a few hours. Once cooked and cooled, I cut in half, scrap out the seeds and whirl in the food processor. This method is so easy, I found my hubby doing the process for me on Saturday morning while I showered. What a treat!

  23. AllieZirkle says:

    I like you two on FB!

  24. Pam Frohn says:

    My last two kids just waited until they were good and ready and then ate mushed/minced versions of whatever we were eating. (Without the allergen prone foods) It was really stress free.


  25. Neither of my kids liked ‘smooth’ food. We just fed them whatever we were having. Frozen peas, cottage cheese, and puffed brown rice were the favorite finger foods.

  26. i have one starting solids this weekend! we do “table foods” around here – same organic veggies the rest of the family is eating… just mashed up 🙂

  27. I used a lot of baby food, but now I like to give her what we’re eating.

  28. With my first, I bought a lot of baby food, with my second I fed her more from the table and with a third on the way I plan on trying more food from the table earlier on! I usually start around 6 months and with foods that are easy to digest, such as pears. But since I don’t always have a ripe pear on hand, canned baby food comes in handy!

  29. Georgeann says:

    It was a surprise to me when our babys doctor said it was ok to start feeding our little one solids already at 3 months. This was new from when we had our first son almost 8 years ago, so why not. Little Country just loves everything I have been giving him. I make most of it from scratch but there are times as we come into the holiday season that I break out the jar food just because it is easier to travel with. Not having to take a cooler along is nice!

  30. Georgeann says:

    I need a LOVE button not a Like button!

  31. Georgeann says:

    Chunky Monkey LOVES the Happy Fmaily site as well!

  32. My favorite mode of feeding solids to babies is to have someone else do it. =)
    But really: bc I have eczema and my husband has mild asthma, we’ve taken the lightly cautious recommendations of single cereals around 6mo, one new food every few days. We both worked full time w child #1, so he was straight commercially packaged food every stage. Now that I’m home w #2, we are attempting to do better w table food or modified versions of table food… but my poor planning means mostly packages still.

  33. Jen Logan says:

    I’ve made my own baby food for both of my kids and introduced it when they were showing clear signs that they wanted to eat what we were eating!

  34. I haven’t started solids yet and don’t really have a game plan; however, my baby turns six months next week so I had better come up with one fast!

  35. I puree what we’re eating right now for my almost 9 month old and I have frozen ice cube trays full of pureed green beans, peaches, etc for the meals that aren’t baby friendly.

  36. Wait until around 6 mo. and then make a batch of fruits and veggies in blender and freeze in ice cube trays & then transfer to ziplocks……..feed them a fruit and veggie w/ most meals….along w/ rice cereal/oats. thanks!

  37. My boys started solids at 4 months but baby girl is 5 months and we haven’t started her out yet. I make my own baby food for the most part and like to freeze it in ice cube trays, make for easy portion sizes. I also like to keeps some jar baby food on hand for when we go somewhere, it just seems a little easier and a little less messy. My mom discovered yougurt melts when my youngest sisters therapist recommended them ( she had oral aversions and would not tolerate ANYTHING in her mouth) my own toddler loved them as well and we found that having one baby eat something seemed to encourage the other one to want to eat as well.

  38. I follow you on facebook!

  39. We started our son out on baby cereal around 5 months. He hated it, so we moved right on to baby food. He did well with that for a few months, but then he got to were he would spit the food right out. He wanted something with some texture, so now he eats whatever we are eating. Some times I have to put it in the food processor to dice it into pieces he can handle. Saves a lot of $ not having to buy baby food anymore!

  40. I waited until around 6 months old with my babies for solid foods and then mainly used a baby food mill to give them whatever we were eating. And I moved from purees to soft solids as soon as possible – the less spoon feeding time, the better, for me!

  41. Anything that we were eating that could be tossed in the blender, was! And since my little man ate what we ate, he liked foods the way that we fixed them. I think that helped to make him the non-picky eater that he is now.

