Freezer Bag with Straw Vlog Transcript

Today I’m gonna show you how I wrap foods to be stored in the freezer. I’m gonna use a freezer bag filled with muffins. And I don’t have a fancy machine to suck all the air out. I know you can get those and I know a lot of people will probably comment on my post telling me how wonderful their machine is. I know that is great, but I don’t have one. So I have a box of freezer bags, I have a straw, and I have a set of lungs that God gave me. So, this is what I do to reduce the air in the bag, which will in turn reduce the moisture, which reduces the chances of ice crystals forming around the food. So, you’re gonna put your food in the bag. You’re gonna seal it mostly closed. You’re gonna point your straw toward the little air pocket. And you’re gonna suck out the air. When you need to come up for breath, just pinch the straw and that will prevent any air from going back in the bag. And you just stuck(?) til the bag sucks itself around the food. And it’s gonna protect your food a little bit better than not doing it this way. And, that’s how you do it!