Finger Toast or Piano Keys?

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When you get married, you blend two distinct cultures – his family and yours. While we may have grown up in the same state, only 90 miles from each other, FishPapa and I have our own ways of doing things based on our upbringing.

Often this results in some beautiful new experiences. For instance, we rarely had pumpkin pie when I was a kid, but Grampa Fish loves it. It wasn’t until I had a holiday with the FishFam that I gained a love for pumpkin pie.

So far we haven’t encountered too much friction in blending our family traditions, except for one.

Are these piano keys or finger toast?

My mom always called them finger toast, as do I. FishPapa and his mother called them piano keys.

What do YOU call them?

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  1. They are called Soldiers! Best eaten dipped in soft boiled eggs in egg cups.

    My mum was born in England and we are Australian. That’s what we call them! 🙂

  2. I didn’t know that there was a name for that. On a similar note, I call a grilled cheese a grilled cheese whereas my husband calls it a cheese toasty.

  3. That’s so funny! I’ve never had my toast cut up like that. I grew up in the SF Bay Area and since my mother played both organ and piano I’d bet we’d have called it piano keys. You can bet that the Ohio side of the family would have called it something very different!

  4. Those are soldiers. You eat them with a dunkin’ egg. ☺

  5. Soldier toast! Finger toast too. I must say I like the piano keys version 🙂

  6. Too funny!
    I’ve never cut my toast that way, so I wouldn’t know…:)

  7. Elaine says

    Toast soldiers here in England! Best dipped into soft boiled eggs from our own chickens. Mmmm…. think I know what I’m having for lunch now.

    • @Elaine,
      My family always called these soldiers–I thought it was just us, but I was born and grew up in England, so I guess that must be where it’s from.

  8. I don’t know – my mom never cut my toast that way (we got four squares). 🙂

  9. Ahhhh! The joy of variety: even in the names of our foods! Keeps life interesting!

  10. That’s so funny. I’ve never had my toast cut like that! Cut like anything, for that matter, we always just had the slice whole. I have to say that I do like piano keys because I play piano and they do resemble piano keys.

  11. I’ve never thought to cut toast that way, so I have no name for it. I think I’d probably call it finger toast.

  12. Definitely never cut toast that way…we always had it cut on an angle.

  13. Kirstin says

    I know that some people call those soldiers. My mom just cut toast into halves. : )

  14. Melissa says

    We call them sticks! I love both of your suggestions, though!

  15. MelissaP says

    I’ve never seen it cut like that, so I was very confused by the title of your post! LOL

  16. Emily E says

    I’m with everybody else- I’ve never had my toast cut that way! I’d say come up with a new name like Fish Toast and be done with it. 😉

  17. I like piano keys (seems like you should spread dark jelly on some just for accuracy ;-).
    We never had cut toast as kids and we usually had cheese on top-so we called it “cheese-toes”…lol.
    I cut my daughters French toast like that (much cheaper/healthier than bought) and we call them “sticks”.
    It’s cool to see what other people call every day food-I’m from the South so we drink ‘coke’, but mine says “Diet Mountain Dew” on the can ;-).

    • Jessica Fisher says

      Yes, hubs says the coke vs pop drama is a bigger one at out house. It doesn’t bother me. He can call it what he likes, it’s still, “pop.”

      • @Jessica Fisher,
        My hubby was raised in Florida (which is a state most southerners would NEVER claim as part of the south-I’m from Alabama) and we both call it “soda”. I do it b/c I felt ‘coke’ was kinda mean-used to have an uncle/cousin who worked for Coca-cola, when I ‘changed sides’ I changed what I called it.

  18. I just call them pieces of bread:-)

  19. What actually IS it? just toast with butter on it? If that’s the case we’re creative…call them toast strips. 🙂 the bread looks yummy whatever it is.

  20. Looks like toast to me. Didn’t know there was a name for it once you cut it up!

  21. Jessica-did you say you and hubby met @ College?

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @Cindy, I was a student at UC Santa Barbara. FishPapa is 9 years older than me, so he wasn’t in school. But, he grew up in Santa Barbara. We met in a homegroup at church.

  22. Candace says

    Aww… I’m a bad mommy!! Why haven’t I cut my kid’s toast like this? I even live in England where a kids first finger food are the toast soldiers dipped in a soft boiled egg! My poor kid…deprived of toasty stripped finger keys…I’ll have to make it up to him in the morning 😉

  23. Katy P says

    I am a SO CA girl- and had never heard of either name! We always cut our toast in halves or triangles! : )

  24. Sara P says

    I’m from Alabama and we call them “toast fingers”. We usually add garlic butter and serve them with spaghetti.

  25. Uh…bread or sandwich cut in strips? Never had a name for it. :^)

    To my husband a soda is root beer float and to me it’s the carbonated beverate alone. And he was almost hysterical when I called a spatula a “turner.”

    Incidently, mixing cream, pumpkin, and just a bit of honey is a dip I give the kids with their “whatever” strips of bread for a main part of lunch. Oh, of course, grilled cheese (“toasted” to my hubby) must be cut this way for tomato soup. Yum.

  26. Canadian here from a British/Scottish background…we all call them toast soldiers round here and we dip ’em in perfectly soft boiled eggs.