  42. We have been feeding our daughter mostly food she can eat with her fingers. She’s very independent and was always trying to feed herself whenever we tried to spoon feed her…it was just easier to let her use her fingers!

  43. I try to feed what we are having as much as possible, it makes things easier.

  44. We waited until she was about seven months, and started with banana and avocado. We quickly moved onto her eating a smaller/mushed/pureed version of whatever we’re eating, which worked great!

  45. Julie Smith says:

    We do both baby food and table food for our 7 month old. It just depends on what we are eating.

  46. I like nursing until at least 9 months, then I slowly start Jamir puffs and homemade baby food.

  47. I follow you on facebook!

  48. I have a 9 month old and there are so many different ways most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’ve been making most of my own baby purees and I just started giving her little tastes of what I’m eating but she still has no teeth so I hestitate to give her too much.

  49. I’ve done a little of everything. Like you, I’ve discovered that each child is unique. My son started solids at 3 1/2 months(which I now think was too early) and has eaten like a champion ever since. He had commercial baby foods but not for very long. He did really well with table foods pretty early. Our oldest daughter didn’t start solids until 6 months but she had a lot of what we were eating pureed in the food processor. Who knows when the third one will start? She is four months old and hasn’t given me any indication yet that she needs/wants anything more but I do plan to do more table foods that jarred food. I have bought some organic baby food to have on hand though.

  50. I do a combination of jarred organic & homemade.

  51. I’ve started solids with my first 2 at 4 months, followed by baby food (one type at a time). But, then I like the food grinder for table foods until they are ready for the table foods just diced.

  52. My way is similar to the way you described, table foods when appropriate and baby food (store bought or homemade) as a backup. My son is 18 months and he loves those types of snacks.

  53. Baby food for a while followed by what we’re eating in tiny pieces

  54. We started at 4 months per our pediatrician. They highly wanted us to feed the baby off table, except for nuts, honey, and if we had any specific food allergies. They even said we could skip the baby cereal and go right to the food!

  55. I waited until about 6 months and try to feed as much of what we are eating as possible. I pull noodles and things out before the spicy sauce goes on when I can. When that doesn’t work, jarred food works for me!

  56. I wait until 6 months and start with mixing fruit and rice as soon as I know my babies can handle rice cereal. Then I introduce veggies, and move on to different varieties of fruits/veggies and other foods.

  57. I’m a twitter follower and tweeted the giveaway!

  58. I “like” you all on FB too! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  59. I’m “like”ing you on facebook!

  60. Somewhere between 4 and 6 months we pull out the rice cereal. Then I try and make most of my own baby food and freeze it in ice cube trays. I also keep jarred food available for convenience.

  61. I liked you all on FB

  62. I liked making my own baby food but with 3 kids now it might be difficult lol I am going to try to do more store bought baby food but try to make it all organic.

  63. My first started cereal at 4 months, then jarred foods shortly after. The second got some jarred food and some of our food at 6 months. The third started with avocado at 6 months, then branched out fast to whatever we were having. Its funny now how baby food in the jar seemed crucial with #1, and suddenly seemed like too much work with #3. Love this giveaway.

  64. with baby 2, i’m trying to feed him as much “our” food as possible and relying less on jars.

  65. Just “liked” both of you.

  66. We feed solids after 7 or so months… jarred and homemade all the way… I try and feed solids no more than twise per day due to nursing… sometimes some finger food puffs at the table if everyone else is eating!

  67. I liked to cook up fresh vegetables and fruits and then freeze them in small containers. Much cheaper than jarred food, and I knew exactly what the baby was eating.

  68. Diana Campbell says:

    I made my own baby food at times from leftovers in the kitchen. I also fed them from the table as much as I could.

    Diana C.

  69. We started about 6 months, tried a mix of baby foods (purees) and table foods depending on what we were eating also…table foods is definitely easier + my favorite because they just eat whatever we eat!

  70. My favorite way to feed my baby solids would be the mash with a fork method. Or in the case of meats shredded as finely as possible.

