Filtrete Water Station – A Giveaway

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Even though the hot summer days are fading, our need to drink water hasn’t. In fact, as kids play in team sports or ramble outdoors in cooler weather, it’s even more important that they keep hydrated, even though they may not think they’re thirsty.

While I know that filling my own water bottles from our filtered water on the fridge is probably the most economical and environmentally-friendly option, it’s honestly quite a pain. The water comes out slowly, making the fill of eight bottles of water a long operation. So, I’ve been buying bottled water.

But that could change….

Recently 3M sent me a Filtrete Water Station to try out. I was a little skeptical at first. So what if it fills four bottles at one time?

So what? Do you know how convenient that is when you have eight thirsty mouths?

We’ve run the water system through its paces. The water tastes great and the bottles fill really quickly. Replacement filters and bottles are readily available on Amazon. And the reusable bottles are easy to use once you get the hang of the fancy attached cap.

According to 3M, the Filtrete Water Station

  • is great for families looking to up their water intake without the hassle of needing to buy separate water bottles or bottled water.
  • filters water directly from the tap into four, BPA-free reusable water bottles
  • provides the convenience of bottled water without the cost and waste
  • helps reduce chlorine taste and odor and sediment
  • allows you to filter one, two, three or four bottles at the same time
  • saves up to 3,000 plastic bottles from ending up in landfills
  • is perfect for school lunches, playground dates and soccer practice

The only drawback I’ve experienced is that four bottles isn’t enough for our family. The starter kit comes with four, so I’ll be buying a few more bottles to even out our supply.

This week, one LifeasMOM reader will win a Filtrete Water Station.

To Enter

Pick one, pick ’em all. You choose.

1. Leave a comment, telling us how you keep your family hydrated.

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Giveaway will be open until Sunday, September 26 at 8 pm PST. Winners to be chosen at random and announced via email. Please respond within 48 hours of announcement email in order to claim your prize.

This giveaway is now closed. Winner has been announced and emailed.

Disclosure: I received a complementary water system for review as well as compensation for time spent writing and administering this giveaway. I was not compensated to publish positive comments. My opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. I get flavoring drops for water which makes drinking water more fun!

  2. shelly powell says:

    We each have a reusable cup we have with us at all times

  3. shelly powell says:


  4. shelly powell says:

    tweeted information on twitter

  5. we use crystal light packets–it makes the water taste great!!!!

  6. Luckily in my daughters classroom the teacher only allows water because that doesn’t stain the carpets. So gets to drink water all day and my four year old son loves water so he is no problem

  7. We refill our 5 gallon jug each week and then fill a container in the frig and fill our reusable bottles as we leave the house. This is awesome!

  8. I use google reader for ya!

  9. i like to add lemon to our water

  10. we like to add fresh lemon juice to our water

  11. I keep water with us at all times. It makes it so much easier to drink water this way because it keeps us from buying convenience soft drinks. It’s just hard for me to rationalize spending the same amount on a bottle of water that I would on something with flavor! πŸ™‚

  12. The kids take their sippy cups and I always use a travel cup or water bottle for myself.

  13. everyone has their own water bottles. if we are going to be away from the house, we always take water, i carry my cup(it has a lid) and we take a cooler with refilled water bottles and a jug with water

  14. We keep reusable water bottles in the fridge all the time, but our water is pretty hard. I’d be interested in trying something like this.

  15. I subscribe.

  16. We buy propel, crystal light, or other flavored packets to put in our water. The kids like propel the best.

  17. We have a water filter/container in the fridge, but it is slow and a pain to refill! Hubby carries bottled water to work. Would like to change that and this looks awesome!

  18. I subscribe!

  19. We have a water pitcher with filtered water in it at all times in the fridge. We just fill our water bottles before we head out.
    We try to reuse bottles as often as we can and I try not to buy bottle water if I can help it. This would really be a great item to have!

  20. we all have bottles and drink all day. hubby takes 2-3 LARGE refillables with him in the car and the kids fill theirs up throughout the day…

  21. We use water bottles and filtered fridge water or a large counter filter jug. It is messy trying to fill small topped bottles though. I would love to try this station.

  22. subscribe via email

  23. refillable water bottles and we take them with us when we’re on the go. OK, I have to tell you I LOVE the prompt about using “our big girl words”, so true!!!!

