Freezer Cooking Day, Part One: Meats and Baking Mixes

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I’m taking the slow train to freezer cooking. In months past, I’ve done my SuperWoman impersonation. This weekend, I’m nursing a sore throat and trying to get well for my trip. So, slow and steady wins the race sounded like a better way to approach freezer cooking this time ’round.

(I realized that I’m the boss of me, so I should be able to tell myself to do things that benefit me, not wear me out. But, that’s fodder for another post….)

I did a lot during the first day of cooking, processing all the meat that was taking up every inch of space in the refrigerator and making up baking mixes. It was a mellower day than past OAMC days and I had the kitchen cleaned by 3 pm. Nice change, with still something to show for it.

  • 2 dinners of marinated pork strips – I experimented with different marinades. On serving day, I’ll just toss the contents of the freezer bag into the crockpot, shred it at dinner time and serve it as tacos or in BBQ sandwiches.
  • 5 dinners of marinated chicken, some with bone, some without – Again, marinade experiments. On serving day, I plan to either grill the chicken breast or bake it in the oven. We might eat it as is with side dishes, or use it for tacos, burritos, in gyros, or atop green salads.
  • 20 baking mixes: I assembled mixes for pancakes, scones, biscuits, cornbread, and muffins. I have enough to have fresh baked goods 5 times a week in February.
  • Not on my original plan, 4 pounds of ground beef cooked taco-style – we’ll use these for tacos, chimichangas, nachos, and taco soup.

I got the main stuff accomplished in one day. I would still like to play around with my trail mix cookie recipe as well as make some granola and applesauce. I also have 6 pounds of cheese to grate. I will spread out these tasks throughout the weekend. If I get more done, then great. But, if nothing else gets done, I’m okay with that.

Are you going to fill your freezer? How’s it going?

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  1. Sounds like you got a lot done even for a “slow” cooking day. I got to everything on my list except the Ranger Cookies. I like the sound of the Trail Mix cookies and put those on my “to try” list. I am also going to check out your baking mixes. I made up an Oatmeal Pancake mix but we love baked goods for breakfast.
    Hope your throat feels better!

  2. I’ve been hesitant to jump into the OAM cooking because of the up-front time commitment. Working 3 days a week doesn’t leave much time at home right now… at least not as much as I’d like. But I’m thinking that making up baked goods ahead of time would be really helpful. Browning or prepping meats with marinades also works. You might be winning me over!

  3. Jennifer says

    Do you use your food processor to grate cheese? You could probably grate 6 lbs of cheese in 90 seconds–plus a couple minutes to wash it afterwards. It’s worth it though.

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @Jennifer, Yes, I do use the food processor. It took a little longer than 90 seconds since my plunger is MIA and I wanted to keep my fingers. But, it made quick work of that job.

  4. Great job!

    I had my semi freezer cooking day the other day getting some of my breads made. I made blueberry muffins, 5 batches of pizza dough (it’s no knead and whips up in a snap, and oh soooo good!), dinner rolls and hot dog buns.

    I have a list going for things I plan on making this week for the rest of the month, more blueberry muffins…the not so healthy kind for my husband who won’t eat my whole wheat, low fat ones! Pizza muffin bites and mini bbq meatloaves for lunches. I also have some whole wheat bread baking right now and I will be making sourdough english muffins in the morning. Oh! Tonight I made carne asada tacos and froze the excess meat, so we have meat for 3 more dinners or lunches.

  5. This was my first official ‘Freezer Cooking Day’ and I took the Super Woman approach…and regret it. I’m thrilled with all I got done, but my feet are not happy about it AND I’ve been fighting a cold all week…so today really wore me out! I’m going to post everything I got done Sunday or Monday.

  6. I started a little freezer cooking today – made two dozen waffles for February breakfasts. I’m taking it slow and stocking my freezer a meal or two at a time over the coming week. I do just love being able to pull something out of the freezer for a fast meal!

  7. Michelle says

    We’re pantry challenging this month in anticipation of moving to a new home, but first order of business when we do move is to buy a waffle maker and a stand alone freezer so I can jump on this.

    Freezing cheese? Does it really taste as good?

    PS – love your blog, so glad I found it!!

  8. ah! So you, too, are human! This sounds much more manageable….something I could actually tackle! As someone else said, this makes it something I might really try at some point.

  9. Our freezer is already pretty full from grocery shopping, so I’m mainly doing just simple prep stuff this time around. I got a late start yesterday, but I did get quite a few things done. I was trying to take it easy. There’s more on my list for today.

  10. I got a lot done yesterday! Just posted it to my blog! If you like Stromboli, you gotta try the recipe I used! YUM!

  11. I had originally intended to do everything on Thursday since that was the day my mom could help out and watch my kids. But things always change…woke up feeling sick on Wednesday and then mom could only watch the kids in the afternoon on Thursday. So I went slow and spread it out over Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I’m still working on a batch of yeast rolls, but ran out of flour (go figure, I had 10 lbs to start with!) So they’re in the fridge awaiting me. Hope you feel better!

  12. Darlene says

    Thank you for all your great information. It’s just my husband and I and once in awhile our daughter home from college. I work full-time, about 60 hours a week. I have started cooking two dinners at once and freezing one.

    I have a question about ground meats. I use alot of ground turkey. Have you ever cooked it and then froze it? Any hints or tricks? Thank you again for all time and work.

    • Jessica Fisher says

      Yes, I do that in addition to ground beef. Just wrap it well as turkey can dry out easily.

  13. Several members of our family want to go together and do the freezer cooking for ourselves and one household of family who have a lot of disabilities. I’m not sure where to start.

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