  71. I ‘liked’ both on FB! 🙂

  72. My baby is almost a year old and my favorite method is just feeding her what we are eating. She has liked most things, even the spicy food. Sometimes I do have to give her the food in a different form, such as steamed carrots instead of raw, but it is still really easy.

  73. My daughter’s almost 11 months, but hasn’t really moved up to table food yet. Due to some medicine she requires, she has been on acid reflux medication for 10 months now. Shortly after we started solids, the reflux went out of control. The dr wanted to put her on stronger meds, which had some side-effects I wasn’t comfortable with. So, I’ve been controlling her reflux with a pretty controlled diet. The Happy Baby foods are some that she seems to tolerate for now, so I’d love to win the giveaway… And wish me luck on getting my daughter off the problematic meds in the next 2 months! (Hoping!)

  74. My favorite method of starting our babies on solids is my little Kidco food mill. It is so simple to take a little of this and that from my plate and grind it up. I just pulled it out today and gave baby #4 her first banana (which seemed very popular). Would love to win this giveaway!

  75. I started with easy stuff like mashed bananas and avocado, also made my own baby food and used organic jarred food when we were eating out or traveling. Thankfully my son loved everything he was given to eat!

  76. I wait as long as possible for several reasons, some of which are; feeding solids is one more thing to do, none of mine liked pureed food, and nursing-only diapers are not as smelly.

    When I do start solids they are older and can usually pick up small bites of food such as frozen peas, diced and cooked carrot, and whole-grain cereal, and can eat one of my favorite baby foods, nature’s convenient bar (bananas).

  77. I “like” you on Facebook!

  78. Rebecca Scott says:

    With my daughter, I started around four months and with cereal, then onto one pureed food at a time. I think the next time around, I will wait until closer to six months and maybe try more of what we eat.

  79. I waited until 6 months to feed my baby and like to freeze ice cubes of food for her and give her some of our food from the table.

  80. Follow Fish Mama and Happy Baby Food on twitter (@hkittelson) and tweet:

  81. Like Life as Mom and Happy Baby Food on facebook.

  82. I start out using homemade fruits and veggies that I freeze into ice cube trays, then move as soon as I can to feeding from the table once they’ve been introduced to enough foods.

  83. Solids at 6 months. Each child (of our 6) has been different. The last 3 have eaten hoemade baby food. They’re eating home-canne bananas, peaches, pears, and apricots. My current baby also eats instant mashed potatoes and pureed cooked beans.

  84. We were those parents that started cereal early because my boys were so hungry!!

  85. I started feeding my daughter solids at 6 months.

  86. Liked you on facebook!! And, I start the babies on solid food scraping bananas, apples and avocadoes! Yummm!!! I try to wait until 6 months, but some babies wanted it earlier.

  87. We do the baby food jar thing. Or should I say, we try. My youngest now does not want jar food he wants real food!! We love the happy baby food!

  88. I waited until they were six months to introduce solids, and then tried a mixture of baby food and baby-friendly table food. But what works for one kid definitely might not work for the next!

  89. Jennifer M. says:

    I start rice cereal at 4-5 months, then I try the oatmeal, and at about 6 months I start introducing the stage 1 baby food as well as appropriate table food. It’s always a fun time!

  90. Jennifer M. says:

    I like Life as Mom and Happy Baby Food on facebook.

  91. I sure could use this since I just started my younger daughter on solids.

  92. I am just getting ready to start solids with my first baby who is 4 1/2 months. Starting him on Happy Baby Organic Rice cereal with a coupon I earned for a free product through Recycle Bank! Would love to win this Happy Baby package. Thank you for the opportunity.

  93. I ‘liked’ Life as Mom and Happy Baby on Facebook. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  94. I like to feed table food as soon as feasible and making sure the baby is comfortable. We love Happy Baby snacks for treats!

  95. Feeding #3 a little different this time around. Baby is eating what we are usually eating with only have a few things of baby food around.