  24. I subscribe to your feed.

  25. I add lemon and lots of ice. Still a challenge to keep hydrated….would rather drink tea!

  26. My boys & I ALWAYS have a cup of water out (at home) and sippy cups/water bottles for on-the-go. And, as our fridge has a filtered water dispenser, they can (most of the time) fill up their own cups with (most of the time) little mess.

    It’s the other times I think the filtrete system would come in handy (so we’re not stepping in water and slipping onto the floor when they spill!)

  27. I’m an e-mail subscriber.

  28. We use reusable bottles, the kids have their own bottles in blue and pink…

  29. I follow you via email.

  30. subscriber

  31. We use bottled, we re-use whatever we have, we carry cups with lids. This would be a great way to change it up! I have been looking at several systems and this is at the top of my list.

  32. Lisa Forrest says:

    OMGosh! Everytime I go to get this, it is sold out! We started Financial Peace University and are trying to live better, smarter and greener! We canceled our monthly bottled water delivery and wanted to get the Filtrete system! It seems like a great alternative since our family is always on the go but grabbing water bottles every time we hit the door just isn’t responsible and it gets expensive! So, this product seems to fit our needs perfectly!

  33. I’m a twitter follower for both now.

  34. We drink water before every meal. We also always have a bottle for everybody when we’re on the go.

  35. I tweeted!

  36. I subscribe!

  37. We have a counter top distiller system from WaterWise. It works well for us, but we sometimes have trouble making enough water in one day to provide how much we want to use, especially if we want to use a lot for cooking something like soup.

  38. Anna Whiteside says:

    We try to stick to juice at breakfast, milk at lunch and dinner and water any other time. I’ve found carrying a water bottle around really does help me remember to DRINK!

  39. we all love water around here. but, we really need a water filtration system. I’d love to win this one!

  40. i subscribe

  41. Although I am much more of an ice tea drinker myself the rest of my family enjoy drinking water! This would be so much more convienent for them….

  42. Love this! Recently saw a commercial and thought it would be perfect! I too always gave good intentions of filling waters before we head out but so often run out of time and rely on bottled water… Not something I’m proud of! This would be much better for our finances and the environment!

  43. I also follow you on google reader!

  44. We keep reusable water bottles with us…it’s helpful when we’re on the go. We also have refillable no-spill “big kid” cups for our school room.

  45. I follow your feed in google reader

  46. We each have water bottles that we tote around with us all the time, so everyone stays well-hydrated.

  47. We keep a pitcher of water in the fridge all the time so we always have cold water. It goes fast!

  48. we are constantly filling up sippy cups

  49. We are desperately trying to drink more water. In that effort, we have started packing to go reusable water bottles. This would be great to win!!!!

  50. We each have our own water bottle and make sure to take it with us whenever we leave the house!

  51. Stephanie Schuyler says:

    I subscribe via google reader!

  52. We use plenty of ice, and I haul water from a local health food store.

  53. I subscribe!

  54. Stephanie Schuyler says:

    I try to keep my family of five hydrated but it is difficult when I don’t buy bottled water!

  55. We like to keep a 2 gallon container of our favorite Crystal Light in the refrigerator. It has a “tap” on it and works perfect for our family of 7!

  56. I subscribe via RSS feed

  57. We keep a jug of tap water in the fridge that the kids and I drink from. My husband prefers to fill up water bottles and keep those in the fridge to grab and go.

  58. I subscribe in Google Reader.

  59. We have a bunch of re useable water bottles to take places so this would be perfect!

  60. sarah thomas says:

    We got my little guy hooked on water, since it was all we offered (other than milk or breastmilk when he was little). he loves it now!

  61. sarah thomas says:

    I subscribe via google reader

  62. We’re lucky the kids LOVE drinking water. We all just drink water from the filter on the fridge, but it is a pain waiting to fill up big bottles. Thanks for the chance!

  63. I keep a Brita pitcher filled in the fridge.

  64. We have a Brita pitcher that we keep in the fridge to keep cold. Except it’s old and doesn’t work as well as it used to – we have a Filtrete station on our Christmas wish list!

  65. Despite water being my favorite drink, I’m terrible at remembering to drink often. I could really use something like this.

  66. I also subscribe to your feed on google reader…and love it!

  67. Lisa Forrest says:

    Following both on Twitter!!!

