FREE Printable Meal Plans & Grocery Lists

Looking for some help in the meal planning department? You’ve come to the right place. This is where it all comes together, easily and economically. I’ll help you eat well AND save money with printable meal plans and other meal planning resources.

collage of meals included in a 3-day meal plan.

You work hard all day. You are hungry when dinner time rolls around, as are the people you share the dinner table with.

Somedays it’s just too hard to make it all come together in a timely manner. That whole getting food on the table business.

Or maybe you’re not sure how to cook or meal plan or what it looks to prepare homemade food without going bonkers.

Or maybe life is just crazy and you’ve lost your meal planning mojo. You know HOW to do it, but somedays it’s just too much.

I’m here for you.

Eight years ago I started designing meals plans for others outside my home because I really wanted families to be able to enjoy homemade dinners without a lot of hassle.

These were simple plans, just a list of recipes with links, a grocery list, and a couple prep tips thrown in. (You can scroll down to get a few samples.)

Then I got to thinking, what if I could develop better plans, plans that included more helpful tips, printable recipes as well as grocery lists, and kitchen strategies that helped people succeed without having to do a lot of research?

What if these plans did all the thinking and planning for you, so that you could just shop, cook, and enjoy?

Even better, what if these meal plans made it so that you didn’t waste groceries or time because it was planned so well that you didn’t go overboard?

I did it, and then some.

Folks liked these more deluxe meal plans and kept coming back for more. They had big dreams of winning in the kitchen without freaking out or going broke.

And the Good Cheap Eats Meal Plans actually made those dreams come true!

You may have come here for a free meal plan, but I’d like to invite you to take your meal planning to the next level, so that you can enjoy more time doing the things you love.

collage of things included in meal plan subscription.

Here’s what EmmaLee had to say:

I save so much time and money when I’m using these pre-made plans. I love the feature of having the grocery list for all my dinners in one place; it makes it so much quicker to prepare for grocery shopping. All ingredients get used up between meals so I’m not wasting what I buy!

I love having the prep list right there so if I do get time to work on meal prep I don’t have to think what I should do first. This was a lifesaver when my morning sickness was really bad.

The meal plans save both time and money and have made eating at home so much easier for our family!

Each week, for the cost of a latte, you can have all the planning and organizing work done for you so you can live life more.