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Years ago before I started a writing business or a blog, or two, FishPapa and I would occasionally call for a media fast. That meant that we would give up our “computer time” for a few days or even a week. Shocking, isn’t it? We found that taking a break dispelled the “power” that the computer had over our time.

Well, duty calls and for the last few years, I’ve checked my email, written articles and blog posts, and surfed the internet way too much faithfully each day.

And as good as emails, writing, and online reading can be, sometimes it can work against you. Sometimes it can get to be the tail wagging the dog. The hours slip by when you could have been making a bed, taking a walk, kissing a booboo, or cuddling your peeps.

You know what I’m talking about?

Time is slipping away and I want to put things in perspective. I don’t want to be enslaved to a machine. I want to know that I can resist the sometimes-good, sometimes-not-so-good drug called the world wide web. I want to know, experientially, not just in my mind, that life exists beyond my laptop.

The world does go on without wi-fi.

So, I’m going to unplug starting tomorrow and continuing until Wednesday. I originally lined up posts to run while I was “gone.” But, then I realized that the temptation might be too great to “just check” to make sure autopublish worked, or if the giveaway winners sent me their addresses or some other such excuse to log on — and then get sucked into a vortex.

Just being real here. Maybe you don’t have a problem with limiting your computer time, but I do. The point of this vacation is to demonstrate to myself that I really do have the self-control that I hope I do.

I’ll be back on Thursday morning with Ultimate Recipe Swap. We’ll be sharing slow cooker recipes. Share with us your favorite thing to throw into the crockpot. With school daze approaching, slow cooker meals are a great asset to any busy mom.

In the meantime, feel free to make yourself at home, grab a drink from the frig. (I think I have some Vanilla Coke in there.) Take the poll I’ve set up in the sidebar. Browse the archives.

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You might want to check out my other blog, Good (& Cheap) Eats where I’ve been posting “delicious ways to act your wage.” It’s a fun place and has a great new design thanks to Katie of GoodLife {eats}.

While you’re doing that, I’ll be cleaning the bathrooms, getting ready for school, getting ready to move, taking the baby to the dermatologist, reading this great book to my kids, and just resting in being FishMama and all that entails.

I hope to refresh during this four days – despite those tasks. So pray to that end. It’s been a wild twelve months since we had a (sixth) baby, packed up our house, moved cross-country, learned a new city, lost a loved one, and sold a house. My head’s been spinning as has my world. So I’m hoping to be able to organize my life a little and just enjoy my family.

See ya on Thursday!

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  1. Not even sure how I stumbled here …

    I love the idea of a media fast (not sure if I love it enough to do it…) but I admire it and know it will be amazing.

    AND I have a chair in that EXACT fabric. Love it!