  68. We have metal bottles that we bring with us wherever we go.

  69. We use Nalgene bottles when we’re out. We use plastic cups or regular glasses when we’re at home.

  70. What a neat prize. Thanks for the chance to win. I’m tired of buying bottled water.

  71. Our kids’ teachers also allow reusable water bottles in the classroom, so they drink all day long. I have to admit to drinking a lot of decaf iced tea.

  72. Since none of like water straight from the tap, I keep a Brita pitcher filled in the fridge all the time. This way we always have cold water available.

  73. We drink water with resuable bottles that have straws, much easier to consume and less spillage.

  74. I subscribe to e-mail list.

  75. A little juice with a lot of water.

  76. I subscribe in google reader.

  77. TallyMichelle says:

    I just keep filling our water bottles..over…and over…and over…this would be great as we are a family of 4! (for now…)

  78. TallyMichelle says:


  79. I gave up soda in Jan (used to drink about 4 liters a day of Diet Coke) so now I’m a water junkie. I used a reusable cup.

  80. I do buy bottled water for when we are on the go and I then re-use those bottles to make gatorade from powder.

  81. We buy bottled water and also have individual bottles, which I don’t like for the same reasons that you have already stated.

  82. I keep a 5 gallon jug of water on my counter. The kids can refill their bottles all day!

  83. I’m a follower in reader!

  84. Tweeted @Vindiciti!

  85. I subscribe to emailses @vindiciti@yahoo!

  86. I don’t hydrate my family well enough! This would be a huge help!

  87. i’m lucky both of my kiddos love water. maybe because baby girl is too picky to drink much else:)

  88. I just bought each of us aluminum (BPA free) water bottles.

  89. We keep stainless steel water bottles all the time but the water must be filtered first and then chilled and then poured into the bottles, we’d love to have one of these but they’re not in Canada yet!

  90. We are constantly keeping sippy cups filled with water. We also use lemon or orange occasionally for flavor. My family would love this system!


  91. I subscribe via e mail and I love it!

  92. We recently switched to a bunch of metal bottles rather than bottled water. However I saw commercials for this product and would love to have.

  93. We are rarely without our reusable water bottles…whether at home or on the go. This looks like a neat system.

  94. satha vorwaller says:

    I always have my son’s sippy cup filled and i usually carry around a bottle of water.

  95. We use reusable water bottles that I wash and fill several times a day.

  96. We use reusable water bottles and we have a filter on the tap (underneath the sink). The only problem is I have developed an adversion to water from the sink…even though I know it is filtered…I know, it’s crazy. That’s marketing for ya! So this new Filtrete system would be a great thing for us to try!

  97. We always keep bottled water on hand!

  98. I subscribe through Google Reader!

  99. We bring reusable water bottles with water everywhere we go.

  100. We use re-useable water bottles. My husband actually uses the giant 32 oz cups they gave me when I had our two kids. He says it makes him remember the arrival of our kids into the world. *awwww*

  101. I subscribe in a reader.

  102. We each have a reusable water bottle.

  103. I send my 2 yr old with a perpetual sippy cup of water.

  104. We use filtered water in refillable cups.

  105. We always just drink water. When friends are over, my kids say, “do you want water, ice water, or tap water?” πŸ™‚

  106. I have to keep bottled water handy as our water is well water and currently smells yucky.

  107. I follow you and filtretewater on twitter and tweeted.

  108. I subscribe to you via google reader

  109. I subscribe via Google Reader

  110. Oh my WORD how amazing is this?! I would love a chance to win it! We drink lots and lots of water to stay hydrated here – we could put this to VERY good use! πŸ™‚

  111. I subscribe via Google Reader


  112. We have a water filter cooler that we keep in the fridge but would love to have one of these.

  113. We use refillable steel thermoses and the kids have access to plastic cups with their initials on them. I think they probably should be drinking a little more water though.

  114. I subscribe via google reader.

  115. my hubby is a hydration fanatic – he drinks several gallons a day without trouble. I, on the other hand, often nurse the same cup of coffee until mid afternoon. I’m trying to hydrate more by adding flavorings to my water, keeping convenient easy-to-carry bottles around, and tying to take a drink every time i walk by a bottle.

  116. i already subscribe to your feed!

