Freezer Cooking Days – February

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I spent January doing a Pantry Challenge, emptying the freezer, disposing of things past their prime, using up odds and ends. We did a big thaw of the deep freeze and now it’s time to fill it back up again.

My freezer cooking plans are always so ambitious. Not sure how wise it is to dream these big dreams. You know, my eyes are often bigger than my stomach.

Regardless, here’s my February cooking plan:

What’s your freezer cooking plan?

Share your plan or post link in the comments.

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  1. I plan on doing the chicken w/your marinades this weekend since we have boneless chicken on sale!

  2. I have a big pot of vegetable soup in the crockpot now…what isn’t eaten will go in the freezer. Making oatmeal packets in just a bit. Also made up some pudding and jello in individual cups for the kids. Planning to make some black bean soup…who knows what else. Trying to take it easy though. Having alot of contractions although they aren’t regular…but still have 24 days to go!


  3. Looking forward to your red sauce review. I need to start making mine from scratch.

    Here’s my plan:

  4. I’ve been making calzones, sandwich thins, cinnamon rolls, pitas and artisan bread from one 5 minute dough-no kneading. I also made chicken fajita marinade, taco meat and pizza sauce, chicken and broth-i do about three items a week and freeze.

  5. forgot website-

  6. I did freezer cooking this week and ended up with red sauce, pizza dough, meatballs, pinto beans, ground beef, shredded chicken and beef, black beans, broth, and waffles. This is my first time cooking for the freezer and I’m already finding it to be such a big help! Thanks for all of your ideas and inspiration!!!

  7. if I can get everyone back to school next week(out all week with snow) I need to make muffins, possibly homemade poptarts, and cookie dough

  8. Here’s my plan. Going to cook the week of 2/14 when I have vacation from work! My freezer/pantry are running low. Time to restock!

  9. Danielle says

    How do you freeze the scones? I made them for the first time a few weeks ago and they were a big hit. Thanks!

  10. I NEED to stock up my freezer again. I’ll pre-cook some ground beef, and make breakfast pockets.

  11. Maple-bacon & maple oat scones, oven brown rice, barbecue chicken and tortillas are some of the things on my plan this month.

  12. I’m working up my plan right now. It’s a sauce month — making red sauce, pizza sauce and taco sauce. Also, I’m thinking of making up a big batch of taco seasoning and spaghetti seasoning. Will finish off the weekend with a double batch of banana nut muffins (for eating and freezing).

  13. I will be cooking this weekend too. Here’s my plan – mostly a restock of basics that we used up during the pantry challenge.

  14. Well after our pantry challenge I was super low on ground beef items – including meat loaf, my instant meal!
    I brought home $24lbs yesterday and as we speak i have three bags of ‘meatball mix’ in the freezer and six meatloaves baking
    Will be so nice to have it on hand again!

    Off to peruse ‘chicken tenders’

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