Freezer Cooking Day: Mid-Morning Update

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I bought myself sometime this morning by letting FishBaby play in the cupboard. It’s not my favorite trick for cooking with kids, but it sure did make her happy. She’s now snoozing in her bed, so it’s time to book it.

Right now the kids are enjoying applesauce hot from the crockpot. FishBoy7 peeled the apples with my apple peeler-corer-clicer. Applesauce for the freezer is cooling as is the granola. The mixes are mostly made. Just two batches left to go. FishBoy5 and FishChick helped me make these. So great to have help. But, hilarious (sort of) that they fight about whose turn it is. It’s a challenge to balance six potential helpers.

The hamburger and hot dog buns are ready to go in the oven. We’ve got cornbread and cocoa mixes to make as well as cookies. With luck we’ll even be able to make marshmallows today. Not sure if that will happen, but Susan Branch’s recipe for them in Autumn has me intrigued.

I’ll let you know later.

If you’ve been following along, I’d love to know what you think. Is this something you do, wish you did, or that you think is nuts?

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  1. The Happy Housewife says

    Love the pants! Too cute!

  2. Kruger Family says

    I really wish I would be able to start doing this. I feel a little overwhelmed by the planning and preparation that is involved. I would love to be able to do this as cooking everyday is not one of my favorite things about being a mom. Thanks for the inspiration. I hope to start doing this soon!

  3. Michelle says

    I do this and I LOVE it! I will have to find the hamburger and hot dog bun recipes – awesome! I posted my baking day on Monday and have an update coming tomorrow. I had to break it into chunks of time with work and kids and all – even though I have four kids, I have NO idea how you do it with 6 kids.

  4. Please post the hamburger and hot dog buns recipes. i would love to be able to make these instead of buying them.

  5. I love spending the day cooking and baking. I'd love to have joined in on this baking day, but I work full time and Tuesday and Wednesday are work days. However, I usually do "weekend cooking", cooking meals for the rest of the week. I guess it's like having a cooking/ baking day or two once a week.
    I've enjoyed following along on your updates!

  6. TwinkieR* says

    Thank you for being such an inspiration. I really enjoy reading your blog. Makes me think that I can actually run this household with out tribe of 10 kids… then again…….A girl can dream cant she… 😉

  7. mva.gehrke says

    wow – those capris are magical, they even fit the baby ;)….

    you had great progress and thanks for the inspiration you and Crystal were this week. Just think of all the kitchens with the fresh aromas wafting from them! I played along to a moderate degree and managed to put some muffins into the freezer and get this week's meals planned and prepared…looks like another date is planned for on twitter, so maybe I'll take it up a notch in Dec

    I truly believe that one of the first steps to saving $ is meal planning, so planning & implementation like this is awesome!

    Be blessed!

  8. Do you ever have any trouble freezing the granola?

  9. I am a new reader here and your blog has completely inspired me this week! I made a monthly meal plan to use up several things we have in the freezer. I have tried weekly menus, but that just didn't seem to work for me. The monthly is much better so far. I have all my grocery shopping for the month done except for produce and milk! This is an awesome feeling!

    I also decided to make up a few things for my freezer…homemade refried beans, freezer mashed potatoes, homemade cream of chicken soup, and a mexican caserole. I plan on making some homemade buns and bread in the next couple days too. I am also in the process of doing inventory on my freezer so we can get things used up!

  10. Sam's mom says

    I would love to do this. But working in the office full time means it's nothing more than a pipe dream. While I'm at home (or hubby is, he's a SAH), our toddler is CONSTANTLY moving so I don't think we could do it unless both of us are home at the same time.
    That being said, we do make large batches of soups and tomato sauce and freeze it, along with indy portions of meats for easy thawing and cooking.
    But we could be better. Maybe when Sam is 3, 4, 5?

  11. Margery says

    That picture of FishBaby brings back memories of a few years ago at our house. All the cabinets had baby locks on them. One cabinet was left without a lock. I rotated out different baby-safe kitchen things in there for her to discover and explore.

    I have a question! How do you do meal planning for a month when you do not know what is on sale for that month ahead of time? I usually plan (a) based what is in my pantry/freezer already and (b) what is on sale during the current sale flyer. I can't figure out how to go a few days beyond a week.

  12. Out Of The Box Living says

    I do versions of cooking ahead, but usually don't take a whole day or half day to do it. If chicken is on sale, I buy a bunch and make a bunch of chicken dinners for the freezer. If pork loins are on sale, I have it sliced and make a bunch of pork dinners for the freezer. I make individual portions of rice for the freezer, as well as cook up a bunch of black beans and navy beans for the freezer, applesauce, and much more. I find that if I make smaller amounts of extra meals as I go, before I know it, I have a freezer full of meals that are ready to go, and it didn't seem like a huge time commitment.

    I've been interested in starting to do my own mixes and love that you package them in individual batches, great idea. Gotta get through the Bisquick and other mixes in my pantry first, and then I'll be making my own. Great blog!

  13. FishMama says

    Out of the Box Living, your idea about doing mini-batches based on sales is a great way to freezer cook without exhausting yourself! Plus, easier on the budget, sometimes.

  14. You inspire me! I would love to join along you and the other bloggers for a baking day. It is on my list!

    The picture of your baby is adorable! When my son was little, he loved playing with all the tupperware containers in the cupboard!

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