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My kids love to color – even FishBaby FishChick2. And while we do have a huge bucket full of bargain coloring books and a few of the nicer Dover historical coloring books, many of the crew still get pretty jazzed about printable coloring pages. Maybe because it’s new and different?

I love printable coloring pages because I can usually find them to fit what we’re studying in school. A few clicks of a mouse and we’ve got enrichment galore!

Here are some sites with free printable pages for kids:

Crayola – over 100 free coloring pages and sheets

Nick Jr – you guessed it, home to a multitude of free Dora pages!

Dover Coloring Books – sign up for free sample pages sent to your inbox

First School – we’ve used many of these to supplement our homeschooling subjects

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  1. How cool that you posted with coloring pages today. Tomorrow, I am doing a round up of printable felt and magnet board resources.

  2. For those new to home canning or daunted by the process or expensive initial outlay for equipment, he’s a step by step guide that will teach you how to can without any outlay (aside for the food, of course).

  3. We use free printables ALL the time! Our girls love them!
    Martianne, we are just researching how to make our own felt board-but felt can be so expensive, so please pass along any great resources you find to us at growinggodlygirlz at gmail dot com. I would greatly appreciate it!!

  4. My children loved the Jan Brett books when they were younger, and her website has great coloring pages. Sometimes we’d have coloring contests where each would pick out their favorite coloring page, and I’d judge them for most creative, most colorful, the neatest, etc.

  5. Dont forget about My daughter loves their shows and you can print color pages with all the characters. Plus they have great games for her to play.

  6. I love to create my own printables for crafts, entertaining, and more! Not only is it fun, but it definitely saves money. You can find so many free vectors and things to use online if you just search! Thank you for the link today.

  7. I make my own easy-breezy fun cloth napkins. So fun! So easy!

    Rod & Staff Publishers, Inc. has darling coloring books at extremely reasonable prices. They have one called, “Home Sweet Home” and many educational ones too. Their number for a catalog is (606) 522-4348. They are available online also through various companies.

    Blessings to all! Happy mommying! : )