  96. Our dr advised us to follow the baby’s cues on readiness, so we have started with small amounts of rice cereal between 5-6 months then working up to other pureed foods. As our babies got older and were able to handle more things, we would feed from the table whatever we were eating. Its worked well and our kids are very good about trying whatever we happen to be eating.

  97. We have always started our children on the purees at 4 months and table food around 6 months. My youngest is now 9 months and gobbles up whatever we put in front of him. Meal times and snacks are favorite times of the day for him! I would love to win this pack and have some more great and healthy options for him. Thanks!

  98. I’ve been a FB fan of yours for awhile now and just liked Happy Baby too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  99. We are on baby #3 and as you say each child is different. I usually just feed them what we are eating unless it is too spicy etc. Then I usually have a few organic baby foods on hand. Great giveaway!

  100. christina cave says:

    We waited until just after 6 months and now we do table food or baby food when what we are eating isn’t reasonable!

  101. christina cave says:

    I have “liked” both on facebook.

  102. My favorite method it to give the baby mild spices in their food. For example ginger and cinnamon. They will get a great palate for foods and not turn their nose up at new tastes later in life.

  103. I like both life as mom and happy baby on facebook.

  104. We haven’t decided yet because we haven’t gotten there yet! But soon. . .

  105. I guess I have 4 very independent boys. None of them have ever wanted the cereal or anything that comes on a spoon. Although, with each one I have tried. They want to do it all themselves. So they haven’t gotten much other than milk until they were old enough to do finger foods. At this point I also give them tiny pieces of what we are eating for the meal. As long as they are getting to do the majority of the work, they don’t mind that Momma is sticking stuff in their mouths also.

  106. Alex Hall says:

    I like to wait until at least 6 months, sometimes a little later if it seems like my baby can wait. Then I introduce solids by mashing up whatever we’re having for dinner, usually some kind of meat and vegetable mixture. I have bought jarred baby food for convenience, though, like when we made a cross country trip. I figured it would be easier than trying to find something for my daughter at various restaurants on the way.

  107. Alex Hall says:

    I “like” you and HappyFamily on facebook.

  108. My first is 14 months old now and has always been a huge eater, at about 6 months we started feeding him table food that we put through a baby food grinder. I still keep baby food on hand for snacks in my diaper bag, etc. But otherwise he’s eating whatever is being served for dinner, not ground up anymore, with only 2 teeth I think he’s doing pretty good!

  109. I like life as mom and happy baby on facebook.

  110. I started at 6 months with baby food and gradually started on table food that was easy to swallow.

  111. I started my daughter on rice puffs and the puff snacks after the rice cereal.

  112. we made most of our own baby food and my first one started solids around 5 months… she could not wait!
    and my second around the same time…. 🙂

  113. oh and we follow on FB 🙂
    and loooove happy baby products… my 6 year old has a hard time sharing with her one year old sister 🙂

  114. Will start with the cereals or maybe avocado or sweet potato this weekend 🙂

  115. 6 months, do the cereal, fruits and veggies in the Magic Bullit which I love!

  116. I follow both on Twitter ajennaod It’s Baby Week at LifeasMOM! Enter this giveaway from @FishMama and @HappyBabyFood: tweeted:

  117. I am a fan of both on Facebook!

  118. I usually start around 5 months and give some cereal then progress to things like bananas applesauce and peas. Thanks for the chance to win.

  119. I waited to they were 6 months and started with cereal, then added fruits and vegetables. Most of the time I pureed my own fruits and veggies.

  120. I made my own and froze it from organic produce starting at 5 1/2 months (he was SO ready!). Boy1 ate up everything we gave him, with the occasional help of some added applesauce. I’m interested to see what Boy2 (due in 4 weeks) will be like! I’m much better at providing healthy things for the boy(s) than myself, so “whatever we’re eating” isn’t always the best option for them. 🙂

  121. My youngest is 3 now, so I don’t remember how we started with baby food, but I do remember cheerios being something that my kids both loved to eat.