  117. Christina Maney says:

    I always keep a reusable bottle of water with me and have my childrens cups filled with water available on the table for when they are thirsty.

  118. Sweet tea in the fridge at all times. We do live in the South, you know. Seriously, we need to drink more water and it’s always easier when you drink it out of a bottle for some reason. This system looks great!

  119. I subscribe via google reader.

  120. I have fun cps and thermoses for my girls to use.

  121. Water, water, water!

  122. We keep a pitcher of water in our fridge for most water we drink. We live in Memphis, and one of the (few) benefits of that is that we have truly phenomenal tap water here. It tastes great, and we don’t have a fridge water dispenser anyway, so it generally works really well for us. HOWEVER, I do still keep bottled water in our home, too, for days I want to bring some water with us. I should probably get something reusable and keep those around to throw in my bag, but it’s just so darn convenient. Anyway, THAT’s how we stay hydrated! πŸ™‚

  123. I also subscribe via google reader!

  124. We have been drinking more water at our house the past couple of years.

  125. I subscribe via google reader.

  126. Each family member has a Sigg brand water bottle that we refill with the filtered water pitcher. This would cut the “middle” man…which is me i guess!

  127. We each have reusable water bottles… mine’s more like a water jug, but we fill them every morning and as many times thereafter as necessary.

  128. I’m a subscriber via Google reader.

  129. Every one in my family has their own water bottle that goes everywhere we do. The only question I have is how to do tell whose is whose? I also have 6 kids and we “try” not to share germs by having unique bottles. Thanks for the chance to win!

  130. We refill water bottles also.

  131. At work I use a large cup that I refill regularly. The kids and dh each have their own water bottles which get filled from the fridge filter. Ds has a habit of letting his overflow and water gets everywhere. At least it’s just water!

  132. luckily the girls love water, so we just make sure to have it available, and the older knows how to open the fridge by herself.

  133. i read you via blogger

  134. We all have our own water bottles that we take everywhere with us.

  135. I subscribe via google reader.

  136. This looks awesome! My husband works outside, so when he comes home, he drinks water like a camel! It would be nice to be able to fill 4 bottles at once! We use a filter system to keep reusable bottles filled up &in the fridge. I like room-temp. water (strange, i know) so I keep a pitcher of filtered water on the counter at all times.

  137. subscriber via google reader

  138. We just moved into a new house that has the water in the fridge door, so the kids are having a lot of fun drinking from that (or just throwing it on the floor!). We also like the Sigg-type water bottles for on the go.

  139. this would be great when traveling I am thinking. Water tastes so different from place to place!

  140. We add lemon juice to our water..:)

  141. We all have reusable water bottles we refill from the fridge.

  142. Each member of my family has their own stainless steel bottle that we refill all day long. Having a cup dedicated to water has definitely increased our water consumption.

  143. I am an email subscriber too.

  144. I always have a glass with me so I frequently refill.

  145. I subscribe to your email. πŸ™‚

  146. Our family keeps water bottles filled and ready to go in the fridge. We each have our favorite reusable one that we like.

  147. I just posted my tweet about the giveaway, and I’m an email follower as well! Thanks!

  148. We take reusable water bottles with us when we leave the house and when I’m home most of the day, I try not to sit down unless I have a bottle near me

  149. I’m an email subscriber!

  150. Kristen Beecham says:

    My son would rather drink “ummy water” than most anything else! So whenever he needs his sippy cup refilled, I try to refill my own glass as well.

    kristencwiseman at yahoo dot com

  151. Kristen Beecham says:

    I subscribe via email.

  152. We generally use water bottles, but these would be so much better!

  153. I started my daughters drinking water when they were little. Although we live in the foothills of the mountains, the water is heavily chlorinated. It smells(and tastes) like pool water. We received an under-the-sink unit(my dad bought it on clearance for $15) when my oldest daughter was a baby, but she is now 6. I constantly have a cup of ice water by my side(although it gets spilled often). I have purchased bottles in the past but the lids just seem to get lost. I would like to try the new way the lid attaches to the bottle. This way, I can prevent spills and have fresh clean water readily available.

  154. E-mail subscriber

  155. We carry around BPA free bottles filled with plain ice water. Having a cool bottle with a Disney character on it sure makes drinking water more fun!

