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Hubs has been working six, sometimes seven, days a week at his job. They are understaffed and overbooked. Overtime can be a good thing. But, since he never got his vacation at Christmas and is working long hours. He’s ready for a break.

Since I’ve been keeping the home fires burning, I think I’m gearing up for one, too.

We have never made it a regular practice of taking a vacation. In fact, last fall was our first vacation in 13 years of parenthood. But, since we’ve paid off debts and bought a larger vehicle that makes road trips easier, we have had two real live vacations. Yikes!

We’re thinking up where we want to go and scoping out frugal accommodations for a spring fling. As soon as hubs gets more than one day off and the rain clears up, we’re hitting the road.

I imagine some of you are feeling the same way. So, this month’s free planning page is all about vacation!

This month’s Travel Planning Sheet helps you keep track of all the little details, including destination attractions, transportation details, accomodation information — all in a customizable format so that you can type in the info once and have it at the ready to email to family and friends.

It’s a perfect complement to your household notebook, whether you regularly take vacations or are just planning a road trip to Gramma’s house.

Friendship has its Privileges

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What pages do YOU need?

I’m intent on building planning pages that help your life as MOM. Got an idea you’d like to see fleshed out? Let me know.

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  1. I already subscribe to Life as Mom and have also liked you on FB. But I can’t figure out how to get the vaca planning sheet. Thanks for these–I love them!

    1. @angie, if you go to click on the sidebar that says Freebie! Then there’s a new page that says Go here, click the here and you should get the page.

      Otherwise, the same script will be at the bottom of your email or the bottom of each post in your reader.

  2. Our last vacation was our honeymoon, 11 years ago! Hub could barely take off when we had our babies! We took the fam with us on a few business trips, but not since we’ve had baby 3 and 4 (not enough hands to swim/adventure safely with just one parent), and plus it’s just an ordeal to travel with them all. But we are getting an RV and planning a beach vacation! I can share your excitement here.

  3. Good for you! All that hard work, you and the family deserve a vacation! We are anticipating our first family trip to Disney in May. We are so excited to experience Disney through the eyes of our 2 and 5 year olds!

  4. Thanks so much. I finally got my planner together last week & had it bound. It turned out much thicker than I’d planned (over 1″!) but I LOVE it. I used a lot of your forms and made some daily sheets of my own to fit my life. I feel a little more sane now – thanks!!