  122. The mashed banana is our go-to

  123. We like to make our own baby food by pureeing frozen vegetables that I have cooked and seasoned. And I like you on FB!

  124. Well, we don’t have any babies yet, but when we do, the first thing I want to feed him/her is sweet potatoes!

  125. I tweeted your giveaway and started following @HappyBabyFood and already follow you!

  126. I started at 6 months & make all my own, using organic veg & fruits. He loves Happy Baby cereals tho! 🙂

  127. Ahh! Help, my baby won’t eat table food. She spits it all out. 10 months old and no interest at all! Maybe she’d like Happy Baby snacks. She loves their oatmeal. Fingers crossed!

  128. Tweeted about it: reesieD

  129. I waited until 6 months to feed my son solids. He quickly move forward in eating solids though. He loved eating meat at 9 months and had the teeth to chew it.

  130. Tweeted via my husband and my shared account. Follow as well.

  131. Like on FB via my husband and my shared account.

  132. My son is six months old and we are planning on starting solids with him this week! My five-year-old wants to give him his first food, so I’m going to let her feed him some oatmeal tomorrow. 🙂

  133. I just started my 6 month old on solids and she just loves the vegetables so far. Here’s hoping that keeps up once we introduce the fruits! I am a big fan of the natural, organic baby foods for when I don’t have time to make my own. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to keep up my babies love of vegetables once we introduce fruits?

  134. With my first, I was so excited to start solids and tried at 4-5 mos. With my second I waited until mos. because I was not nearly as excited to start the baby food phase. She apparently wasn’t ready for it either – was perfectly satisfied with breastmilk! I make a lot of my own purees and keep some store-bought jarred in the pantry for when we’re on the road.

  135. I “liked” you and Happy Baby Food on FB!

  136. I made most of the baby food for both my girls. They got our foods, just pureed for them. I do keep a few jars of organic baby food on hand, but try to avoid using it when at all possible. My oldest loved the freeze dried yogurt snacks too. My youngest is only 5 months so she is still getting just pureed food a couple times a week. She’d still rather nurse then eat table food so I don’t force the food issue at this point since nursing is certainly the better option for her right now.

  137. Paula Romer says:

    I have a one year old and he doesn’t eat a lot of
    snacks or table food yet. I am still learning about
    feeding my baby and would love to win some new snacks
    that would help him transition to big boy foods!!!

  138. Marilyn K says:

    Liked Happy Family on Facebook.

  139. Marilyn K says:

    I like to make my own food but usually have some store bought food on hand for emergencies. I don’t stick to any hard and fast rules for when I start to feed solids. I guess I have forgotten what I did with the first two! One of those things that I just go with the flow on.

  140. We scattered lots of different bite sized morsels on the high chair tray and let our son eat away, being able to decide on his own what to eat. Once he would get going he would eat everything in front of him. So mix up veggies, fruit and cereal.

  141. We start solids at about four months and do lots of pick-up foods geared at toddlers. I also mush, squish and puree what we’re eating for dinner as they’re able to tolerate it.

  142. Jennifer Ott says:

    We usually wait until 6 months or so and give the baby some of whatever we are eating (within reason)…and yes, that’s why I think my kids love most food, even curry! That said, my 3rd was “asking” for food (while the rest of us ate) at 5 months… We’ll see what #4 does!

  143. I make my own baby foods- like applesauce, pearsauce, pureed squash, green beans, etc. This is great for introducing foods to my little one as well as on those nights when dinner isn’t really appropriate baby food!

  144. I like you both on facebook! I hope that gives you warm fuzzies!

  145. I’m with whatever the baby seems to be comfortable with. My oldest had no problem eating food with us at the table, my second took a little longer, maybe 7-8 months. As soon as they are able to put hand to mouth, they can start putting anything in there, so I think it’s important that parents demonstrate or give them the appropriate things to put in their mouths.

  146. we waited till she was ready to eat what we were off the table, and she loves to eat just about anything now!

