Freezer Cooking: Noontime Update

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My big morning of freezer cooking has gone off with fits and starts. I haven’t made as much progress as I hoped. But, you knew that would happen, didn’t you?

A few things to report:

  • Don’t EVER try to cook a turkey on a rimmed cookie sheet. I almost attempted it because I couldn’t find my roasting pan. However, wisdom prevailed — not sure where it came from! I tried to pull the turkey out of the oven after about a minute because I was having second thoughts. The bird was still cold, but the pan wasn’t. There is no way on this earth that I could have done it with a hot bird. It was just too heavy! I’m thankful for my brother who was willing to jet to the store and buy me one before he left for class. He came back with two! Luckily, one fits inside this Holly Hobbie oven we have.
  • FishBaby has the sniffles. Could throw a major wrench in this plan. Thankful for naptime.
  • Big brothers enjoy tormenting their little sisters. I’m not sure I appreciate this dynamic.
  • 20 pounds of beef roast does not fit into two crockpots. We’re cooking beef in shifts today. Second batch should be done in about 4 hours.
  • Food processors are a gift from the Lord.

I love my Cuisinart. It’s on its last legs – the handle is broken off, the plunger is missing. But, that didn’t stop me from putting it to good use to chop 10 cups of onions, 2 cups on mushrooms, and a mess of carrots. Just throw the chunks in and pulse until the consistency you want. Later it will do pie crust duty.

What have I accomplished? Not really sure. But, 10 pounds of beef (about 9 cups) is cooked, shredded, and packaged, 10 more pounds are cooking. Beef ragu is cooking, as is a ginormous pot of red sauce. 16 pound turkey is resting on the counter ready to be carved. A sink full of dishes is awaiting me.

Will you laugh at me if I don’t get all my list done by tomorrow night?

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  1. I think I might cry if you did get it all done—would show me just how inefficient I really am.

  2. Ladies! I'm cooking for two days and doing nothing else. Never could do it in one day…. And I'm thinking the sweets aren't gonna happen at all.

  3. Yes, why do big brothers so enjoy tormenting their little sisters? Not enjoying that dynamic here too much, either.

  4. Laugh…NO. I can't believe how much you got done.
    Do you have a recommendation for a food processor? I am looking to buy one. I have a large family (8 of us). This will be my first one : )

  5. Judy, I have had two cuisinarts. One was an ancient handmedown that I gave up only because the bowl broke in too many places. My current one is the same, and also breaking like crazy. Unfortunately, I don't know where to direct you since I haven't shopped around. Would love to get a new one myself. I use it. all. the.time.

  6. Just had to let you know. I went out tonight and bought a food processor!!! : )

    I got a Fantastic deal on it. It is a 12 cup Food Network food processor. Original price—$169.99, on sale for $99.99. Today was Senior Citizen day at Kohl's so I brought my mom with me = another $15 off. Total price–$85. The manager that cashed us out told us she had just bought one a couple of weeks ago and even with her discount she didn't get it at such a great price. I was VERY happy. Can't wait to use it.