  27. Toast Soldiers!! … I cut up my kids’ toast like that all the time. I have no idea where I got/heard the name though. I don’t think my mom ever cut my toast like that. I read a lot though … must’ve gotten it from a book.

  28. My toast was usually cut diagonally from one corner to the other. I like the way that you cut it though!

  29. I have no idea what to call them because I’ve never seen toast cut like that! 😉

  30. we cut up pizza like that…so we call it pizza fingers

  31. I don’t call them anything, as I’ve never seen or made them. Our toast options are: whole slice, triangles, or squares. And I grew up in Iowa and now live in Minnesota.

  32. Must admit, never seen toast cut that way and I’ve never eaten a soft boiled egg, but now I want to try it. Sure sounds good. Question to you cut the bread before or after toasting? I would think after but it might get toastier if cut first.

    I grew up calling all soft drinks “coke” but somewhere along the line I switched to soda.

    Now do you call the boxes of things you blow your nose on Kleenex or tissues. It’s kleenex here even though we don’t buy that brand….giggle.

  33. I’ve never seen toast cut like that but I like it! We’re from the South and sandwiches cut like that are called Finger Sandwiches here. I am tickled reading about your different cultures, I am half Italian and half German and married an Italian. : )

    When I grew up my mother cut my toast in four little squares.

    My hubs grew up in the city and I in a small town, we met at an Italian wedding.

    Your wedding picture is lovely!

  34. Why, those are *clearly* toast sticks! [giggle]

    I like the name piano keys…might have to switch. And I’m with Amelia, your wedding pic is beautiful. =)

  35. Momma B says

    Well, I’m just an ‘ole country gal here in the great state of Virginia, and I’ve never seen toast just cut and eaten like that. But, if ya dip it in egg and fry it up in a skillet, and then dip it in syrup, well, we’d call those french toast sticks. Original, don’t ya think? 😉

  36. To me it just looks like cut-up pieces of bread. I never had food like that growing up. I just got it cut in half or squares. My husband though only wants his cut into “roof tops” (triangles) b/c that’s how his mom did it.

    I guess this is the equivalent of us Southern Girls calling carbonated beverages “soda” or “Coke” and everyone else calling it “Pop”…..

  37. Catherine says

    I’m from England too, but married an American and have been living in the US for nearly 9 years.

    I grew up calling them soldiers! My Mum said all I would eat when I was little was a soft boiled egg with soldiers to dip in it. Haven’t eaten one in years, but I might have to try that now!

    And yes Grilled Cheese is a Cheese Toasty!! LOL

  38. Kristin says

    We just call it toast, I guess. But we don’t cut it that way…triangles all the way here!

    We don’t have any discussions over the names of food. We do, however, have a difference of opinion over whether certain foods are more appropriate depending on the season.

    For example, I think stew is really only good in the fall/winter. Hubby, on the other hand, would eat it year round. And, really, why anyone would want to eat stew on a 100 degree is beyond me. Needless to say, since I do 99% of the cooking, we rarely have stew in the summer.

  39. My husband and I have never even seen toast cut like that! 🙂

  40. Yep Toast Soldiers here in Ontario and Quebec Canada (but my ancestors are from England so maybe that is where it originated). Best for dipping in soft boiled eggs.

  41. I’ve never seen it, so I have no name.

  42. jessica says

    I grew up and live in Indiana and have never seen toast cut as such. It’s cute, especially for kids, since my daughter insists on eating any large piece of bread/sandwich right in the middle causing the messy face syndrome.

  43. Kristen says

    I grew up in Western NY- I have never seen toast cut like that before. It reminds me of French Toast strips though.

  44. toast sticks!

  45. Well considering I’ve never had them, heard of them, or seen them, I don’t call them anything! Lol.

  46. Finger toast.
    I’m Canadian so I can’t help much with the regional US debate!

  47. Jessica B says

    I’m late to the party, but I’m from Ohio and we would eat those like that, except cut in half one more time long way… and they were fingers. I used to sometimes make my mom cut them twice long wise and then they’d be toes. LoL

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @Jessica B, finally! Someone knows what I’m talking about. I was starting to feel like a dork….

      Thank you for chiming in! Better late than never!

      • Maggielou says

        @Jessica Fisher,
        I just wanted to add….I was raised in the South & the Midwest. Our toast was always cut diagonally, sometimes into 4 triangles. If my boys were still young, I’d call them soldiers now. Maybe when I get to be a grandma LOL

  48. I’ve never seen that before in my life, or heard of either of those terms. What’s the point, exactly? Is it just toast? Guess we’ll have to try it!

    • Jessica Fisher says

      It’s a kid-friendly way of cutting toast. Easier for littles to eat. Both our moms cut it that way for us. But I guess we were clearly in the minority! LOL

  49. I’ve never in my life cut my toast like that – and I don’t cut my kid’s toast at all… we just eat the whole piece…

    It’s so funny that there are so many ways to cut a silly piece of bread… and so many names to go along with it!

  50. That stuff is so pale as to barely be toast. Either way, I’ve never seen it cut that way. 🙂

  51. I grew up in Northwestern PA, and we called it “finger toast”. Great for dunking in your chocolate milk.

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