  147. Sally Mcquaid says:

    i love to let my baby explore his food. It makes a huge mess but i think there is something about letting them feel it and feed themselves when they are around 12 months. ( i also feed them because we would be ther forever if they were exclusively feeding themselves until full) We also offer them wahtever we have (age appropriate extrictions excluded) that is served directly from the table so they feel included.

  148. I’ve always breastfred my children unitl at least 12 months. At around 6 months I start with rice cereal, I slowly add different pureed fruits and veggies, and once they get to about 9 months I start feeding them what we’re eating as well. I’ve never really bought the canned baby food. I just pureed whatever we were eating.

  149. My fav way to feed baby is to feed him what we’re eating… SOOOO much easier than jars of baby food!

  150. I most go to table foods (mashed) at around 8 months old. I use my food processer a lot to puree veggies and fruits…

  151. I like both of you on facebook. 🙂

  152. I actually haven’t had my baby yet, but I’m hoping to try to puree some foods at first to see how that goes. Lots of good advice on here!

  153. My little girl is eight months now and I’ve made most of her food myself, since she was 5.5 months, a combination of our food and specific recipes for her. Although I find the Happy Baby and Ella’s pouches really useful for out and about. Also like the Happy Baby melt and puffs now for her practicing to feed herself.

  154. We waited until my daughter was 6 mths like the dr and books said but I think she would have been ready before;she’d get mad when we didn’t give her what we were having!We fed her one new baby food at a time.

  155. I “like” you on Facebook!

  156. Not sure yet as first baby is still on the way, but I have to say feeding the baby what you are eating seems to make a lot of sense!

  157. Anything! With an 18 month old and a 6 month old, we’re in all different stages of eating! Whatever we’re eating is typically all my daughter wants, anyway! We’re a big mess of pureed fruits and veggies and bite sized pieces of mom and dad’s food!

  158. Kim Salmans says:

    I am right in the middle of starting my daughter on solids. I started with sweet potatoes and bananas. I like to make my own when time allows since I work full time and have a 3 year old it doesn’t happen as often as I would like. I love reading your blog everyday! Thanks for all your advice!

  159. We do cereal and organic baby foods.

  160. Our first baby is due January 24th, so I haven’t done this with my own child yet but as the oldest of 8 I can tell you that my mom never bought baby food – when we showed interest and could eat what she had cooked we ate table food.

  161. We’ve made our own food and had them stored so we can have a variety of choices. However also sharing what we are eating is exciting for our little one too. I guess you could say we mix it up!

  162. I follow you both and tweeted.

  163. I like you both on Facebook.

  164. I made babyfood for all 3 of my kiddos. I fed them tablefood when they seemed ready and I used some store bought. It’s all about figuring out what works!

  165. Our baby is due in April so I can only speak to what I have seen my friends do. It seems like taking what you eat and pureeing it is the way to go. We’ll see!

  166. My mode is to remain patient! Easier said than done, right? I know that it can take several tries before my baby will start to like a certain kind of food.

  167. We always gave our babies baby food from jars first. Food from the table usually happened soon after since they always wanted what we were eating.

  168. Following and tweeted about the giveaway on Twitter

  169. I make all our baby food – I can’t cook “grown-up” food but I rock at steaming/baking for the babies!

  170. I’m a Facebook fan!

  171. I’m a facebook fan of Happy Family now! Thanks for showing us yet another awesome page! 🙂

    I like the idea of waiting as long as you can to introduce baby foods… I mean probably not past 6-9 months since you don’t want to delay developmental issues with eating, but I like the idea of my baby thriving off of just breast milk for as long as I can keep him/her happy with that. 🙂

  172. My son in almost 7 months and has been on solids since 4 1/2 months. We have been using the Happy Bellies Organic Brown Rice Cereal and mostly homemade pureed foods. Since he is my first I don’t have any real experience with this until now.

