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As school time approaches at our house, I’ve been sorting through our school stuff and discarding what we won’t need anymore. I’m also in the process of gathering supplies for the year. Whatever did we do before the internet? It’s been so much easier to do a quick search than to scrounge my way through paper catalogs.

It doesn’t get more frugal than free, does it? Check out these free online school resources, for homeschool, private school, and public school:

How are YOU saving money these days?


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    1. Thank you for letting me know! Somehow the code is being stripped right on publication. Not sure why.

  1. I’m continuing with my air drying experiments…. does it count as an experiment if I’ve been doing it for three months now?

  2. Let’s try this again… I’m continuing with my air drying experiment — and here’s the link -

  3. This is the first year I am homeschooling all five of my kids. It’s not nearly as hard as I thought it might be (the olders are in high school and very independent, so that helps). Anyway, a friend just shared this “learning to type” link recently and it’s great! Note: if you want to track each child individually, you will have to sign them up under different email addresses.

  4. I don’t homeschool, but my High School Freshman still likes to pack his lunch. For the past couple years I’ve been making all of the cookies/cakes from scratch instead of buying the expensive store bought junk.

    I also start school shopping for the next year before the current year is out. There are always clearances on clothes to get ready for the summer items in April/May.

    I have a blog with my recipes linked above if anyone is interested.

  5. I agree that internet resources are great, but my favorite way to save is with the office supply stores’ one-cent deals most are having each week in August. My local Office Max guy knows when I walk into the store that he needs to point me straight to the penny item! Yesterday, my daughter and I went in and picked up five 70-page theme books each and handed over a nickel each.

    In all fairness, I also gave O.M. my business for a package of CD envelopes that I needed, for which I paid full price.

  6. This is one of the reasons I’d consider homeschooling if my kids were little (both are almost grown now!) – there is so much more support, ideas, and free stuff than I could find 15 years ago when my son was starting school!

  7. LOVE those School Sparks worksheets – simple, clean, modern, and fresh. (Yes, I do have issues with curriculum and worksheets that use Comic Sans!)

    Thanks for the links!

  8. Thank you for the list of online resources. You have just saved me a gazoodle of time trudging through all the listings on the internet. Some great sites if we homeschool or even as supplements to public/private schooling! What would we do without the internet indeed!!!

  9. Montessori for Everyone was one of my favorite websites when I was homeschooling. I had several little ones at that point, and needed to keep them occupied while I worked with my oldest.

    My post this week is aptly named though I didn’t get it up until today: Just Stay Home!