  156. So far we are doing fairly well on cutting back on plastic bottles while at home, but it’s difficult while we’re out and about. This system could come in very handy!

  157. I am a subscriber!

  158. We just like good old plain water ~ so refreshing! We all always have a cup or water bottle nearby!

  159. We refill bottles and cups at the fridge.

  160. I subscribe on google reader.

  161. I drink my water plain but sometimes I add a splash of juice to my daughter’s water. I would love to win the reusable bottles. Thanks

  162. Sally McQuaid says:

    My kids always think its extra special to drink water for a “cool” bottle. I give the water in old soda and water bottles and they drink it up quickly.

  163. subscriber

  164. We keep a filtered pitcher in the house and take large cups of ice water whenever we leave the house

  165. We live in the south, where it gets oppressively HOT! Wherever we go, we all have at least one bottle of water for each person. We drink lots and lots of water usually w/a splash of lemon. Love this giveaway.

  166. I am a subscriber, and I love! πŸ™‚

  167. We have been buying bottled water, not green, I know! But I find it so much easier to up my water intake if its in a bottle.

  168. I’m a subscriber!

  169. We drink lots of water. We take water with us everywhere we go instead of soda or juice.

  170. I subscribe via email.

  171. I subscribe via email.

  172. We have reuseable cups/bottles that we use for water. We fill them first thing in the morning and continue to fill them throughout the day. This system will fit in perfectly in our house! Thanks for a chance to win!

  173. We keep a Brita pitcher in the fridge and use it to fill Sigg bottles to go.

  174. The whole family has their own Camelbak bottles to help stay hydrated!!

  175. I subscribe via rss feed

  176. My husband & I have reusable water bottles we refill from the fridge and my little boy uses a toddler cup. We never buy water bottles any more now that we have this system in place.

  177. I keep a bottle of water in the car to share.

  178. We love to drink good old water at our house!

  179. It kind-of veries – for a while I reused plastic water bottles and filled them up with water from the filter, then I used a travel mug type thing, and lately I’ve just kept my glass out in sight so I remember to fill it up. That doesn’t help much when it comes to traveling or even being outside for that matter.

  180. I subscribe in Google Reader.

  181. subscribe using email

  182. We have to have water bottles with us all the time. One of our children is actually allergic to the city water. Makes me concerned for the rest of us if there is stuff in the water that causes him problems!

  183. I keep my family hydrated with water and gatorade or powerade during sports activities and dance!

  184. I use reuseable water bottles for my little ones and togo coffee mugs for us bigger ones.

  185. I get your emails.

  186. I like the new Crystal light drink mixes. My youngest likes the Koolaid fizzers, he likes to add them to his “water bottle”. We each have a bottle that we refill from a Brita Filter Pitcher kept in the fridge. Winning this would mean no water spilled on the kitchen counter from everyone “trying” to refill their bottles πŸ™‚ Which would be awesome in my book!

  187. What an awesome product! Hope I win.

  188. I am an email subscriber as well.

  189. We use refillable water bottles and take them with us when we get in the car. Cheap and convenient. We also only order water at restaurants.

  190. We each have our own water bottle that we reuse!

  191. We use refillable bottles.

  192. We use refillable bottles.

  193. I am really lucky because all my kids love water. We only have milk or juice with meals all the rest of the day is water.

  194. i subscribe to email

  195. Melissa Carey says:

    I was looking into this very system for our family. We have been using way to many water bottles. We recycle but the cost and waste really bugs me!

  196. We use a Brita filter in the fridge. My son has several sippy cups that we put water in and my husband and I have several Nalgene reusable bottles that we fill up.

  197. Candice Storm says:

    This would be a good solution for my family. Currently we are having water delivered for convenience and I don’t drink from our tap because we have a well and I think it tastes funny but this may be perfect to try.

  198. Candice Storm says:

    I subscribe to your emails

  199. We like ice cold bottled water at all times! and koolaid!

  200. We drink a lot of water! I only have water and milk in the house. Sometimes I’ll buy sparkling water for a treat for my son.

  201. I subscribe via google reader.

  202. I keep cold water in the fridge with lemon slices.

  203. email subscriber

  204. We have color coded reusable water bottles for each member of the family. But they have to be continually refilled from our pitcher water filter. It’s hard to keep enough filtered cold water on hand. This system would be great for us!

