FishMama’s Birthday Cake Challenge: You Get to Vote!

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bob the builder

Today’s the day that voting begins. I’m a little scared to tell you the truth. Some of these cake topics would be pretty tricky to pull off. Scroll down to choose one. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to see the results or not. Blogger is different than WordPress, and so I had to do things differently than originally planned. Poll is open until Sunday night, 8 pm, PST.

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  1. I’m not seeing the choices. It says Loading…

  2. Your poll won’t load for me. 🙁

  3. I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t see the contenders. Darn. I was looking forward to getting some new ideas! Hopefully it’ll be up and running soon.

  4. I voted for one even though I can’t see the pictures (if there were any) because I think I know what it looks like…. and because if you make it then you can tell me how hard it is and if I should attempt it for my MIL’s birthday.

  5. I voted for Avatar! I seems so apropo right now:-)

  6. I love this! I was the one who suggested Fancy Nancy last year around this time!

    For the same girl who wanted Fancy Nancy last year I am trying to think up something extra special this year because her birthday will be just after then end of all the restrictions from recovering from heart surgery. (Last week, she is home and doing great). I am thinking a donut party…at home.

  7. My son would have such fun with Mr Potato Head — especially if you figure out a good way to get the pieces able to move around without making a huge mess!

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