  173. I like to make baby food and freeze it in ice cube trays.

  174. I start out with baby food or simple mashed veggies and fruits. Then, once they get better with solids I try to get them eating the same as the rest of us. I have an eight month old and we are right in the middle of this now.

  175. Started with the rice cereal at 6 months and moved on to pureed veggies and fruits. As a baby, my daughter would eat anything. But now at 18 months old she is PICKY and will not eat veggies or proteins. Hoping it’s a phase, as I feel really guilty that her diet consists of carbs, yogurt, cottage cheese, and fruit.

  176. my son wouldn’t touch solids til after he was 6 months old, almost 7 months. he loved eating oatmeal and puffs, both by happy baby. 🙂

  177. i am a fan of both life as mom and happy baby on facebook!

  178. We waited until 6 months and then fed him jarred baby food until he could eat what we were having.

  179. We started with good old Gerber and then moved on to table food. Now he just eats what we have. So much easier!

  180. I like making my own baby purees. Both times we’ve started with cereal around 6 months then worked in the fruits and veggies next. The rest just kind of falls into place until finally they are eating table food!

  181. I have a one year old that is a very picky eater. He loves yogurt and cottage cheese, but I am trying to find less messy options. We mostly just feed him table food because we can’t afford buying him baby food.

  182. Joellen Foster says:

    I’ve made my own baby food in the past, but kept some jars on hand for travel or unexpected schedule changes. Planning to do the same with DD #3, though I probably won’t be quite as strict with introducing one food at a time as I was with the other two. With allergies in the family, it seems prudent to be cautious, but it’s a lot easier to just finely mince/mash what we’re having anyway. We’ll probably be moving on to table food a lot sooner this time around.

  183. I fed my twins baby food at about six months old, and then slowly introduced table food as we ate it.

  184. I puree food at home 🙂

  185. just “liked” you and happy baby food!

  186. I just started my baby girl on homemade, pureed organic veggies and fruit mixed with HappyBellies Cereal. we are starting to introduce table food slowly…she is not loving the textures yet but we keep trying 🙂

    akkauz at hotmail dot com

  187. follow you and Happy BabyFood on twitter @AKauz and tweeted!/AKauz/status/28913766572
    akkauz at hotmail dot com

  188. Like LifeAsMom and HappyFamilies on Facebook!

    akkauz at hotmail dot com

  189. I’m really loving Earths Best baby foods right now. Financially speaking though, I’m thankful my little one is moving on to eating other things like small pieces of banana, pear, cooked veges, noodles, yogurts, and breads. It’s saving us money to have him eat regular people food.

  190. Jennifer H says:

    We started both our kids on rice cereal at 4 mos but our soon to be 5 moold we plan on making her baby food.

  191. Jennifer H says:

    Just “Liked” Happy Baby and Life as Mom on FB.

  192. TallyMichelle says:

    Little bit of everything here…but now she’s all table food, mostly what we eat!

  193. Feed solids around 6 months. I always used jar food but I might try something different this time.

  194. With my first I was told by my doctor to start at 4 months because I wasn’t making enough breastmilk. This did not help my breastmilk problem at all!! With my second, I am waiting until he is 6 months, which is coming up very fast!!

  195. My advice for solids is there is no rush. All kids eventually learn to move beyond milk/formula. Thanks for the chance to win!