  205. I’m an email subscriber too! πŸ™‚

  206. Since we got a new fridge, the kids love getting water from the spout on the outside. We fill bottles to take with us for outings. Would love to try this.

  207. a splash of juice gives water a fun taste for my kids and it makes the juice go A LOT farther πŸ™‚

  208. I subscribed πŸ™‚

  209. We use only re-usable bottles, which I fill from our Brita filter. I’d love to try this system for our water drinking family, especially since it’s BPA-free.

  210. We switch off with water all day and one treat – juice – in the afternoon.

  211. I follow via google reader.

  212. We all carry reusable water bottles with us wherever we go.

  213. We live in Arizona just west of Phoenix so we understand the importance of staying hydrated…especially in our 110+ summers! With two small boys I always have a reusable water bottle filled with ice water for each of them wherever we go. My husband and I started giving them water as soon as their pediatrician okayed it and now I don’t have any problems getting them to drink it.

  214. My kids don’t like water very much, so I started cutting up lemons and putting them in their water. Now they like it much better than juice.

    great giveaway….

  215. We have a Brita Water filter-but for some reason I love this idea so much better!=)

  216. This looks like a great idea! I would love to win!

  217. I’m a subscriber!

  218. I refill water bottles and put them in the frig for easy access.

  219. I am an e-mail subscriber.

  220. I try any method I can think of with a 3 and 1 year old.

  221. Follow in google rreader

  222. I keep my kids hydrated by serving them milk, water, and 100% juice!

  223. I subscribe via email!

  224. Jennie Melvin says:

    I have a Brita water filtration pitcher but I would love to be able to fill reuable bottles and have them in the frige ready to go. Thanks!

  225. Jennie Melvin says:

    I also follow you in google reader.

  226. That is just so cool! We have stainless steel water bottles (spiderman and Hannah Montana) that we fill each day.

  227. I’ve been eyeing those every time I go to WalMart. Glad to know they work well! Hope I win one, our tap water here in South Alabama tastes awful and bottled water gets pricey with as much as we buy.

  228. Unfortunately, my middle son is not a fan of water. He only drinks it with flavoring in it. πŸ™

  229. My kids and I have water bottles with us at all times.

  230. I am an email subscriber.

  231. I just try to encourage water as our primary beverage. For the baby it’s either breastmilk or water. For me and my husband it’s usually water but sometimes a diet coke or two. This water station would probably encourage a little more water consumption!

  232. I subscribe in Google reader.

  233. We fill up our siggs with filtered water.

  234. I make sure that I never leave on outings without our water bottles. πŸ™‚ They are great, plus keep me from having to buy soda or other expensive, and not-so-good for you things. πŸ™‚

  235. I follow you guys on Twitter, and I tweeted about your giveaway. πŸ™‚

  236. I subscribe to your emails. πŸ™‚ Thanks for offering such an awesome giveaway!

  237. My kids were born thirty for water! My biggest problem is keeping their cups filled!

  238. I always make sure we all have something to drink with us- especially when we leave home!

  239. I follow you both on Twitter and tweeted: jennaod β€œ@FishMama is giving away a @FiltreteWater System. Enter to win:

  240. I subscribe to your daily emails!

  241. I’m fortunate that my kids love tap water. Everyone has their own water bottle and they are responsible to keep them filled and have them when we leave the house. It doesn’t always happen but at least it does some of the time. This looks like a great gadget for my family!

  242. I’m an e-mail subscriber!

  243. We have a water filter container in our refrigerator but it is slow to fill up.

  244. I subscribe to your emails.

  245. I subscribe to your blog via email!

  246. We drinks lots of water in our home, so this would be awesome to win! I currently spend a lot of time making sure everyone’s metal water bottles are full and ready to go!

  247. I have seen this on TV and I WANT ONE!!!!
    It looks amazing. My family of four drinks water for ballet and Karate each week. Along with homeschooling we need water bottles each day! I would love to know I’m filling up my family with good clean water.
    Thanks for the review and I hope I win!

  248. I keep the crystal light 2 go packs on hand. My daughter is much more likely to fill a water bottle if those are around!

