Freezer Cooking Days: What Have You Cooked Up Lately?

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I mentioned on Friday that Instant Oatmeal Packets are a must have around here. My little people love this mixture of oats, dried milk, and brown sugar. This round when I made them, I put them in these cute decorated snack bags that my mom had brought. In a kid’s eyes, that totally livened up breakfast.

Think about it! Half the time they pick a cereal based on the packaging anyway. Major score here. Try it if you’ve got a reluctant eater at your house.

Other things in my frozen assets:

  • Lots of soup – individually portioned for quick lunches
  • Torta filling – a Mexican sandwich
  • Vegetable stew
  • Seasoned lentils
  • Several egg dishes
  • A rocking Broccoli Gratin

And this weekend I added:

What have you cooked up to freeze?

Share your cooking progress in the linky or the comments below.

Remember: In July, an “Eat from the Pantry/Freezer/Garden” Challenge.

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  1. Lynn says

    Over Memorial Day weekend, I made 2 meatloaves, 30 meatlballs, browned 5 lbs of ground beef, made 9 hamburger patties, put away 20 ears of corn and made 10 cups of BBQ chicken (pulled off the bone). I also used the chicken bones and made 1 qt and 5 pints of broth. This week I’m working on strawberry jam, homemade granola bars, and some waffles. Since its only hubby and I at home now, this will last us quite a while.

  2. Love the little bags, thanks for the link.

  3. Jennifer says

    Part of the advantage of making food from scratch is to avoid so much packaging. That seems like a lot of baggies to throw away every day. Could you decorate a big jar & measuring cup or something? I hate to criticize because I’m sure there are many ways you are much ‘greener’ than I and if it gets your kids to enjoy oatmeal over froot loops that’s great. It just seems like so many bags.

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @Jennifer, great point! We don’t throw them away. We reuse them. My kids are trained to put the empty bag back into the box. 🙂

      There are some plain bags underneath; I just threw the Toy Story ones into the rotation. I reuse them for about six months and then start fresh.

  4. Beth says

    My bananas keep ripening at a frightening pace so I have several batches of banana bread and Super Power Muffins I’ve made in the past week. Our local natural foods co-op *finally* put ground turkey on sale again so I browned 2 lbs, made 2 lbs sausage (half went into a giant pot of spaghetti sauce), another 2 lbs into burgers, one extra pound I froze raw and now I’m trying to decide if I want to buy more before the sale ends Wednesday. It’s been months since they had ground turkey on sale and I’m not fond of buying it at Trader Joe’s when I run out. Maybe I’ll buy more and make up some taco meat and refried bean mixture.

    I’m also experimenting with different whole wheat bread recipes so I’ll probably end up with a few frozen loaves by the end of this week.

  5. Kaila Charland says

    I have lots of new meals coming up to try when we get home from out of town about 2 more weeks. But menu is already mostly planed. Stuffed burgers. Hawaiian chicken. Meatballs. And many other things. Im new to all this so. But im loving it and so does my hubby.

  6. I always freeze cookie dough. I make a giant double (sometimes triple batch) then I scoop the balls onto a cookie sheet. Freeze, and transfer to Ziploc bags. I always label the bags with cookie type and cooking time, that way when we want hot fresh cookies, we just take as many dough balls necessary and cook them up!

  7. I reuse ‘baggies’ myself. When it goes into service, I mark it with it’s use and the date it goes into rotation. If it’s a ‘dry’ it’s easy. Wets are washed and left to dry. After 6 months, they’ve probably done their duty. For raw meat, I don’t thaw in the bag. If it happens, I bite my lip and discard. Pre-cooked meat? Bag gets the wash/dry.

    • Jessica Fisher says

      @jan, yeah, I don’t reuse meat bags. Too much risk. But, dry and baked goods, yes. Often you can just shake out the crumbs and stash it in the freezer until next time. Labeling is a must, though.

  8. I need to give the baking mixes a try. It would really simplify things.

  9. cherie says

    I’d been working on a little ‘pantry challenging’ the past few months – so it has been time of late to get busy refilling the freezer!

    I’m mostly thinking grilling now that it’s so nice out.

    In the past couple weeks I’ve mixed and shaped about 25 burger patties, bagged of five flank steaks in marinade – three bags of bulgogi strips as well. I’ve also done some buffalo chicken. I’m making a list of baking mixes I want to put together – soon the kids will be off – easier to bake together if it’s done.

  10. I love the oatmeal packets! Gonna add them to my list of things to try! 🙂

  11. Jessika says

    I was going through my seasoning packets the other day. I also had 2 lbs ground turkey that needed cooking. I browned it and divided it in half. One went into the freezer with a packet of chili seasoning and the other with a packet of sloppy joe seasoning. Not fancy, but at least I’m using up what I have and making dinner easier on another day. And I have canned tomatoes and my dry mix for sweet cornbread ready in the pantry for chili night.

  12. When is your cookbook coming out? I can’t wait to buy it and see some of your new recipes!!!

  13. Freezer cooking is the best! So great, that I’ve dedicated my entire blog to it. 🙂 It’s a great way to use “real food” ingredients, and make them last longer. Love the linky!

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