  196. I have three under four, and my youngest (7-1/2 mos.) began solids two months ago after exclusively breastfeeding.
    I do a combination of buying baby food, making baby food and feeding what we’re eating.
    I never buy baby food applesauce–I always keep a big jar of unsweetened applesauce on hand. I rarely buy baby food bananas, because there are often bananas in the clearance cart at the grocery store, and I will puree a large quantity and freeze them in ice cube trays. Around Thanksgiving, yams go on sale and I do the same.
    If we have something like pot roast for dinner, I will put carrots & potatoes in the food mill for the baby. She eats toast, crackers, bagels and tries to chew on apple slices. . .
    I do stock up on baby food to fill in all the gaps, and usually end up using some sort of baby food every day.
    Now for my question: My older two children nursed till age 13 months, when I weaned them. However, my 7 month old has suddenly “weaned herself”!
    Last week two more teeth came in last week (total of 6) and she had a cold for almost a week. She is better now–but still not nursing.
    What do I do? I am trying to pump, but only getting about 8 ozs/day. I spend about 45 minutes – an hour rocking her at night as she falls asleep, hoping she will nurse. She has nursed only once in the past week, and that one time I kind of tricked her into it (she was asleep).
    She has never taken a bottle–now she will take the bottle, but only breastmilk–no formula-and she absolutely refuses to nurse.
    She has been an amazingly good baby to this point!–Sleeping 9-10 hours/night at 5 weeks old; rarely cries; nurses well; smiles incessantly! She’s very healthy: 85-95% in height, weight, head size. . . She loves solid food, and might eat 12+ ozs of solids in one meal.
    My husband said, “If she’s hungry enough, she’ll have to nurse or take the bottle.” Welll, she held out (not drinking anything) for 15 hrs till I broke down and gave her rice cereal and pureed veggies! I need another strategy.
    I try to thin out her fruits and veggies with juice, water, or formula so she gets more fluids.
    Any other hints?

  197. I start with rice cereal, around 4 months.

  198. I like both you and Happy Baby on facebook.

  199. I’m so glad you posted this! With my (not so) new baby approaching the sixth-month mark, I’ve been starting to think about solid feeding, and have been overwhelmed by the different opinions out there about when/how/what to feed.

    And I’m glad your daughter liked the Happy Baby stuff. I just got a good deal on some at, so I am hoping they’ll be popular with my little guy.

  200. Dawn Davenport says:

    I started with doing batches of veggie & fruit purees (freezing them in ice cube trays) as well as mashing up things that we were eating. I definitely had jars of food on hand for my sanity as well.

  201. Dawn Davenport says:

    I “like” LifeAsMom and Happy Baby Food on Facebook.

  202. Marlena U. says:

    I’m not sure the technical name (lol!) but I love using the little pacifier-like thing that you can put fruits/veggies in the net so that infants can chew on them to get the juices while not choking. That makes sense, right?!?!

  203. i used baby food with my first & am eager to try making my own with this new one.happy baby sounds like a great alternitive.

  204. i like lifeasmom & happybabyfood on facebook!

  205. we nursed for the first 6 months and then started to feed right from the table what we were eating. not very much though. once we hit 7 months, i started sitting her down for 2 meals a day (if possible, it isn’t always with our busy schedules!) and feeding her what we were eating or something that she could eat that we already had in the pantry. i’m still nursing mostly and feel that will be her main source of nutrition until a year old anyway.

  206. I like to feed them what we are eating also, if it’s something they can have. I also supplement with baby food for veggies, etc. that are too hard to chew.

  207. My little guy just turned three months old, so we’re not too solids yet. However, I plan to try some homemade purees.

  208. I say give them what you are eating! Didn’t do that with my first and he’s a picky eater to this day! My second started eating what we eat and he’ll eat anything!

  209. Little bits of whatever we’re eating… and then we let Gerber fill in the gaps.

  210. Eating table food that is appropriate for baby is just more convienient and alot of times as healthy to do plus baby is always curious about what the rest of us our eating anyway.

  211. Kathy Nguyen says:

    Baby Kiera is fed each day in her high chair. Typical puree baby food and sippy cup (:


  212. Kathy Nguyen says:

    I am a fan of your facebook page and also Happy Baby’s!
    Fb name: Kath Nguy


  213. I am starting baby #3 on solids, he’s six months, and he doesn’t want any of it!!!

  214. I make most of my baby’s foods. I started with soft things and moved toward textures. Our children have always eaten mainly what we eat (sometimes I pull some out before adding seasonings that are not baby friendly).

  215. My 1st started with homemade purees at 6 months. We’re about to start solids right now with my 5 month old. She really wants to eat. Again she’ll be getting mostly homemade purees.

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