  249. We either use Crystal Light packets (or the more frugal Kroger brand – Raspberry Lemonade is our favorite) or add a few tablespoons of juice to the glass. Back at summer camp, we counselors (all college students at the time), played “flip-cup” with the kiddos – using water instead of the traditional beer, obviously. πŸ™‚

  250. We have Klean Kanteen’s that we take with us but they get so banged up!

  251. We stay hydrated by drinking a lot of Crystal Light and Kool-aid Fizz drinks.

  252. We go through A LOT of Gatorade and Powerade. I would love to transfer that over to water and this would definitely help!

  253. I have two Brita pitchers in the fridge (this is the only way I was able to break the kids from bottled water). This water station with reusable bottles sounds more convenient.

  254. I subscribe to Life as Mom feeds.

  255. We fill up reusable water bottles usually although I have bought some too. This sounds great.

  256. I am an email subscriber.

  257. I’m lucky- my girls like water!

  258. I subscribe via Google Reader.

  259. Diana Campbell says:

    We use reusable bottles for the most part. Some of mine leak but the kids’ cups are fine.

  260. I emphasize how nice iced water out of the fridge is!

  261. i receive a nice email from you every day.

  262. We each have our own water bottle to refill, but yes, refilling 7 water bottles sure takes a lot of time!

  263. My kids like to take water bottles everywhere!

  264. I subscribe via google reader.

  265. I stock up on bottled water when it’s on sale and try to bulk buy poland springs or nestle using coupons.

  266. That thing is pretty cool! Currently we fill up water bottles from the tap (yuck!). I would love to win this!

  267. I subscribe via RSS feed right to my homepage πŸ™‚

  268. Cold water is preferred, so I try to offer lots of cold water, and straws somehow make it even better.
    Also just making sure to take ENOUGH water when we go places. I’m sometimes amazed at how much we drink.

  269. We drink water with Crystal Light Pure in it.

  270. I’m an email subscriber

  271. I have several aluminum bottles that I refill each day and send in the backpacks…don’t love them too much though because they sweat so much! This looks like a great little system…and we have 4 in our family, perfect!

  272. I subscripe to your newsletter via e-mail…thanks for the giveaway!

  273. I carry a reusable water bottle with me almost everywhere, as does my daughter.

  274. We are all about water and milk in our house:)

  275. We use SIGG bottles and we each have a number that we need to drink each day. I follow via reader!

  276. Right now, we just reuse plastic water bottles. Bad, I know!

  277. I also subscribe via Google Reader.


  278. Andrea Watts says:

    We have water in our fridge

  279. Andrea Watts says:

    I am following you both and tweeted @FishMama is giving away a @FiltreteWater System. Enter to win:

  280. Andrea Watts says:

    I am an RSS subscriber

  281. I am an email subscriber

  282. We each have our own water bottle in the frig.

  283. We like to drink water with a few drops of lemon juice in it. Since we live a bit in the country, we don’t depend on city water, but rather a rural supply. Our water is relatively clean comparatively, but we are still concerned as it has been tasting different as of late, and there are more people moving into the area, and we read about shrimp in the ocean not even being immune to these drugs and etc.

  284. I subscribe!

  285. i use ice. i think we drink more when it’s cold.

  286. We each have a stainless steel bottle and fill it from the fridge – not quick, but it is easy.

  287. We keep a huge jug of water in the fridge that can be refilled. If it’s in there and cold, everyone drinks more.

  288. I subscribe in reader. Thanks!

  289. Subscribe via email

  290. I try to keep a water bottle stashed wherever I may need one – diaper bag, around my son’s toys, in the car, etc.
    This also helps when I need to make a bottle and I’m not around any water.

  291. Shaunta Chambers says:

    We drink lots of water…and kool-aid at times.

  292. Shaunta Chambers says:

    I subscribe via email

  293. We buy a case of water every 2 weeks!

  294. I subscribe

  295. Amy Stanford says:

    I have a brita filter pitcher. It is a pain! But….I am addicted to the freshness. I wish I had something easier though!!

  296. Amy Stanford says:

    I follow both of you on twitter!! And I tweeted:

  297. Amy Stanford says:

    I also get your emails!

  298. we drink bottled water. we have horrible well water!

  299. i am subscribed via google reader.

  300. We each have a Camelbak water bottle that we love!

  301. I subscribe via email!

  302. Flavor water rules in our house!

  303. I’m a subscriber

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