Freezer Cooking Day #2 – The End Result

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Very cute cookies, thanks to FishBoy8!

Oh, I’m tired. Two days in the kitchen all the while juggling the running of a full household can be fatiguing. But I know that this will be worth it throughout the month. I think this counts as “working hard during the week in order to enjoy family time on the weekend,” don’t you?

Today didn’t have too many casualties except for one tongue burned on too hot applesauce and 8 cups of hot cocoa mix exploding on me and the entire kitchen. Wish I had laughed first, but must confess I did not. We did laugh eventually.

But victories? We got those as well. When all was said and done:

1 batch Touchdown Chili (The fam enjoyed it so much there was only enough from last night’s dinner to go on top chili dogs tonight.)
4 containers cooked and seasoned ground beef
2 dinners’ worth of hamburgers
2 batches of pizza dough
2 1 batch homemade buns (we are eating one batch tonight)
3 2 apple pies (had one for breakfast)
2 quarts applesauce
4 batches muffin mix
4 batches multi grain pancake mix
4 batches maple-oat scone mix
3 batches cornbread mix
2 dinners’ grilled chicken
2 dinners’ chicken for summer rolls
1 dinner chicken for stirfry
2 dinners’ shredded beef
1 beef soup base
7 cups granola (I don’t freeze this)
12 cheesewiches
8 cups cocoa mix
3 big batches foccaccia bread
8 dozen cookies (Gramma John’s and a new experiment, Maple-Oat-Walnut)

All of these items will work into our monthly meal plan as well as serve as “on call” items for snacks, breakfasts, and lunches. I know that we will save money, time, and energy in the weeks to come which is a great feeling.

  • If you had a freezer cooking/baking day of your own, be sure to share your update tonight at MoneySavingMom.
  • If you’ve got a great freezer-friendly/make ahead recipe, bring it back here tonight and through the weekend for Ultimate Recipe Swap.

Interested in learning more about Make-Ahead Meals? Be sure to browse my archives. I am working on a book on the topic as well as planning many future posts to help you make a great meal. Stay tuned!

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  1. Wow, you are amazing!!! I have so enjoyed baking/cooking the last 2 days! Thank you so much for co-hosting the event!! I definitely think it should be a once-a-month event 🙂

    Get some rest! 🙂

  2. You are a machine!!! I'm amazed! 🙂

  3. Sounds like a successful project!

  4. Question about your "mixes." Are all your mixes just dry ingredients to add wet to later for quicker baking? Like the scones…do you mix up the dry with the butter and freeze, then add your wet ingredients when you're ready to bake? Thanks for any help. Looks like a very successful baking/freezing project for both you amazing ladies!

  5. Could you post more about the cheesewiches? They sound yummy to have on hand.

  6. I love it that you guys ate apple pie for breakfast. Growing up my family of six siblings did that, too. Pies were one of my mom's staples, and we didn't know how lucky we were.

    btw, your FishBaby is incredibly cute. My baby goes through the cabinets, too, when I let him.

    Fantastic job on the cooking in bulk.

  7. I think pie and milk makes a very good breakfast! Probably healthier than some cereals out there 😛 I had a slice of apple pie this morning…

  8. FishMama says

    Pamela, my mixes are just dry ingredients. When I'm ready to make scones, I just toss the mix into the food processor with the butter and then go from there.

    Sara, recipe for cheesewiches is coming. I want a good picture. 😉

    Mark your calendars for Dec 1 & 2. I think we're doing it again.

  9. Anonymous says

    Pie for breakfast…a girl after my own heart :0) It's fruit and pastry…better than a doughnut! Erica

  10. Thanks so much for all the help (and encouragement!) on the freezer cooking, FishMama! I appreciate it. 🙂 With 2 littles under 3, I am often short on time and inspiration. I'm going to look over your posts thoroughly right now, as it's naptime, and see what I can start implementing right away. I need to do more of this, to save time, money and sanity! LOL! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  11. Twinsmom says

    Don't homeschooling moms get "teacher inservice days?" That would be my excuse for a weekday freezer cooking day anyhow!

  12. Adventure Mom Janna says

    You have convinced me to give this kind of cooking a try! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Halahblue says

    You are amazing. I am going to have my first child in Dec. I am thinking about making up some freezer meals, but we only have the (very small) freezer above our fridge.

  14. FishMama says

    Twinsmom, you got it! 2 day inservice/facilities maintenance!

    Halahblue, you'd be surprised how much you can fit in those. We had the smallest fridge/freezer known to man when I first started doing this. But, since it was just the two of us, it wasn't near the quantity I have to make now. Try it with ziploc bags. Lay them flat and stack them. A lot will fit in a small space. Promise.

    You girls can do this!

  15. Joy @Frugal Menu Mamas says

    That's an impressive list! I post on my blog every Friday about freezer cooking and I linked up to you today! Thanks for sharing!

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